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Acton, Ty of Mitchell, NE (HLC)

Adams, David of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Adams, Dwayne of San Antonio, TX (HLC)

Adkins Jr., Richard of Laurel, NE (HLC)

Adolf, Mary of Hinsdale, IL (HLC)

Ahlers, Leroy of Cascade, MT (A)

Ahlschwede, William of Martin, TN (HLC)

Albers, Matthew of Wisner, NE (HLC)

Albers Jr., Herbert of Wisner, NE (HLC, S)

Alberts Irwin, Cheryl of Lincoln, NE (C)

Alden, Richard of Auburn, NE (HLC)

Alexander, Gary of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Alexander, William of Altadena, CA (HLC)

Althouse, Steven and Tamara of Waverly, NE (HLC, S)

Amack, Richard of Miami, FL (HLC)

Amis, Allen of Littleton, CO (HLC)

Anderbery, Lee of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Andersen, Robert of Maplewood, MN (HLC)

Anderson, Barry of Alleman, IA (HLC)

Anderson, Donald of Elm Creek, NE (HLC)

Anderson, Gregory of Daniel, WY (HLC)

Anderson, Marlow of Loves Park, IL (HLC)

Anderson, Ralph of Kearney, NE (C, A)

Anderson, Rolan of Minneapolis, MN (HLC)

Anderson, Ronald of Ithaca, NY (HLC)

Anderson, Rosemary of Whitman, NE (HLC)

Anderson, Tony of Alma, NE (HLC)

Anderson, Tony of Hastings, NE (HLC)

Andrews, Clark of Holbrook, NE (HLC)

Angus, Gayle of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Anthony, Warren of Elkhorn, NE (HLC)

Arends, Richard of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Arens, Curtis of Crofton, NE (HLC)

Arens, Stephan of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Argabright, Scott of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Armbrust, Arthur of Gretna, NE (HLC)

Armond, Rex and June of Aurora, CO (HLC)

Arnold, Roy of Corvallis, OR (HLC)

Arp, Ronald of Vancouver, WA (HLC)

Arterburn, John of Imperial, NE (HLC)

Atchison, Robert of Cozad, NE (HLC)

Atkins, Howard of Dix, NE (HLC)

Atkins, Kendall of Dix, NE (HLC)

Awoleye, Michael of Marshall, MN (HLC)

Axthelm, Deon of Springfield, MO (HLC)

Babcock, Chad of Olathe, KS (C)

Bader Jr., Henry of Le Mars, IA (HLC, S)

Bagstad, Craig of Omaha, NE (HLC)

Baier, Dwight of Woodland, CA (HLC)

Baker, Forest of Sidney, IL (HLC)

Baker, Gregory of Pierre, SD (HLC)

Bammerlin, Dennis of Winner, SD (HLC)

Bammerlin, Gregory of Mills, NE (HLC)

Bangert, John of Falls City, NE (HLC)

Barger, Jerry of Greenwood, NE (HLC)

Bargman, John of Omaha, NE (HLC)

Barnell, Douglas of Dallas, TX (HLC)

Barrett, Ben of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Bartling, Gaylen of Malcolm, NE (HLC)

Bartling, Ivan of Pacific, MO (HLC)

Bath, Mark of Las Vegas, NV (HLC)

Batie, Donald of Lexington, NE (HLC)

Bauer, Alan of Sterling, IL (HLC)

Bauer, Brian of Fairbury, NE (HLC)

Bauermeister, James of Columbus, NE (HLC)

Baysinger, Angela of Bruning, NE (HLC)

Bazata, Dennis of Randolph, NE (HLC)

Beachell, Henry of Pearland, TX (HLC)

Beattie, Barton and Shana of Sumner, NE (HLC)

Beck, Donald of Saint Marys City, MD (HLC)

Beck, Maria of Ravenna, NE (HLC)

Beckman, David of Elgin, NE (HLC)

Beckman, James of Manhattan, KS (HLC)

Beckner, Brian of Osceola, NE (HLC)

Beebe, Kenneth of North Bend, NE (C)

Beermann, Donald and Holly of Lincoln, NE (A)

Behlke, Nathan of Benkelman, NE (C)

Behmer, Christian of Batavia, IL (HLC)

Behnken, Tracy and Craig of Omaha, NE (A)

Behrens, Kevin of Bellwood, NE (HLC)

Beideck, Jeffrey of Omaha, NE (HLC)

Beiermann, Larry of Columbus, NE (HLC)

Belitz, Steven of Archer, NE (C)

Bell, Alois of Bryan, TX (HLC)

Bell, David of Germantown, TN (HLC)

Bellamy, Ronald of O Fallon, MO (HLC)

Belohlavy, Roger of Crete, NE (HLC)

Benes, Vernon of Omaha, NE (HLC)

Bengston, John of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Benjes, Mark of Craig, NE (HLC)

Benson, Barry of Fremont, NE (HLC)

Berger, Paul of Ayr, NE (HLC)

Berke, Gary of Beatrice, NE (HLC)

Berke, Robert of Lexington, NE (HLC)

Beshaler, John of Arnold, NE (HLC)

Bettger, Robert of Fairmont, NE (HLC)

Beyer, Jerene of Williamsburg, VA (HLC)

Biehl, Dennis of Lexington, NE (HLC)

Biere, Arlo of Manhattan, KS (HLC)

Biere, Dean of Dunbar, NE (HLC)

Bird, Devin of Omaha, NE (HLC)

Birkel, Nicholas of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Bish, Cyril of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Bissell, Roger of Kearney, NE (HLC)

Bitney, Larry of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Blase, Lyle of Hordville, NE (HLC)

Blaser, Tony of Columbus, NE (HLC)

Bliss, Fredrick of Davis, CA (HLC)

Bloedorn, Lance of Wisner, NE (HLC)

Bloom, Gene of Sherman Oaks, CA (HLC)

Bluhm, Royce of Omaha, NE (HLC)

Bluhm, Wilbur of Salem, OR (HLC)

Boeka, Thomas of Lake Mills, IA (HLC)

Boesiger, Dennis of Beatrice, NE (HLC)

Boettcher, Allen of New Port Richey, FL (HLC)

Boettcher, Robert of Council Bluffs, IA (HLC)

Bogseth, Barry of Richmond, IN (HLC)

Bohlender, Todd of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Boltz, John of Hastings, NE (HLC)

Boruch, Jennifer of Osceola, NE (HLC)

Bose, Lee of Orleans, NE (HLC)

Bosle, David of Hastings, NE (HLC)

Bosshamer, Brian and Ann Marie of Amherst, NE (HLC, S)

Bottlinger, Jason of Waco, TX (HLC)

Boulware, Ralph of Stamps, AR (HLC)

Bourg, Charles of Roseland, NE (HLC)

Bowen, John of Tulelake, CA (HLC)

Boyle, James of Kingsville, TX (HLC)

Bracht, David of Omaha, NE (HLC)

Brainard, Donald of Ottawa, IL (HLC)

Braley, Jack of Monument, CO (HLC)

Brand, Doug and Gail of Seward, NE (HLC, S)

Brandes, Evan of Central City, NE (HLC)

Brandt, Thomas of Plymouth, NE (HLC)

Branting, Jeffrey of Great Falls, MT (HLC)

Brase, Mark of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Brasee, Carl of Grand Island, NE (HLC)

Bredenkamp, Gary of Waco, NE (HLC)

Breece, Kevin of Grand Island, NE (HLC)

Breining, Scott and Pamela of Arapahoe, NE (HLC, S)

Bremer, Gerald of Grand Island, NE (HLC)

Bridge, Charles of Norfolk, NE (HLC)

Bridges, William of Central, SC (HLC)

Briggs, Daniel of Seward, NE (HLC)

Brinkman, Barthold of Shickley, NE (HLC, S)

Brinkman, William of Lexington, NE (HLC, S)

Bristol, Gale of York, NE (HLC)

Britton, Alan of Syracuse, NE (HLC)

Britton, William of Oshkosh, NE (HLC)

Brockmann, James of Santa Fe, NM (HLC)

Brodersen, Bruce of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Bromm, Curtis of Wahoo, NE (HLC)

Brooks, Charles of Bertrand, NE (HLC)

Brosius-Meeks, Denise of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Brown, Brian of Central City, NE (HLC)

Brown, Dan of Parks, NE (HLC)

Brown, Jerome of Tilden, NE (HLC)

Brown, Jill of Lincoln, NE (A)

Brown, Stephen of Leavenworth, KS (HLC)

Brown, William of York, NE (HLC)

Broz, Daniel of Norfolk, NE (HLC)

Brumbaugh, Kurt of Morgantown, WV (HLC)

Brummels, Peter of Laurel, NE (C)

Brungardt, Jeffery of Gretna, NE (HLC)

Bruning, Fred of Bruning, NE (HLC)

Bruns, John of Boise, ID (HLC)

Buchta, Gary of Spring, TX (HLC)

Buckles-Balters, Sharon of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Buechle, Chris of Beatrice, NE (HLC)

Buell, Kenneth of Raymore, MO (HLC)

Buell, Mark of Liberty, MO (HLC)

Buescher, Craig of Deweese, NE (L, C)

Bunz, Scott of Omaha, NE (HLC)

Buonafede, Brenda of Bristol, CT (HLC)

Burbach, Mark of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Burchfield, Gary and Phyllis of Lincoln, NE (HLC, S)

Burford, James of Fremont, NE (HLC)

Burge, Mark of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Burgess, Bernard of Rogers, AR (HLC)

Burnell, Thomas and Terri of Austin, TX (HLC)

Burris, Martin of Bozeman, MT (HLC)

Burton, Glenn of Tifton, GA (HLC)

Bush, Dale of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Butka, Holly of Wildwood, MO (HLC)

Butler, Leland of East Otto, NY (HLC)

Cada, James of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Caddy, Terry of Eagle, NE (HLC)

Cadwallader, Ralph of Colorado Springs, CO (HLC)

Cain Jr., Donald of Broken Bow, NE (HLC)

Campbell, John of Stevens Point, WI (HLC)

Campbell, Michael of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Campbell, Thomas of El Paso, TX (HLC)

Canaday, Julian of Bloomfield, NE (HLC)

Canaday, Paul of Columbus, NE (HLC)

Cantrell, Donald of Merna, NE (HLC)

Carlow, Stanley of Fremont, NE (HLC)

Carlson, Donna of Goodyear, AZ (HLC)

