Deans List L-R

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The College recognizes students for academic achievement during the fall and spring semesters by placement on the College Dean’s List. This list is alphabetical by last name.

This is not a complete list. Students with restrictions on their records regarding sharing their information outside the university will not appear. Hometown, major, and class standing are available with the UNL News Release.

We are no longer indicating a 4.0 grade point average (GPA).

Students must complete 12 credit hours of course work (courses must be started and completed in one semester) by the census date of the grade reports and attain a minimum semester GPA of 3.700.

The following do not qualify as part of the 12 credit hours:

  • pass/no pass credit
  • transfer hours
  • removals of incompletes
  • grade changes submitted after the census grade reports
Last Name First NameMajorCity State
Lackas Seth Mechanized Systems Management Carroll NE
Lagerstrom Ian Biochemistry Lincoln NE
Lallman Luke Agribusiness Omaha NE
Lammers Chad Plant Biology Hartington NE
Larsen Seth Agronomy Kearney NE
LeCuyer Jonathan Mechanized Systems Management Columbus NE
Lee Sandra Fisheries and Wildlife Omaha NE
Lee Sue Mae Food Science and Technology Puchong SL
Leichty Christian Agribusiness Giltner NE
Leisy Eric Agricultural Economics Wisner NE
Lewis Erica Food Science and Technology West Point NE
Li Chunjiang Biochemistry Perrysburg OH
Likens Katlyn Agricultural Education Swanton NE
Liu Zixiang Food Science and Technology Lincoln NE
Lockman Devon Animal Science Norfolk NE
Lofdahl Taylor Agricultural Education Omaha NE
Long Emily Agricultural Journalism Springfield NE
Loseke Elisabeth Animal Science Columbus NE
Loseke Benjamin Agricultural Economics Monroe NE
Ludwig Coy Agribusiness Muskego WI
Lundberg Benjamin Biochemistry Lincoln NE
Lundvall Alexandria Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Communication Wallace NE
Luteran Petra Food Science and Technology Szarliget Hun.
Lutz Elizabeth Horticulture Grand Island NE
Lux Therese Food Science and Technology Norfolk NE
Maher Bryce Fisheries and Wildlife Gretna NE
Marcy Sarah Forensic Science Fargo ND
Martindale Alissa Animal Science Gretna NE
Mbarushimana Jean Claude Integrated Science Kigali Rwanda
McCandless Stewart Kyana Pre-Veterinary Medicine Broken Bow NE
McClellan Cody Agronomy Palmer NE
McDonald Troy Mechanized Systems Management Phillips NE
McGuire Madison Pre-Veterinary Medicine Lincoln NE
McIntosh Maya Veterinary Science Lincoln NE
McIntyre Kerstin Agricultural Economics Odell NE
Miller Shalyn General - CASNR Norfolk NE
Miller Michael Plant Biology Overland Park KS
Miller Brent Agribusiness Lyons NE
Misfeldt Madeline Animal Science Blair NE
Moncrief Karmin Hospitality, Restaurant and Tourism Management Kearney NE
Montgomery Rhett Agribusiness Cozad NE
Mosel Cassie Applied Science North Platte NE
Mugabekazi Besta Integrated Science Kigali Rwanda
Muhikira Ntwali Gislain Integrated Science Lincoln NE
Muhlbach Jared Mechanized Systems Management Ravenna NE
Muhoza Elvis Integrated Science Kigali Rwanda
Musayidizi Polly Integrated Science Kigali Rwanda
Musil Andrew Turfgrass and Landscape Management Lincoln NE
Mutuyemungu Erasme Integrated Science Kigali Rwanda
Muyirate Hubert Integrated Science Kigali Rwanda
Mwiseneza Gloria Integrated Science Kigali Rwanda
Myers Jennifer Plant Biology Sidney NE
NDATIRA Jean d'Amour Integrated Science Kigali Rwanda
Ndayishimiye Bonheur Integrated Science Kigali Rwanda
