Kleis International Kiosk

This site is named in honor of Dr. Robert and Beatrice Kleis who have been pioneers in supporting study abroad experiences for College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources students. Its purpose is to provide resources for students as they ponder international travel adventures. Furthermore, consider these ideas:
· Study abroad is the best way to get an international education in today’s increasingly diverse and internationalized society and economy.
· Employers are looking for people with experience and knowledge above and beyond their area of study.
· Discover a foreign country.

The following websites may be used in researching study abroad opportunities:
· www.educationabroad.unl.edu/ (or, visit 420 University Terrace on City Campus, 472-5358)
· www.iiepassport.org
· www.studyabroad.com
· www.agstudyabroad.iastate.edu/
· www.goabroad.com
· www.UMabroad.umn.edu

These websites refer to agricultural issues around the world.
· U.S. State Department background information about various countries
· Consultative group in international agricultural research
· U.S. Foreign Agricultural Service
· Worldwatch

These websites will help you prepare for study abroad.
· Get a Passport
· International Travel Information
· Currency Converter

These websites will help you with background on other countries.
· CIA World Factbook
· U.S. State Department background information about various countries

Faculty Information.
· Fulbright Experience