Carlson, Garland of Omaha, NE (HLC)

Carlson, Jerry of Genoa, NE (HLC)

Carlson, Joel of Norfolk, NE (HLC)

Carman, Jesse and Abby of Shelton, NE (HLC, S)

Carpenter, Terry of Richland, MI (HLC)

Carter, Brent of Topeka, KS (HLC)

Carter, Burton of Chappell, NE (HLC)

Carter, David of Centerville, IA (HLC)

Caspers, Mark of Auburn, NE (HLC)

Cecava, Michael of Decatur, IN (HLC)

Chalupa, Richard of Muncie, IN (HLC)

Cherry, Dwight of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Chiba, Lee of Auburn, AL (HLC)

Childers, Douglas of Champaign, IL (HLC)

Chittick, John of Falls City, NE (HLC)

Christensen, David of Omaha, NE (HLC)

Christensen, Mark of Imperial, NE (HLC)

Christensen, Roger of Fairfax, VA (HLC)

Christensen, Terry of Minden, NE (HLC)

Christenson, Allen of ONeill, NE (HLC)

Christenson, Gale of Aurora, NE (HLC)

Christenson, Ronald of Clay Center, NE (HLC)

Chromy, James of Raleigh, NC (HLC)

Chvatal, Rodney of Colon, NE (C, A)

Cisney, Daryl of Ogallala, NE (HLC, S)

Clanton, Charles of Saint Paul, MN (HLC)

Classen, Gregg of Omaha, NE (HLC)

Classen, Mark of Medina, MN (HLC)

Claybaugh, Joseph of Wayne, NE (HLC)

Clegg, Denzil of Granbury, TX (HLC)

Clymer, Kent of David City, NE (HLC)

Coffman, Grace of Palmyra, NE (HLC)

Coke, Gordon of Fremont, NE (HLC)

Coleman, Harold of Oklahoma City, OK (HLC)

Colerick, Gloria of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Colgan, Sheryl of Wayne, NE (C)

Colling, Daniel of Parkville, MO (HLC)

Condon, Gary of Fremont, NE (HLC)

Conklin, Ed of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Connealy, William of Phoenix, AZ (HLC)

Connelley, John of Gretna, NE (HLC)

Cook, Kenneth of Potter, NE (HLC)

Cooksley, Roland of Elwood, NE (HLC)

Corey, Toby of Gulf Breeze, FL (HLC)

Cornish, William of Naperville, IL (HLC)

Coulter, Steven of Fresno, CA (HLC)

Courtright, John of Los Alamos, NM (HLC)

Cowan III, Samuel of Beatrice, NE (HLC)

Cox, Marvin of Mullen, NE (HLC)

Crawford, Marybeth of Alliance, NE (HLC)

Crawford, Raymond of Alliance, NE (HLC)

Crnkovic, Carla of Chicago, IL (HLC)

Crook, Charles of Humboldt, NE (HLC)

Cuca-Conklin, Heidi of Lincoln, NE (HLC, S)

Cummins-Brown, Lance of Wahoo, NE (HLC)

Cunningham, Kevin of Hastings, NE (HLC)

Curry, Robert of Ogallala, NE (HLC)

Curtiss, Jay and Jan of Cary, NC (HLC, S)

Da Silva, Erasmo of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Daberkow, Stanley of Hyattsville, MD (HLC)

Daiss, Bill of Grant, NE (HLC)

Dallimore, Clarence of Idaho Falls, ID (HLC)

Danielson, Stephen of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Dankert, Wayne of Ida Grove, IA (HLC)

Dao, Thanh of Silver Spring, MD (HLC)

Dasenbrock, Bud of Lincoln, NE (HLC, S)

Dauel, Aaron of Omaha, NE (HLC)

Davis, Janet of Denver, CO (HLC)

DeBoer, Randy and Karen of Gurley, NE (HLC, S)

Delmore Jr., Robert of San Luis Obispo, CA (HLC)

Dempster, Thomas of Dumfries, VA (HLC)

Derickson, Craig of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Derner, Justin and Jamie of Cheyenne, WY (HLC, S)

Derner, Seth of Brownsburg, IN (HLC)

Deterding, Bart of Cambridge, NE (HLC)

Dewulf, Jack of Atlantic, IA (C, A)

Dexter, Alan of Fargo, ND (HLC)

Dicke, Bill of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Dickey, Bryan of Osceola, NE (HLC)

Dickinson, Robert of Gretna, NE (HLC)

Diehl, Allen of Ankeny, IA (HLC)

Dietz, Walter of Broken Bow, NE (HLC)

Dietze, John of Peachtree City, GA (HLC)

Dietze, Steven of Lafayette, CA (HLC)

Diffendaffer, Gary of Centennial, CO (HLC)

Dillin, Clark of Granbury, TX (HLC)

Discoe, Edward of Columbus, NE (HLC)

Doerr, Max of Creighton, NE (HLC)

Doeschot, David of Adams, NE (HLC)

Dolesh, Bryn of Overland Park, KS (HLC)

Dolnicek, John of Lawrence, NE (HLC)

Dorn, Duane of Beatrice, NE (HLC)

Dorn, Rick and Barbara of Cortland, NE (C, A)

Dowdy, Stan of Denver, CO (HLC)

Doyle, Melanie of Wilmington, NC (HLC)

Dozler, Mark of Lincoln, NE (A)

Drake, Daniel of Friend, NE (HLC)

Drake, Ralph of Friend, NE (HLC)

Drey, Ron of Omaha, NE (HLC)

Duda, Shannon of Overland Park, KS (HLC)

Duis, Harold of Arlington, VA (HLC)

Duncan, Daniel of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Dunn, James and Lucille of Amarillo, TX (HLC, S)

Dyer, Randy of New Milford, CT (HLC)

Earl, Richard of Lincoln, NE (HLC, S)

Eason, Michael of North Bend, NE (HLC)

Eastin, John of Lincoln, NE (HLC, S)

Eberspacher, Stanley of Grand Island, NE (C, A)

Ebke, Duane of Kearney, NE (HLC)

Eckloff, Warren of Englewood, CO (HLC)

Edeal, Russell of Loomis, NE (HLC)

Edmonds, Keith of Gretna, NE (HLC)

Edwards, Donald and Judy of Lincoln, NE (C)

Eggleston, Edward of Portland, OR (HLC)

Egli, Teresa of Ankeny, IA (HLC, S)

Ehernberger, Lumir of Schuyler, NE (HLC)

Ehlers, Wayne of Camarillo, CA (HLC)

Ehresman, William of San Marcos, TX (HLC)

Eicher, Nancy of Omaha, NE (HLC)

Eilers, Terri of Blue Hill, NE (HLC)

Eisenmann, Douglas of Schuyler, NE (HLC)

Elder, Marilyn of Richmond, VA (HLC)

Ellis, Marion and Susan of Lincoln, NE (C, A, S)

Elmore, Janelle of Columbia, MO (HLC)

Elmore, Steven of Urbandale, IA (HLC)

Elznic, Robert of Fairbury, NE (HLC)

Emanuel, Nicholas of Lake Wales, FL (HLC)

Emanuel, Robert of Salem, OR (HLC)

Engel, Jeffrey of Fremont, NE (HLC)

Engelkemier, Larry of Overland Park, KS (HLC)

England, Stephen of Kearney, NE (HLC)

Engler, Paul and Mary Ann of St. Thomas, VI (HLC, S)

Engstrom, Lawrence of Kimball, NE (HLC)

Epp, Abram of Lincoln, NE (HLC, S)

Epp, Donald of State College, PA (HLC)

Epp, Susan of Crete, NE (HLC)

Erickson, Chris of Holdrege, NE (HLC)

Erickson, Merlin of Lincoln, NE (HLC, S)

Eriksen, Kurt of Hubbard, NE (HLC)

Erlewine, Harry of Highlands Ranch, CO (HLC)

Essman, Roger of Estes Park, CO (HLC)

Eubanks, Rolland of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Evans, Lanny of Hayes Center, NE (HLC)

Eveland, Paul of Ames, NE (HLC)

Eveland, Scott of Ames, NE (HLC)

Everrett, Duane of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Extrom, Kenton of Holdrege, NE (C)

Faaborg, Loren of Scottsbluff, NE (HLC)

Fager, William of Lincoln, NE (HLC, S)

Fagler, Willard of Savannah, GA (HLC)

Fahleson, Mark of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Faimon, Bruce of Seward, NE (HLC)

Fangmeier, Delmar of Tucson, AZ (HLC)

Fass, Harley of Ashland, NE (HLC)

Feely, William of Grand Island, NE (HLC)

Felker, Gregg of O'Neill, NE (HLC)

Felker, Jesse of Sioux Falls, SD (HLC)

Fellows, Gary of Apex, NC (HLC)

Fenster, Charles of Gering, NE (HLC)

Feye, Vernon of Fremont, NE (HLC)

Fickel, Kent of Utica, NE (HLC)

Fink, Jonnie of Tecumseh, NE (HLC)

Finke, Richard of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Finken, David of Excelsior, MN (HLC)

Finney, David of Quincy, IL (C, A)

Fischer, Loyd of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Fiske, David of Spottswood, VA (HLC)

Fitch, Gary of Omaha, NE (HLC)

Fitzgibbon, John of Des Moines, IA (HLC)

Fitzke, Amber of Glenvil, NE (C)

Fitzke, Ronald of Sutton, NE (HLC)

Flaming, Charles of Paxton, NE (HLC)

Flannery, T. of North Sioux City, SD (HLC)

Fleming, Richard and Connie of Lincoln, NE (C)

Flint, John of Scottsbluff, NE (HLC)

Florell, Robert of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Flynn Jr., James of Lawrence, KS (HLC)

Folkers, Dean of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Ford, Greg of Cody, NE (C)

Forney, Kent of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Fornoff, Kevin of Hayes Center, NE (HLC)

Foster, Dixie of Sioux Falls, SD (HLC)

Foster, Wayne of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

France, Gary of Omaha, NE (HLC, S)

Frank, Kenneth of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Frank, Stuart of West Des Moines, IA (HLC)

Franklin, James of Overland Park, KS (HLC)

Franssen, Carin of Lansing, MI (HLC)

Franssen, Jeffrey of Leavenworth, KS (HLC)

Frederick, Allen of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Frederickson, Keith of Omaha, NE (HLC)

Free, Russel of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Freeman, Eugene of Rochester, MN (HLC, S)

Freese, Mark and Marlys of Lincoln, NE (HLC, S)

Frels, Douglas of Guthrie Center, IA (HLC)

Frenzen, Galen of Fullerton, NE (HLC)

Frenzen, Jan of Fullerton, NE (HLC)

Frerichs, Annette of Bayard, NE (HLC)

Frerichs, Linda of Summerfield, NC (HLC)

Frerichs, Mark of Papillion, NE (HLC)

Frey, Kenneth of Rockford, IL (HLC)

Frey, Sherry of Chicago, IL (A)

Fricke Jr., Milton of Omaha, NE (HLC)

Frickel, Garold of Atkinson, NE (C)

Friedly, Wayne of Donnelly, ID (HLC)

Friedrich, Kirk of Norfolk, NE (HLC)

Fritz, Allan of Manhattan, KS (HLC)

Fritz, Susan and Russell of Crete, NE (C, A, S)

Fuchs, Lawrence of Belden, NE (HLC)

Fuelberth, Bruce of Ennis, TX (HLC)

Furrer, John of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Gabelman, Warren of Madison, WI (HLC, S)

Gall, Clark of Eustis, NE (HLC)

Gangwish, Rodney of Shelton, NE (HLC)

Gansebom, Randall of Osmond, NE (HLC, S)

Gansebom, Zachary of Watertown, SD (C)

Ganser, Jane of Portland, OR (HLC)

Ganzel, Virgil of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Gard, Don of Greenfield, IN (HLC)

Gard, Ray of Beaver Crossing, NE (HLC, S)

Gardner, Charles of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Gardner, Terance of Indianapolis, IN (HLC)

Garey, Angus of McCook, NE (HLC)

Garey, Gary of Syracuse, NE (HLC)

Garey, Steven of Polk, NE (HLC)

Garwood, Scott of Dakota City, NE (HLC)

Gates, Dillard of Vancouver, WA (HLC)

Gatz, Glen of Kearney, NE (HLC)

Gatzemeyer, John of Chadron, NE (HLC)

Gebers, Thomas of Geneva, NE (HLC)

Gebhards, Robert of Rock Port, MO (HLC)

Geiger, Robert of Thurman, IA (HLC)

Geis, James of Odessa, NE (HLC, S)

Geisler, Donald of Waukee, IA (HLC)

Gengenbach, Dennis of Smithfield, NE (HLC)

Gengenbach, Nathan of Hastings, NE (HLC)

Gengenbach, William of Brady, NE (HLC)

Genrich, Terry of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

George, Douglas of Sutton, NE (HLC)

George, Lyle of Seattle, WA (HLC)

Gerald, Bonnie of Ruston, LA (HLC)

Gerdes, Cheryl of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Gerdes, Myron and Ruth of Auburn, NE (HLC, S)

Gerdes, William of Wymore, NE (HLC)

Gerwick, Carl of Overland Park, KS (HLC)

Gestring, Rick of Dallas, TX (HLC)

Gianoli, Aine of Omaha, NE (C)

Gifford, Kyle of North Platte, NE (HLC)

Gilbert, Tara of Lincoln, NE (HLC, S)

Gilbert, William of Las Cruces, NM (HLC)

Gilley, Jimmy of Fairfax, MO (HLC)

Gilliland, Alvadine of Omaha, NE (HLC)

Gingery, Robert of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Girard, Melissa of Grand Island, NE (HLC)

Glandon, Clarence of Fort Myers, FL (HLC)

Glandt, Kerry of Kearney, NE (HLC, S)

Glock, Eugene of Rising City, NE (HLC)

Glock, Theodore of Rising City, NE (HLC)

Glunz, Douglas of Grant, NE (HLC)

Glynn, James of Indianapolis, IN (HLC)

Gocke, James of Bondurant, IA (HLC)

Gocken, David of Omaha, NE (HLC)

Goedeken, Gary of Naponee, NE (HLC)

Goering, Oren of Panama, NE (HLC)

Goertzen, John of Bradshaw, NE (HLC)

Goff, Lonnie of Salem, NE (HLC, S)

Goin, Eugene of Wymore, NE (HLC)

Goodrich, Stephen of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Gotschall, Jeffrey of Columbus, NE (HLC)

Grabowski, Ronald of Loveland, CO (HLC)

Graf, Mark of Arapahoe, NE (HLC)

Grantzinger, Joe of Merna, NE (HLC)

Grapes, Ronald of Kearney, NE (HLC)

Grasz, Tracy of Lexington, OK (HLC)

Green, Robert of Springfield, NE (HLC)

Greenamyre, Dwaine of Boys Town, NE (HLC)

Gregerson, Larry of Herman, NE (HLC)

Griesen, Daniel of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Griess, Demas of Hastings, NE (HLC)

Griesse, Ronald of Annandale, VA (HLC)

Griffis, Sybil of Greeley, CO (HLC)

Grimm, Thomas of Valley, NE (HLC)

Grooms, Michael of Des Moines, IA (HLC)

Grosbach, Dale of Gladstone, MO (HLC, S)

Gruber, Teresa of Washington, DC (HLC, S)

Guretzky, John of Champaign, IL (HLC)

Gustafson, Delwin of Grimes, IA (HLC)

Gustafson, Thomas of Wakefield, NE (HLC)

Haack, Alan of Roseville, CA (HLC)

Haarberg, Dirk of Imperial, NE (HLC)

Haberer, Dina of LaVista, NE (HLC)

Hafer, Larry and Jana of Beatrice, NE (HLC, S)

Hagan, Ronald of Carmel, IN (HLC)

Hageman, Glenn of Mc Pherson, KS (HLC)

Hagemeier, Richard of Ida Grove, IA (HLC)

Hagge, Richard of Plattsmouth, NE (HLC)

Hahn, Richard of Omaha, NE (HLC)

Hahn, Russell of Groton, NY (HLC)

Hall, Carolyn of Bassett, NE (HLC)

Hallowell-Johnson, Lori of Hickman, NE (HLC, S)

Hamilton, David of Thedford, NE (HLC)

Hamilton, John of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Hamilton, Robert of Palmer Lake, CO (HLC)

Hamouz, Fayrene of Hickman, NE (A)

Hamouz, Michelle of Omaha, NE (HLC)

Haney, Terrence of Johnston, IA (HLC)

Hanneman, Gail of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Hansen, Grant of Ames, NE (HLC)

Hansen, John of Omaha, NE (HLC, S)

Hansen, Michael of Aurora, NE (HLC)

Hansmire, Julie of Mack, CO (HLC, S)

Hanson, Michael of NULL, NULL (HLC)

Hanson, Pamela of McCook, NE (HLC)

Hanson, Ron and Marilyn of Lincoln, NE (HLC, S)

Hanthorn, Ronald of Prescott Valley, AZ (HLC)

Hanway, Donald of Lincoln, NE (HLC, S)

Happold, Roger of Doniphan, NE (HLC, S)

Hardin, Donald of Kearney, NE (HLC)

Harimon, Keith of Valley Center, KS (HLC)

Harlan, Dale of Hickman, NE (HLC)

Harmon, Roger of Imperial, NE (HLC)

Harms, Kristyn of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Harris, Scott of Dickens, NE (HLC)

Harris, Steven of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Harry, Robert of Kearney, NE (HLC)

Harsh, Stephen of Okemos, MI (HLC)

Hartman, Carma of Champion, NE (HLC)

Hartman, Merlin of Douglas, NE (HLC)

Hartman, Robert of Sandy, UT (HLC, S)

Hartmann, David of Fremont, NE (HLC)

Hartung, Ted of Lincoln, NE (A)

Haskins, Francis of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Hatch, Robert of Frisco, TX (HLC)

Havlicek, Charles of Manhattan, KS (HLC)

Haye, Julius of Fort Calhoun, NE (HLC)

Hayes, Christopher of Osceola, NE (HLC)

Haynes, Kent of Durango, CO (HLC)

Hays, Stephen of Beatrice, NE (HLC)

Heath, John of Seward, NE (HLC)

Hebbert, Clint and Suzy of Ashby, NE (C)

Hecox, James of Gothenburg, NE (HLC)

Heikel, Douglas of Omaha, NE (HLC)

Heineman, Gary of Sloan, IA (HLC)

Heinrichs, Elvis of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Heiss, Darrell of North Platte, NE (HLC)

Held, Angela of Lubbock, TX (HLC)

Hellerich, Ellen and Gary of Valparaiso, NE (HLC, S)

Helzer, Christopher of Aurora, NE (HLC)

Helzer, Norman of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Henderson, Ann of Mesa, AZ (HLC)

Henderson, Bryan of Alliance, NE (HLC)

Henderson, Philip of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Hendrix, Robert of Denton, TX (HLC)

Hengen, Patrick and Peggy of Honey Creek, IA (HLC, S)

Henning, Donley of Fort Atkinson, WI (HLC)

Henning, Thomas of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Hennings, Eugene of Maricopa, AZ (HLC)

Henry, Steven of Arapahoe, NE (HLC)

Herbek, James of Princeton, KY (HLC)

Herbek, Robert of Hastings, NE (HLC)

Herboldsheimer, Bryan of Bushnell, NE (HLC)

Herink, Richard of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Hermone, George of Fremont, NE (HLC)

Herstead, John of Orangevale, CA (HLC)

Herz, Eugene of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Heskett, Ronald of Nemaha, NE (HLC)

Heuermann, Donald of Kansas City, MO (HLC)

Hibbeler, Gerald of Grand Island, NE (HLC)

High, Michael of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Hild, Ralph of Plattsmouth, NE (HLC)

Hill, Chad of Hastings, NE (HLC)

Hill, Wayne of Columbia, MO (HLC)

Hilske, Robert of Auburn, NE (HLC)

Himmelberg, Kevin of NULL, NULL (HLC)

Hinrichs, Mark of Bruning, NE (HLC)

Hircock, Sally of Kearney, NE (A)

Hoback, Ronald of Crete, NE (HLC)

Hoeft, Robert of Champaign, IL (HLC)

Hoelting, Eldon of Kearney, NE (HLC, S)

Hoeting, Alan of Fall Creek, WI (HLC)

Hoffart, Dwain of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Hoffman, Bryan of Pierce, NE (HLC)

Hoffmann, Thomas of Nenzel, NE (HLC)

Hoffmann II, Thomas of Valentine, NE (HLC)

Hoffschneider, Scott of Arlington, NE (HLC)

Hofmann, Thomas of Sutton, NE (HLC)

Holbein, Larry of Woodstock, IL (HLC)

Holder, David of Oklahoma City, OK (A)

Holen, Brad of Omaha, NE (HLC)

Holen, Bryan of NULL, NULL (HLC)

Holland, David and Susanne of East Sandwich, MA (HLC, S)

Hollibaugh, Patti of Crawford, NE (HLC)

Hollingsworth, Cornelia of Carrollton, GA (HLC)

Holm, Kent of Omaha, NE (HLC)

Holzfaster, Jon of Paxton, NE (HLC)

Homolka, Charles of Western, NE (HLC)

Hood, Jerrold of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Hopp, Gerald of Falls City, NE (HLC, S)

Hornbrook, Albert of Normal, IL (HLC)

Horning, Brian of Hastings, NE (HLC)

Horst, Garold and Karen of Lincoln, NE (C)

Horst, Lowell of Wisner, NE (HLC)

Horton, Paul of Lincoln, NE (C, A)

Hottovy, Ronald of Denver, CO (HLC)

Houck, Scott of Strang, NE (HLC)

House Jr., Gordon of Colo, IA (HLC)

Howard, W. Terry and Karen of Madison, WI (HLC, S)

Hoy, Stephen of Kansas City, MO (HLC)

Huber, Steven of Columbus, NE (HLC)

Huebschwerlen, Vernon of Fresno, CA (HLC)

Hughes, Erville of Paradise Valley, AZ (HLC)

Hughes, Harlan of Laramie, WY (HLC)

Hull, Benjamin of Omaha, NE (HLC)

Hulme, Doyle of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Hultman, Earl of Sutton, NE (HLC)

Humphrey, Dwight of Giltner, NE (C, A)

Hupp, Eugene of Denton, TX (HLC)

Hurt, Daniel of McCook, NE (HLC)

Husa, Norman of Wymore, NE (HLC)

Husmann, Dann of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Hutchens, Kate of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Ibach, Gregory of Sumner, NE (HLC)

Icenogle, Lanny of Saco, MT (HLC)

Iverson, Casey of Grand Island, NE (HLC)

Jackson, Anita of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Jackson, Jerald of Sacramento, CA (HLC)

Jackson, Kathy of Lincoln, NE (HLC, S)

Jacob, Stacie of Paso Robles, CA (HLC)

Jacobitz, Andy of Omaha, NE (HLC)

Jacobs, Stephen of Omaha, NE (HLC)

Jacobs, William of Maryville, IL (HLC)

Jacobson, Michael and Julie of North Platte, NE (L)

Jacobson, Vincent of Seward, NE (HLC, S)

Jacoby, Harlan of Sidney, NE (HLC)

Jagels, Mark of Davenport, NE (HLC)

Jahnke, Terry of Bancroft, NE (HLC)

Jameson, Mary of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Jameson, Ray of Wallace, NE (HLC)

Jasa Jr., Frank of Fremont, NE (HLC)

Jedlicka, Matthew of Schuyler, NE (HLC, S)

Jedlicka, Michael of Norfolk, NE (HLC)

Jeffries, Kip of Fairbury, NE (C)

Jelden, Blaine of Axtell, NE (HLC)

Jensen, Carolyn of Thurston, NE (HLC)

Jensen, Christian of Virginia Beach, VA (HLC)

Jensen, Christy of Scottsdale, AZ (HLC)

Jensen, Dale of Scottsdale, AZ (HLC)

Jensen, Jerry of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Jensen, Kent of Tempe, AZ (HLC)

Jensen, Randy of Blair, NE (HLC)

Jensen, Roland of Nebraska City, NE (HLC)

Jenson, Clark of Blair, NE (HLC)

Jewell, Duane of Kansas City, MO (HLC)

Jiskra, Larry of Shawnee Mission, KS (HLC)

Johannes, Chad of Manhattan, KS (HLC)

Johansen, Kelley of Columbus, NE (HLC)

Johnson, Brian of Eddyville, NE (HLC)

Johnson, Charles of Hot Springs Village, AR (HLC)

Johnson, Dale of Ravenna, NE (HLC)

Johnson, David of Cheyenne, WY (HLC)

Johnson, Jerre of North Platte, NE (HLC)

Johnson, Jerry of Chadron, NE (HLC)

Johnson, Justin of Columbus, NE (A)

Johnson, Kyla of Farmington, NM (HLC)

Johnson, Mark of Omaha, NE (HLC)

Johnson, Mark of Ravenna, NE (HLC)

Johnson, Milton of Bloomfield, NE (HLC)

Johnson, Paul of Hickman, NE (HLC, S)

Johnson, Sandra of Colby, KS (HLC, S)

Johnson, Verlin of Fargo, ND (HLC)

Johnson, William of Albuquerque, NM (HLC)

Johnson Jr., Alfred of Blair, NE (HLC)

Jones, David of Stapleton, NE (HLC)

Jones, Donald of Chesterfield, MO (HLC)

Jones, James of Falls City, NE (HLC)

Jones, John of Grand Island, NE (HLC)

Jones, Mark of Rulo, NE (HLC)

Jones, Melvin of Oklahoma City, OK (HLC)

Jones, Michael of Phillips, NE (HLC)

Jones, Robert of Stapleton, NE (HLC)

Jones, Roger of Niceville, FL (HLC)

Jorgensen, Harvey and Gayle of Cozad, NE (HLC, S)

Jorgensen, Jeffrey of Omaha, NE (HLC)

Judd, Jerry of Annapolis, MD (HLC)

Juelsgaard, Jane of Creston, IA (HLC)

Jundt, Dwight of Blowing Rock, NC (HLC)

Kahl, Dennis of Seward, NE (HLC)

Kahle, Gary of Milford, CT (HLC)

Kahle, Ronald of Sun Lakes, AZ (HLC)

Kampbell, Donald of Stratford, OK (HLC, S)

Kamprath, Eugene of Raleigh, NC (C)

Kander, Mark of South Sioux City, NE (HLC, S)

Kanel, Neal and Bonnie of Dawson, NE (HLC, S)

Kappel, Carolyn of Miller, NE (HLC)

Karlberg, Thomas of Eaton, CO (HLC)

Karnopp, David of Oakland, NE (HLC)

Karo Jr., Max of ONeill, NE (HLC)

Kastanek, Larry of Manhattan, KS (HLC)

Katz, Bradley of Sun Prairie, WI (HLC)

Kaup, Eugene of Oakland, NE (HLC)

Kayton, Steven of Seward, NE (HLC)

Kean, Ronald of Belleville, WI (HLC)

Keaschall, Joseph of Clive, IA (HLC)

Keaschall, Kelly of Rock Falls, IL (HLC)

Keating, Matthew of Kearney, NE (HLC)

Keeler, James of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Keeney, Philip of State College, PA (HLC)

Keep, Charles of Elm Creek, NE (HLC)

Keetle, Scott and Tara of Omaha, NE (HLC, S)

Kehr, James of Davey, NE (HLC)

Keim, Kent of Stillwater, OK (HLC)

Keim, Lynn of Malvern, AR (HLC)

Keim, Moyn of Salina, KS (HLC)

Keim, Wayne of Fort Collins, CO (HLC)

Keiser, Brian of Gothenburg, NE (HLC)

Keller, Ray of Ashland, NE (HLC)

Kellogg, Donald of Shawnee, KS (HLC, S)

Kenney, Paul of Kearney, NE (HLC)

Kent, James of Norfolk, NE (HLC)

Kepler, Cliff of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Kerbs, Robert of Bettendorf, IA (HLC)

Ketteler, Kent of David City, NE (HLC)

Keys, Kerry of Elsmere, NE (HLC)

Kilgore, David of Rock Rapids, IA (HLC)

Kimball, Duane of Callaway, NE (HLC)

Kime, Dallas of Grand Island, NE (HLC)

King, Conrad of Somerville, NJ (HLC)

Kinkaid, Scott and MeLea of Hartington, NE (HLC, S)

Kinter, John of Columbus, NE (HLC)

Kirch, Brett of Malvern, PA (HLC)

Kirschner, Larry of Ravenna, NE (HLC)

Kitt, Allison of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Klanderud, David of Wynot, NE (HLC)

Klein, Marvin of Osceola, NE (HLC)

Klein, Randy of Wahoo, NE (HLC)

Klitz, Patrick of Omaha, NE (HLC)

Klostermeyer, Lyle of Prosser, WA (HLC)

Kluck, James of Schuyler, NE (HLC)

Kluck, Thomas of Schuyler, NE (HLC)

Kmoch, Christopher of McCook, NE (HLC)

Kmoch, James of York, NE (HLC)

Knabe, Susan of Nehawka, NE (HLC, S)

Kniep, Kenneth of Hebron, NE (HLC)

Kniep, Maurice of Kearney, NE (HLC)

Knispel, Ty of Ogallala, NE (A)

Knobel, Mark of Fairbury, NE (HLC)

Knobel, Ralph of Fairbury, NE (HLC)

Knobel, Todd of Fairbury, NE (HLC)

Knott, Ross of Petersburg, NE (HLC, S)

Kobes, Vicky of Lincoln, NE (C, A)

Koca, James of White Stone, VA (HLC)

Koch, James of Arvada, CO (HLC)

Koehler, Ann of Scottsbluff, NE (HLC)

Koehler, Robert and Frances of Omaha, NE (HLC, S)

Koepke, Lonnie of Broken Bow, NE (HLC)

Koers, Walter of Salina, KS (HLC)

Kohlmeier, Ronald of Chesterfield, MO (HLC)

Koopman, Martin of Scribner, NE (HLC)

Korslund, Mary of Blacksburg, VA (HLC)

Korsmo, Debra of Northwood, ND (HLC)

Kortlever, Calvin and Sharon of Orange City, IA (HLC)

Koster, Martin of Morrison, IL (HLC)

Kottas, Kay of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Kottmeyer, Mark and Eileen of Kearney, NE (HLC, S)

Kovanda, Alan of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Kovanda, Chris of Edmond, OK (HLC)

Krabel, Dwayne of Hastings, NE (HLC)

Krause, Thomas of Newman Grove, NE (C)

Kreikemeier, Keith of West Point, NE (HLC)

Krejci, John of Easton, PA (HLC)

Krejci, Ronald of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Kreshel, Charles of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Kreuscher, John of Gothenburg, NE (HLC)

Kriesel, Leon of Gurley, NE (HLC)

Kristensen, Duane of Minden, NE (C, L, S)

Kroemer, Eldon of Arapahoe, NE (HLC)

Krohn, Glen of Greenwood, SC (HLC)

Krohn, Richard of Holdrege, NE (HLC)

Krohn, Steven of Council Bluffs, IA (HLC)

Kube, John of Greenfield, IN (HLC)

Kubicek, Gary of Schuyler, NE (HLC)

Kubik, Keith of Modesto, CA (HLC)

Kubik, Mark of Auburn, NE (HLC)

Kugler, John of Warden, WA (HLC)

Kuhr, Marshall of Normangee, TX (HLC)

Kumpost, Henry of Wilber, NE (HLC, S)

Kurkowski, Clayton of Normal, IL (HLC)

Kurz, Scott of Elkhorn, NE (HLC)

Kurz, Sharla of Omaha, NE (HLC)

Kuska, Calvin of Highlands Ranch, CO (HLC)

Kuska, Richard of Taos, NM (HLC)

Lafleur, James of Norfolk, NE (HLC)

Lahr, Andrew of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Lambert, John of Ogallala, NE (HLC)

Lambert, Timothy of Ewing, NE (HLC)

Lamm, Dennis of Wellington, CO (HLC)

Lammers, Nick of Wood River, NE (HLC)

Langemeier, David of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Langemeier, John of Wahoo, NE (HLC)

Langemeier, Roland of Schuyler, NE (HLC)

Larsen, Gary of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Larsen, Lyle of Fremont, NE (HLC)

Larsen, Steven of Fremont, NE (HLC)

Larson, Galen of Gering, NE (HLC)

Larson, Jay of Kearney, NE (HLC)

Lashley, Benjamin of North Platte, NE (HLC)

Lattz, Dale of White Heath, IL (HLC)

Lauk, Richard of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Laux, Kirk of Bridgeport, NE (HLC)

Lavicky, Francis of Bonita Springs, FL (HLC)

Law, Joseph of Grand Island, NE (HLC)

Lawson, Donald of Cordova, TN (HLC)

Leander Jr., Wally of Hiawatha, KS (HLC)

Lee, James of Valentine, NE (HLC)

Lefholtz, Billie of Lincoln, NE (C, A)

Lefler, Glen of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Lefler, Howard of Fairmont, NE (HLC, S)

Lehr, Donald of Ashland, NE (HLC)

Leibbrandt, Vernon of Madison, WI (HLC)

Leising, Donald of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Lembke, Roy of Havre, MT (HLC)

Lempka, Stacy of Chicago, IL (HLC)

Lesoing, Dean of Hickman, NE (HLC)

Letheby, Susan of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Lewandowski, Tim and Katie of Ravenna, NE (C)

Lewis, James of Grand Island, NE (HLC)

Lewis, Jerald of West Point, NE (HLC)

Lienemann, Daniel of Sidney, NE (HLC)

Likens, Tony of Fairbury, NE (HLC)

Lindstrom, Daniel of Kearney, NE (HLC)

Link, Dale of Ravenna, NE (HLC, S)

Link, Samantha of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Lionberger, Luke of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Littlejohn III, William of Scottsbluff, NE (HLC)

Lloyd, Gordon of Bolton, CT (HLC)

Loeffel, Frank of Des Moines, IA (HLC, S)

Loewenstein, Elbert of Henderson, NV (HLC)

Lohse, John of Rochester, IL (HLC)

Longmore, Myron of Melbourne, FL (HLC)

Loos, Kelli of Loup City, NE (HLC)

Lorenz, Timothy of Gretna, NE (HLC)

Loudon, Karen of Creston, IA (HLC)

Lovci, Christopher of Columbus, NE (HLC)

Lowrey, Glen of Hastings, NE (HLC, S)

Lubben, Bradley of Manhattan, KS (HLC)

Lucas, Timothy and Viola of Sterling, NE (HLC, S)

Luce, William of Stillwater, OK (HLC)

Ludwig, Daniel of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Luebbe, Roger of Seward, NE (HLC)

Luebs, Ralph of Lakewood, CO (HLC)

Luethje, Christopher of Bradshaw, NE (A)

Luhrs, Gordon of Imperial, NE (HLC)

Lundquist, Franklin of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Lunz, Lisa of Wakefield, NE (HLC)

Luther, Dale of Bella Vista, AR (HLC)

Luther, Douglas of Overton, NE (HLC)

Lutz, Larry of Thousand Oaks, CA (HLC)

Lydic, Donald of Brady, NE (HLC)

Lyness, Phillip of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Maaske, Jill of Chicago, IL (HLC)

Mager, James of Lincoln, NE (C, A)

Mahaffey, Dale of Apex, NC (HLC)

Mandel, Daniel of Colwich, KS (HLC)

Manglitz, George of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Mannlein, William of Peoria, IL (HLC)

Marek, Theodore of Geneva, NE (HLC)

Maresh, Galen of Ord, NE (HLC)

Maricle, Brian and Hilary of Saint Edward, NE (C)

Maricle, Gary of Liberty, MO (HLC)

Markus, John of Omaha, NE (HLC)

Markussen, Val and Sheryl of Hurst, TX (HLC, S)

Marquardt, Larry of Cardiff By The Sea, CA (C, A)

Marshall, Jeffrey of Elm Creek, NE (HLC)

Marshall, Scott of Grand Island, NE (HLC)

Martin, Merrel of Benkelman, NE (HLC)

Martin Jr., Burl of Rogers, AR (HLC)

Mason, Merrill of Ord, NE (HLC)

Massey, John of Scottsbluff, NE (HLC)

Mather, Loys of Lexington, KY (HLC)

Matson III, Gordon of Broken Arrow, OK (HLC)

Matsutani, William of Sidney, NE (HLC)

Matthies, Tim of Turlock, CA (HLC)

Matzke, Bill of Oshkosh, WI (C)

Mau, Brent of Sutton, NE (HLC)

Mausbach, Maureen of Columbus, NE (HLC)

Maxwell, Belinda of Glenville, PA (HLC)

Mayo, Z B and Lois of Lincoln, NE (HLC, S)

McBride, Jeanne of Dallas, TX (HLC)

McBride, Joe of Brule, NE (HLC)

McBride, Richard of Minden, NE (HLC)

McCain, Troy of De Witt, NE (HLC)

McCaslin, Norval of Columbus, OH (HLC)

McClain, Timothy of Middleton, WI (HLC)

McClatchey, David of Eustis, NE (HLC)

McClaughry, Patrick of Omaha, NE (HLC)

McClure IV, Edward of Blue Springs, NE (HLC)

McClurg, Calvin of Las Cruces, NM (HLC)

McCluskey, Melinda of Stanton, NE (HLC)

McClymont, Reed of Holdrege, NE (HLC)

McConnell, Keith of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

McConnell, Richard of Grimes, IA (L, S)

McCoy, Robert of O Fallon, MO (HLC, S)

McDonald, James of Bend, OR (HLC)

McGill, David of Davey, NE (HLC, S)

McIntosh, J. Paul and Eleanor of Norfolk, NE (HLC, S)

McKenzie, Garold of Tempe, AZ (HLC)

McKenzie, John of Harvard, NE (HLC)

McKeon, Daniel of North Platte, NE (HLC)

McKillip, Austin and Jessica of Lincoln, NE (C, A)

McMahon, James of Central City, NE (HLC)

McNeff, Robert of Palmer, NE (HLC)

Meaders, O. Donald and Martha of Okemos, MI (HLC, S)

Mecom, Scott of Omaha, NE (HLC)

Mehl, Kim of Warrensburg, MO (HLC)

Meiergerd, Donald of Wichita, KS (HLC)

Meierhenry, Paul of Topeka, KS (HLC)

Meister, Mary of Ashland, NE (HLC)

Meng, Sarah of Cheney, KS (HLC)

Merrill, William of Bellevue, NE (HLC)

Messersmith, Calvin of Fargo, ND (HLC)

Messersmith, Rex of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Messinger, Julia of Brookfield, WI (HLC)

Meston, Kimberly of Edmond, OK (HLC)

Meyer, Douglas of Cairo, NE (HLC)

Meyer, Emily of Omaha, NE (C)

Meyer, Jeffrey of Clive, IA (HLC)

Meyer, Kevin and Denise of Lincoln, NE (HLC, S)

Meyer, Steven of Hebron, NE (HLC)

Micek, Randall of Utica, NE (HLC)

Michael, Dennis of Albion, NE (HLC)

Mickey, Curtis of Aurora, NE (HLC)

Mieth, Norman of Norfolk, NE (HLC)

Miles, Richard of McCool Junction, NE (HLC)

Miller, Arden and Susan of Lodgepole, NE (C)

Miller, David of Clarks, NE (HLC)

Miller, Howard of Hardy, NE (HLC)

Miller, Jeffrey of Columbus, NE (HLC)

Miller, Lloyd of Roswell, GA (HLC)

Miller, Roy and Sarah of Lyons, NE (HLC, S)

Miller, Steven of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Milligan, Robert of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Mills, Richard of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Minarick, James of North Bend, NE (HLC)

Mischal, David of Omaha, NE (HLC)

Mitchell, Michael and Christine of Roca, NE (HLC, S)

Mitchell Jr., Robert of Omaha, NE (HLC)

Miyoshi, John and Carol of Wahoo, NE (HLC, S)

Moderow, Roger of Lyons, NE (HLC)

Monahan, Gerri of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Monahan, James of Hyannis, NE (HLC)

Monson, Stewart of Independence, KS (HLC)

Moore, Julie of Aurora, CO (C, L)

Moore, Richard of Mount Vernon, IA (HLC)

Moravec, Mark of Grand Island, NE (HLC)

Morehead, Marc of Falls City, NE (HLC)

Morelock, Jolin of Omaha, NE (HLC)

Morphew, Kate of Decatur, IL (HLC)

Morrow, Charles of Topeka, KS (HLC)

Morton, Arnold of Roseburg, OR (HLC)

Moseman, Albert of Largo, FL (HLC)

Moser, Mark of Wakefield, NE (HLC)

Mott, Janet of Valley, NE (HLC)

Motz, Jan of Saint Johns, MI (HLC)

Mousel, Wendell of Olathe, KS (HLC)

Mueller, Con of Columbus, NE (HLC)

Mueller, Thomas of Hiawatha, IA (HLC)

Mulligan, Stephen of North Salem, NY (HLC)

Mumma, Charles of Grand Island, NE (HLC)

Myers, Charles of Lyons, NE (HLC)

Myers, George of Lincoln, NE (HLC, S)

Nagaki, James of Ogallala, NE (HLC)

Nedrow, Bruce of Geneva, NE (HLC)

Nelson, David of Bellevue, NE (HLC)

Nelson, Douglas of Amelia Island, FL (HLC)

Nelson, Douglas of Phoenix, AZ (HLC)

Nelson, Emery of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Nelson, Leroy of Atlantic, IA (HLC)

Nelson, Leroy of Irving, TX (HLC)

Nelson, Robert of Norfolk, NE (HLC)

Nelson, Steven of Saint Louis, MO (HLC)

Neruda, Michael of Bethesda, MD (HLC)

Neu, Micheal of Johnstown, CO (HLC, S)

Neu Jr., John of Yankton, SD (HLC)

Neuhaus, Lowell of Omaha, NE (HLC)

Neumeyer, Laurel of Omaha, NE (HLC)

Nichols, Robert of Brock, NE (HLC)

Niebur, Scott of Las Vegas, NV (HLC)

Nielsen, David of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Nielsen, Merlyn and Elaine of Seward, NE (C, A)

Nielsen, Robert of West Lafayette, IN (HLC)

Nielsen, Wayne of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Nieveen, Arnold of Beatrice, NE (HLC)

Nissen, Terence of Austin, TX (HLC)

Noffke, Milvern of Hampton, NE (HLC)

Nolles, Trudy of Bassett, NE (HLC)

Nolte, Beverly of Murray, NE (C, L)

Nolte, Rick of Nehawka, NE (HLC)

Nordstrom, Robert of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Norquest, Kent of York, NE (HLC)

Norris, John and Joyce of Fort Worth, TX (A)

Norstadt, Fred of Fort Collins, CO (HLC)

Nun, Dennis of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Nutzman, Wade of Nehawka, NE (HLC)

Nyffeler, Brent of Columbus, NE (HLC)

Nyffeler, Gene of Omaha, NE (HLC)

Nyffeler, Mark of Columbus, NE (HLC)

Nygren, James of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

O'Connor, Sheila of Lincoln, NE (HLC, S)

O'Dea, Densel of McCook, NE (HLC)

O'Hara, Patrick of North Bend, NE (HLC)

O'Hare, William of Carlyle, IL (HLC)

Oamek, Lowell of Boise, ID (HLC)

Obrigawitch, Timothy of Hockessin, DE (HLC)

Obritsch, Jerry of Bismarck, ND (HLC)

Ochsner, Morris of Madison, NE (HLC)

Oellermann, Charles of Columbus, OH (HLC)

Oldfather, David of Kearney, NE (C, A)

Olsen, Keith of Grant, NE (HLC, S)

Olson, Bryan of Trego, MT (HLC)

Olson, James of Overland Park, KS (HLC, S)

Olson, Richard of Topeka, KS (HLC)

Oltmans, Dudley of North Platte, NE (HLC)

Omtvedt, Irvin and Wanda of Lincoln, NE (HLC, S)

Ondrak, Jeffrey of Fairbury, NE (HLC)

Orcutt, Richard of Norwalk, CA (HLC, S)

Ormesher, Charles of Denver, CO (HLC)

Ortmeier, Randell of Dodge, NE (HLC)

Osler, John of Imperial, NE (HLC)

Osler, Scott of Elsie, NE (HLC)

Ostergard, Stephen of Gothenburg, NE (A)

Ostermeier, Keith of Grand Island, NE (HLC)

Ott, Gary of Ogallala, NE (HLC)

Otte, Teresa of David City, NE (HLC)

Otten, Arnold of York, NE (HLC)

Otten, Daniel of Hayward, MN (HLC)

Owens, John and Virginia of Lincoln, NE (HLC, S)

Pallesen, Raymond of Reno, NV (HLC)

Paparozzi, Ellen of Lincoln, NE (C)

Parde, Michele of Adams, NE (HLC)

Parker, Dean of North Blooomfield, OH (HLC)

Parker, Jayne of Walla Walla, WA (HLC)

Patent, Rodney of Randolph, NE (HLC)

Patterson Jr., Walter of Omaha, NE (HLC)

Paul, Lisa of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Paul-Unruh, Angie of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Pauley, Kent of Paradise Vly, AZ (HLC)

Paulson, James of Fremont, NE (HLC)

Paulson, Justin of Belgrade, MT (HLC)

Paulson, Travis of San Marcos, TX (HLC)

Pavelka, Adam of Hastings, NE (A)

Pavelka, Donald of Omaha, NE (HLC)

Pedersen, John of Stone Mountain, GA (HLC)

Pennelly, Denise of Fremont, CA (HLC)

Penner, Rodny of Chicago, IL (HLC)

Perlinger, Mark of Paxton, NE (HLC)

Perry, Donald of Malcolm, NE (HLC)

Peters, Sean of Lake Saint Louis, MO (C)

Petersen, Glen of Burwell, NE (HLC)

Peterson, Alan of Manitou Springs, CO (HLC)

Peterson, Jennifer of Gilbert, AZ (HLC)

Peterson, Kim of Grafton, NE (HLC)

Peterson, Page of Gothenburg, NE (HLC)

Peterson, William of Omaha, NE (HLC, S)

Petr, Theresa of Columbus, NE (HLC)

Petri, Mark of Seward, NE (HLC)

Petsch, Kyle of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Pfeiffer, Donald of Beaver Crossing, NE (HLC)

Phillips, Ted of Beaver Crossing, NE (HLC)

Phipps, Roger of Haigler, NE (HLC)

Pickering, Jeffrey of Scottsbluff, NE (HLC)

Pickett, Richard of Cheyenne, WY (HLC)

Pickrel, Clark of York, NE (HLC)

Pinkerton, George of Blue Springs, NE (HLC)

Piskac, John of Manhattan, KS (HLC)

Plett, Stanley of Willmar, MN (HLC)

Plucknett, Donald and Sue of Annandale, VA (HLC, S)

Pohlman, Donald of Sun City West, AZ (HLC)

Pohlman, Kennard and Beverley of Omaha, NE (HLC, S)

Pohlmann, Gale of Plymouth, NE (HLC)

Polacek, Louis of Bruno, NE (HLC)

Poppert, Glenn of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Post, Doran of Lexington, NE (HLC)

Potter, Kathy of Wilcox, NE (HLC)

Powell, James of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Powers, Julie of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Powers, Michael of Palmyra, NE (HLC)

Preister, Randy of Lindsay, NE (HLC)

Pretzer, Dean of Diller, NE (HLC)

Preusker, Perry of Omaha, NE (HLC)

Pribbeno, Jeff of Imperial, NE (HLC)

Prior II, Merlin of Imperial, NE (HLC)

Pugsley, Jack of Jay Em, WY (HLC)

Purtle, Lisa of Olathe, KS (HLC)

Qualset, Calvin and Kathleen of Rohnert Park, CA (HLC, S)

Quaring, Darrell of Ravenna, NE (HLC)

Radenz, Ronald of Folsom, CA (HLC)

Ralls, Alan of Taylor, NE (HLC)

Ramacciotti, William of Omaha, NE (HLC)

Ramaekers Jr., Frank of Columbus, NE (HLC)

Ramsel, Clarissa of Manhattan, KS (HLC)

Rankin, Steve of Marion, IA (HLC)

Rasgorshek, Edward of Omaha, NE (HLC)

Rasmussen, Ross of Fremont, NE (HLC)

Rasschaert, Eugene of Minneapolis, MN (HLC)

Raun, Arthur of Elbert, CO (HLC)

Raun, Ned of Stillwater, OK (HLC, S)

Raun, Robert of Minden, NE (HLC)

Raun, William of Stillwater, OK (HLC)

Rauscher, Jon of Dallas, TX (HLC)

Ray, James of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Read, Paul and Christine of Lincoln, NE (C)

Reagan, Armond and June of Aurora, CO (HLC, S)

Reece Jr., Francis of Valentine, NE (HLC)

Reese, Sheldon and Janet of Moville, IA (HLC, S)

Regier, Keith of Imperial, NE (HLC)

Regier, Todd of Aurora, NE (HLC)

Reichenbach, George of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Reichmuth, Roger of Syracuse, NE (HLC)

Reimers, Brian of West Point, NE (HLC)

Reiners, Kenneth of Hastings, MN (HLC)

Reinsch, Donald of Salina, KS (HLC)

Reinsch, Richard and Michelle of Kearney, NE (HLC, S)

Remmenga, George of Clay Center, NE (HLC)

Rempe, David of Abilene, KS (HLC)

Renner, Burkhard of Bartlett, TN (HLC)

Reppert, Charles of Pender, NE (HLC)

Rethwisch, Michael of Blythe, CA (HLC)

Retzlaff, Alan of Walton, NE (HLC)

Rexroth, Roland of Littleton, CO (HLC)

Reynolds, Howard of Hays, KS (HLC)

Reynolds, Rod of Lexington, NE (HLC)

Rhea, James of Elkhorn, NE (HLC)

Rhea III, William of Arlington, NE (HLC)

Rhodes, Jean of Bridgeport, NE (HLC)

Rhodes, John of Beatrice, NE (HLC)

Rhodes, Marvin and Mary of Lincoln, NE (C)

Rice, Kirk of Weskan, KS (HLC)

Richard, Wayne of Naperville, IL (HLC)

Richards, Kenneth of Canton, MI (HLC)

Riddell-Koch, Lesley of Rose Hill, KS (HLC)

Rieke, Wesley of Omaha, NE (HLC)

Riis, Clinton of Issaquah, WA (HLC)

Ringenberg, Kurt of McCook, NE (HLC)

Ringler, Wilber of Manhattan, KS (HLC)

Roberts, Lyle of Tecumseh, NE (HLC)

Roberts, Ronald of Maxwell, NE (HLC)

Robinson, Eugene of Ames, IA (HLC)

Rockwell, Kay and Lee of Lincoln, NE (C)

Roe, Kirk and Jill of Blue Earth, MN (A)

Roe, Lyle of Owen, WI (HLC)

Roeber, Michael of Norfolk, NE (HLC)

Roeber, Ronald of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Roehl, William of Missoula, MT (HLC)

Roeth, Frederick of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Rogers, Steven of Gibbon, NE (HLC)

Rohe, Robert of Beatrice, NE (HLC)

Rohe, Robert of Wheat Ridge, CO (HLC)

Ronnenkamp, Richard of Albion, NE (HLC)

Ronnenkamp, Robert of Grapevine, TX (HLC)

Ross, Rodney of Callaway, NE (HLC)

Roundtree, Tommy of Parks, NE (HLC)

Rowe, Michael of Platte Center, NE (HLC)

Ruge, Marian of Greeley, CO (HLC)

Runty, Edward of De Witt, NE (HLC)

Russell, Walter of Palmyra, WI (HLC)

Ruth, Barton of Rising City, NE (HLC)

Rutt, Matthew of Wahoo, NE (C)

Saalfeld, Kelly of Omaha, NE (HLC)

Sachau, Renee of Choctaw, OK (HLC)

Sackschewsky, Wayne of York, NE (HLC)

Saeger, Janet of Fremont, NE (HLC)

Sahs, Roger of Stillwater, OK (HLC)

Salisbury, Monte of North Platte, NE (HLC)

Sammet, Donald and Janice of Lincoln, NE (C, A)

Sanchez, German of Louisville, KY (HLC)

Sandall, Keith of Firth, NE (HLC)

Sandberg, Steven of Hay Springs, NE (HLC)

Sandell, Cary of Malcolm, NE (HLC)

Sander, Daryl of Platte Center, NE (HLC)

Sander, Kip of Lakeville, MN (HLC)

Sanders, Ronald of Lincoln, NE (HLC, S)

Sandoz, Michael of Twin Bridges, MT (HLC)

Sayer, Leroy of Clay Center, NE (HLC)

Schaefer, Brenda of Boca Raton, FL (HLC)

Schaffert, Ronald of Park Ridge, IL (HLC)

Schardt, Lowell of Wayne, NE (HLC)

Scharf, John of Curtis, NE (HLC)

Schelkopf, Scott of Geneva, NE (HLC)

Schellpeper, Caroline of Kansas City, MO (HLC)

Schendt, James of Newell, IA (HLC)

Schilling, William of Oxford, OH (HLC)

Schinstock, Jack of Lincoln, NE (L)

Schinzel, Gary of Phoenix, AZ (HLC)

Schipporeit, Otto of Ainsworth, NE (HLC)

Schlake, Delferd of Blue Springs, NE (HLC)

Schleif, Kristi of Osceola, NE (HLC)

Schlesselman, Robert of Belton, MO (HLC)

Schliefert, Merv and Bev of Kearney, NE (HLC, S)

Schliep, Marvin of Fairfield, NE (HLC)

Schlothauer, Darcy of Gering, NE (HLC)

Schluckebier, Lynn of Seward, NE (HLC)

Schmall, Gregory of Bayard, NE (HLC)

Schmelzer, Douglas of Ulysses, KS (HLC)

Schmer, Robert of Wahoo, NE (HLC)

Schmid, John of Bellwood, NE (HLC, S)

Schmid, Luke of Manhattan, KS (C)

Schmidt, Kenneth of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Schmidt, Walter of Fremont, OH (HLC)

Schmit, Harry of Bellwood, NE (HLC)

Schmit, Keith of Rising City, NE (HLC)

Schmitz, John of Wichita, KS (HLC)

Schneemeyer, Russell of Liberty, MO (HLC)

Schneider, William of Greeley, CO (HLC)

Schoenbeck, Warren of Western, NE (HLC)

Schoenleber, Paul of Reno, NV (HLC)

Schoenrock, Mark of Littleton, CO (HLC)

Scholz, Michael of Crete, NE (HLC)

Schoon, Jennifer of White River, SD (HLC)

Schott, Harlan of Vermillion, SD (HLC)

Schrader, Mary of Benkelman, NE (C, A)

Schroeder, Charles of Edmond, OK (HLC)

Schroeder, Dennis of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Schroeder, Mark and Debra of West Point, NE (HLC, S)

Schroeder, Philip of Bloomfield, NE (HLC)

Schroeder, Ted of Riley, KS (HLC)

Schuchardt, Richard of Fairfax Station, VA (HLC)

Schultz, Dale of Hastings, NE (HLC, S)

Schultz, Karen of Scottsbluff, NE (HLC)

Schultz, Russell of Grand Island, NE (HLC)

Schulz, Steven of Bennington, NE (HLC, S)

Schuster, Scott of Phillips, NE (HLC)

Schuster, William of Phillips, NE (HLC)

Schwartz, Eugene of Holdrege, NE (HLC)

Schwarz, Thomas of Bertrand, NE (HLC)

Seberger, Cynthia of Marshalltown, IA (HLC)

Seevers, Kurt of Elkhorn, NE (A)

Seil, Brent of Sun City, AZ (HLC)

Selk, Gene of Omaha, NE (HLC)

Serr, Thomas of Newport, NE (HLC)

Settje, Dean of Raymond, NE (HLC)

Sevcik, Edwin of Casper, WY (HLC)

Shafer, Jack of Grand Island, NE (HLC)

Shapiro, Charles of Concord, NE (HLC, S)

Sherbeck-Moore, Julie of Aurora, CO (HLC)

Shinn, Douglas of Dunning, NE (HLC)

Shinn, Richard of Dunning, NE (HLC, S)

Shires, Thomas of Greeley, CO (HLC)

Shires, Warder of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Shotkoski, Kristine of Omaha, NE (HLC)

Sibbel, Richard of Ankeny, IA (HLC)

Sibert, Anthony and Sarah of Sycamore, IL (C)

Sibert, Frank and Shirley of Valentine, NE (HLC, S)

Siegel, Bill of Morrill, NE (HLC)

Siffring, Edwin of Ulysses, NE (HLC)

Simmons, Rex of Valentine, NE (HLC)

Sindt, Michael of Scottsbluff, NE (HLC)

Sindt, Roger of Omaha, NE (HLC, S)

Sintek, Steven of North Loup, NE (HLC)

Sjogren, Donald of Funk, NE (HLC)

Skinner, Cari of Wichita, KS (HLC)

Skinner, John of Omaha, NE (HLC)

Skrdla, Willis of Ames, IA (HLC)

Slaughter, Mark of Ogallala, NE (HLC)

Slezak, Gerald of Milligan, NE (HLC)

Sloup, Frank of Sioux Center, IA (HLC)

Smedra, Kenneth of Loup City, NE (HLC)

Smisek, Kenneth of Saint Charles, MO (HLC)

Smith, Dale of Sun City, AZ (HLC)

Smith, James and Arlene of Springfield, NE (HLC, S)

Smith, John of University Park, PA (HLC)

Smith, Mark of Atlantic, IA (HLC)

Smith, Neal of Walnut, IA (HLC)

Smith, Roy of Plattsmouth, NE (HLC)

Smith, Todd of Columbia, SC (HLC)

Snethen, Harold of Humboldt, NE (HLC)

Snide, Jerry of Valley, NE (HLC)

Snyder, David of Lead, SD (HLC)

Sodhi, Charanjit of Tumwater, WA (HLC)

Softley, Dale of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Softley, Donald of Grant, NE (HLC)

Soneson, Michael of Holdrege, NE (HLC)

Sorensen, Brian of Bancroft, NE (HLC)

Sorensen, Carol of Omaha, NE (HLC)

Sortino, Matthew of Bellevue, NE (HLC)

Soukup, Chad of Austin, MN (HLC)

Soukup, Roberta of ONeill, NE (HLC)

Spangler, Mark of Murray, NE (HLC)

Sparks, Gregory of Rockford, IL (HLC)

Specht, James of Omaha, NE (HLC)

Spencer, Dale of Brewster, NE (HLC)

Spohn, Scott and Katherine of Lincoln, NE (C, A)

Stage, David of Elkhorn, NE (HLC)

Stalder, Merle of Falls City, NE (HLC)

Stam, Jerome of Cincinnati, OH (HLC)

Stamm, Dennis of York, NE (HLC)

Stanton, Rick of Fairbury, NE (HLC)

Starck, Philip of Louisville, TN (HLC, S)

Staudenmaier, Susan of Urbandale, IA (HLC)

Steadman, James of Lincoln, NE (C, A)

Steinberg, Richard of Normal, IL (HLC)

Stenberg, David of Lexington, NE (HLC)

Stevens, Gary of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Stewart, Marci of Holdrege, NE (HLC)

Stichweh, Pamela of Kansas City, MO (HLC)

Stiefel, Harlan of Denton, NE (HLC)

Stiffler, Daniel of Parker, CO (HLC)

Stine, Kimberli of Dwight, NE (HLC)

Stock, David of Murdock, NE (HLC)

Stohs, Jill of Durham, NC (HLC)

Stoller, Ronald of Las Vegas, NV (HLC)

Stoltenberg, Jeri of Gering, NE (HLC)

Stowell, Bill of Orleans, MA (HLC)

Stroup, Walt of Lincoln, NE (C)

Struempler, Arthur of Fort Collins, CO (HLC)

Stuart, Bruce of Lexington, NE (HLC)

Stubbendieck, James of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Stuber, Charles of Raleigh, NC (HLC)

Studnicka, Robert of Holdrege, NE (HLC)

Stuhr, Boyd of Bradshaw, NE (HLC)

Stuhr Jr., Boyd of Bradshaw, NE (HLC)

Stuthman, Deon of Saint Paul, MN (HLC)

Suddarth, Zachery of York, NE (HLC)

Sughroue, Timothy of McCook, NE (HLC)

Sukup, Charles of Osmond, NE (HLC)

Sundberg, Mark of Arlington, NE (HLC)

Svec, Leroy of Seward, NE (HLC)

Svik, Jeffrey of Kirkland, WA (HLC)

Svoboda, Jason of Ord, NE (HLC)

Svoboda, Jeana of NULL, NULL (HLC)

Svoboda, Rudolph of Yutan, NE (HLC)

Swanson, Donald of Lexington, NE (HLC)

Swanson, E. Burnell of Sergeant Bluff, IA (HLC)

Swanson, Jon of Malmo, NE (HLC)

Swanson, Loren of Gretna, NE (HLC)

Swanson, Robert of Wilcox, NE (HLC)

Swanstrom, Dennis of Omaha, NE (HLC)

Swartz, Mike and Rosalee of Lincoln, NE (C, A)

Sweat, Robert and Barbara of Fort Collins, CO (HLC, S)

Swift, Lloyd of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Swoboda, Donald of Bowling Green, KY (HLC, S)

Tank, Mickey of Scribner, NE (HLC)

Tao, Helen of Colorado Springs, CO (HLC)

Taylor, Daryl of Alliance, NE (HLC)

Taylor, Zachary of Ames, NE (C, A)

Taylor Jr., D. of Alliance, NE (HLC)

Tebbe, Sarah of Pratt, KS (HLC)

Tejral, Leroy of Beatrice, NE (HLC)

Terpsma, Loyd of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Thayer, Ernest of Rancho Mirage, CA (HLC)

Theobald, Dale of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Thomas, Gene of Fairbury, NE (HLC)

Thompson, Brian of Sutherland, NE (HLC)

Thompson, Charles of Brimfield, IL (C)

Thompson, Marvin of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Thomssen, Darrel of Kansas City, MO (HLC)

Thomssen, Eli of Kalamazoo, MI (HLC, S)

Thorberg, Allen of Petersburg, NE (HLC)

Thorberg, Brock of Lincoln, NE (A)

Thornburg, Mark of Papillion, NE (HLC)

Thurber, Eric of Menlo Park, CA (HLC)

Thurber, Thomas of Roca, NE (HLC)

Thurman, Ronald of Bryson City, NC (HLC)

Tichy, Fred of Hammonton, NJ (HLC)

Timmerman, Bill of Papillion, NE (HLC)

Toalson, Dennis of Kansas City, MO (HLC)

Tolman, Ralph of Savannah, GA (HLC)

Tolstedt, Brad of San Francisco, CA (HLC)

Tomek, William of Ithaca, NY (HLC)

Tomka, Kevin of Overland Park, KS (HLC)

Tompkins, Neil of Inman, NE (HLC)

Tomsen, Charles of Minden, NE (HLC)

Toops, Dale of Abilene, TX (HLC)

Torpin, Richard of Walton, NE (HLC)

Trausch, Bernard of Hastings, NE (HLC)

Trautwein, Laurie of Falun, KS (HLC)

Treffer, Bruce of Cozad, NE (HLC)

Tremain, Charles of Reno, NV (HLC)

Trenkle, Gary of Scottsbluff, NE (HLC)

Tresnak, Daniel of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Tripple, Harvey of Littleton, CO (HLC)

Tsuji, Chester of Fairfax, VA (HLC)

Turek, Robert of Holdrege, NE (HLC, S)

Turnbull, Samuel of Phoenix, AZ (HLC)

Turner, Douglas of Grant, NE (HLC)

Turner, James and Rita of Chester, VA (HLC, S)

Turner, Steven of Trumbull, NE (HLC)

Uden, Craig of Lexington, NE (HLC)

Uehling, Homer of Oakland, NE (HLC)

Uehling, Jay of Oakland, NE (HLC)

Uhrenholdt, Richard of Elgin, NE (HLC)

Uhrig, Craig and Charmaine of Minatare, NE (HLC, S)

Uhrig, Rodney of Omaha, NE (HLC)

Uldrich, Jules of Earlville, IA (HLC)

Ulmer, Richard of Saint Louis, MO (HLC)

Umberger, William of Elwood, NE (HLC)

Upton, Steven of Germantown, MD (HLC)

Utemark, Norval and Sharon of West Point, NE (HLC)

Vagts, Dale of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Vallario, Bette of Lake Mary, FL (HLC)

Van Groningen, Jerry of Sutton, NE (HLC)

Van Vleck, Dale of Lincoln, NE (HLC, S)

Vaughn, Rodney of Fort Thompson, SD (HLC)

Vavricek, Gordon of Scribner, NE (HLC)

Vech, Steven of Ord, NE (HLC)

Verbeck, Mark of Alva, FL (HLC)

Verstraeten, Ingrid of Seward, NE (HLC)

Vinduska, Lynn of Plattsmouth, NE (HLC)

Vinton, Steven of Brady, NE (HLC)

Visek, Willard and Priscilla of Champaign, IL (HLC, S)

Vitosh, Michael of Odell, NE (HLC)

Vogel, Kenneth of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Vogt, Henry of Gothenburg, NE (HLC, S)

Voigt, Robert of Tucson, AZ (HLC)

Voigt, Steven of Kearney, NE (HLC)

Volker, Keith of Firth, NE (HLC)

Von Bargen, Kenneth of Lincoln, NE (A)

Voss, Beth of Lincoln, NE (C)

Voss, Gary and Susan of Lincoln, NE (C, A)

Voss, Megan of Hebron, NE (C)

Voss, Ronald of Esparto, CA (HLC, S)

Voyles Jr., Norman of Martinsville, IN (HLC)

Wabs, Larry of Page, NE (HLC)

Wach, Loran of Wauneta, NE (HLC)

Wacker, Daryl of Ottawa, KS (HLC)

Wadell, Donald of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Wadell, Marvin of Stromsburg, NE (HLC)

Wadzinski, Michael of Sioux City, IA (HLC)

Wake III, Thomas of Burwell, NE (HLC)

Wakefield, James of ONeill, NE (HLC)

Waldo, Max of De Witt, NE (HLC)

Waldo, Willard of DeWitt, NE (HLC)

Walker, Carly of Alma, NE (C, A)

Walker, Stanley of Scottsbluff, NE (HLC)

Walla, Lori of Alliance, NE (HLC)

Wallen, Stanley of Beaver Springs, PA (HLC, S)

Waller, Steven and Jessie of Lincoln, NE (HLC, S)

Waller, Timothy of Holdrege, NE (HLC)

Wallpe, Glenda of Indianapolis, IN (HLC)

Ward, Raymond of Kearney, NE (HLC)

Warday, Daryl of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Wardell, Richard of Blair, NE (HLC)

Warner, Ervin of Arapahoe, NE (HLC)

Wasem, Chelsey of Aurora, NE (C)

Watermeier, Daniel of Syracuse, NE (HLC)

Watermeier, Gene and Lois of Unadilla, NE (HLC, S)

Weber, Robert of Dorchester, NE (HLC)

Wehrbein, Roger of Plattsmouth, NE (HLC)

Wehrman, John of Derby, KS (HLC)

Weiss, Rodney of Lenexa, KS (HLC)

Welch, Louis of Richland, NE (HLC, S)

Welch, Samuel of Richland, NE (HLC)

Welch, Vern of Elkhorn, NE (HLC)

Wellman, Allen of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Wells, Dennis of Grand Island, NE (HLC)

Wells, Kent of Grand Island, NE (HLC)

Werner, Mark of Davenport, NE (HLC)

Wertz, Charles of Lebanon, PA (HLC, S)

Wertz, Wendell of Trenton, NE (HLC)

Wesely, Elden of Oakland, NE (HLC)

Wheeler, Timothy of Appleton, WI (HLC)

White, Gary of Dickinsen, ND (L)

White, Marcia of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

White, Richard of York, NE (HLC)

White, Wayne of Rio Rancho, NM (HLC)

Whiteley, Gary of Geneva, NE (HLC)

Whitmore, Gregory of Shelby, NE (HLC)

Wichman, Daniel of Pender, NE (HLC)

Wiedenfeld, Mark of Hartington, NE (HLC)

Wielechowski, Wendy of Overland Park, KS (A)

Wiens, Dana of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Wiens, Glen and Jeannette of Ayr, NE (HLC, S)

Wiens, Melvin of Kearney, NE (HLC)

Wietjes, Craig of Riverdale, NE (HLC)

Wiggans, Samuel of Grand Isle, VT (HLC, S)

Wilcox, Carl of Haxtun, CO (HLC)

Wilhite, Don and Myra of Lincoln, NE (C, A, S)

Wilke, Bryice of Panora, IA (HLC)

Wilke, Greg of North Platte, NE (HLC)

Wilke, Mark of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Willets, William of Lexington, NE (HLC)

Williams, Blair of Ainsworth, NE (HLC)

Williams, Gabrielle of Westland, MI (HLC)

Willoughby, John of Wood River, NE (HLC)

Wilmes, Michael of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Wilson, Jack of Clarks, NE (HLC)

Wilson, James of Coeur D Alene, ID (HLC)

Wilson, John of Craig, NE (HLC)

Wilton, Daryl of York, NE (HLC)

Wilton, Dennis of Overland Park, KS (HLC)

Wilton, Ronald of Sioux Falls, SD (HLC)

Winans, Julie of Decatur, IN (HLC)

Winkelmann, Donald of Santa Fe, NM (HLC)

Winter, Teresa of Bradshaw, NE (HLC)

Winz, Douglas of Holdrege, NE (HLC, S)

Wirth, Gerald of Nebraska City, NE (HLC)

Wirth, John of Littleton, CO (HLC)

Wiser, Michael of Holdrege, NE (HLC)

Wisner, Robin of Fort Dodge, IA (HLC)

Wissenburg, Gene of Newman Grove, NE (HLC, S)

Witte, George of North Platte, NE (HLC)

Witte, LaRee of Madison, WI (HLC)

Wittler, Delmar of Loveland, CO (HLC)

Wittler, Kathy of Omaha, NE (A, S)

Wittmuss, John of Clarinda, IA (HLC)

Woeppel, Edward of Firth, NE (HLC)

Woerman, Robert of Brandon, SD (HLC, S)

Wolfe, Bruce of Fairfield, NE (HLC)

Wood, Wayne and Marsha of Longmont, CO (HLC, S)

Woolsey Jr., George of Grand Junction, CO (HLC)

Woolsey Sr., George of Inland, NE (HLC, S)

Woten, Ray of Potter, NE (HLC)

Wrich, Henry of Kennard, NE (HLC)

Wright, Claude of Scottsbluff, NE (HLC)

Wusk, Carol of Sterling, NE (C, A)

Yaeger, Charles of Pleasant Dale, NE (HLC)

Yapp Jr., Rockford of Houston, TX (HLC)

Yeutter, Clayton of Potomac, MD (HLC)

Yost, Kevin of Windsor, CO (HLC)

Young, Loyd and Darlene of Seward, NE (HLC, S)

Young, Terry of Callaway, NE (HLC)

Zabel, Steven of Fairbury, NE (HLC)

Zart, Wesley of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Zentner, James of Shubert, NE (HLC)

Zentner, Lee of Shubert, NE (HLC)

Zillig, Paul of Lincoln, NE (HLC)

Zimmerman, Leroy of Tucson, AZ (HLC)

Zink, Roger of Indianola, NE (HLC)

Zuhlke, Alden of Brunswick, NE (HLC)

Zumbrunn, Allan of Belgrade, NE (HLC)

Zweifel, Thomas of Maryville, MO (HLC)