Ndenga Didier Integrated Science Kigali Rwanda
Nduwamungu Joshua John Integrated Science Kigali Rwanda
Nelson Karli Hospitality, Restaurant and Tourism Management Bertrand NE
Nelson Sierra Agribusiness Hickman NE
Nelson Kurt Agribusiness Kearney NE
Ness KateLynn Agricultural Education Fremont NE
Neujahr Ashley Agricultural Education Lincoln NE
Newby Jessa Forensic Science Lincoln NE
Nguyen Duy Hospitality, Restaurant and Tourism Management Lincoln NE
Nguyen Nghi Biochemistry Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam
Nguyen Troy Environmental Studies Lincoln NE
Nichols Brandon Agricultural Economics Bridgeport NE
Nienhueser Tanner Agricultural Economics Sidney NE
Niyirora Clement Integrated Science Kigali Rwanda
Niyongira Ferdinand Integrated Science Rwanda Rwanda
Nkurikiye Eric Integrated Science Kigali Rwanda
Noble Spencer Animal Science Albion NE
Noble James Agribusiness Grand Island NE
Nuehring Caleb Agribusiness Plainview NE
Nyabami Precious Valentine Integrated Science Kigali Rwanda
O'Neill Hannah Biochemistry Lincoln NE
Ocken Colleen Horticulture Lincoln NE
Olson Jayde Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Communication Lincoln NE
Oltman Brett Agribusiness Pickrell NE
Oney Ella Biochemistry Fort Calhoun NE
Otte Jonah Agricultural Economics York NE
Otto Alexandrea Animal Science Omaha NE
Overman Alexis Forensic Science Omaha NE
Palamim Lucas Agricultural Economics Lincoln NE
Pandorf Felicia Animal Science Shelby NE
Paxton Jesse Animal Science Stapleton NE
Peck Lauren Forensic Science Superior CO
Petersen Bryan Applied Climate Science Herman NE
Peterson Sara Animal Science Tallahassee FL
Pfeifer Natalie Hospitality, Restaurant and Tourism Management Grand Island NE
Polenz Luke Microbiology Papillion NE
Polivanov Alexis Fisheries and Wildlife Gretna NE
Polzkill Suzanne Natural Resource and Environmental Economics Central City NE
Preissler Nicholas Agronomy Giltner NE
Preister Jeremy Agronomy Genoa NE
Preister Austin Mechanized Systems Management Newman Grove NE
Quinn Hunter PGA Golf Management Oxford NE
Radil John Agricultural Economics Comstock NE
Reicks Rebecca Animal Science Petersburg NE
Reinsch Brittney Agricultural Economics Geneva NE
Rempe Maggie Forensic Science Lincoln NE
Renfro Cecil Plant Biology Lincoln NE
Reuter Megan Animal Science Norfolk NE
Rezac Shannon Food Science and Technology Fremont NE
Ries Jason Horticulture Malcolm NE
Riggle Kara Animal Science Endicott NE
Riggs Shelby Agricultural Economics Mitchell SD
Ripa Anna Natural Resource and Environmental Economics Lincoln NE
Ripp Railen Animal Science Kearney NE
Roan Erika Environmental Studies Humphrey NE
Robbins Kara Animal Science Aurora SD
Robbins Derek Veterinary Science Flint TX
Rodriguez Anna Animal Science Grand Island NE
Romans Adam Environmental Restoration Science Lincoln NE
Roth Kathleen Veterinary Science Deshler NE
Rothchild Sarah Fisheries and Wildlife Lincoln NE
Rugamba Tania Integrated Science Kigali Rwanda
Ruge Tyler Fisheries and Wildlife Walthill NE
Ruhinda Tonny Integrated Science Kigali Rwanda
Rule Kristen Veterinary Science LaVista NE
Rutledge James Fisheries and Wildlife Dallas TX
Sarik Robin Biochemistry Lincoln NE
Sayers Jessilyn Animal Science Clarkson NE
Schardt Joel Agricultural Economics Carleton NE
Scheitel Lane Agribusiness Rulo NE
Schellpeper Sarah Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Communication Williamsburg VA
Schilousky Bryce Fisheries and Wildlife Cedar Rapids NE
Schlake Madison Hospitality, Restaurant and Tourism Management Fairbury NE
Schleisman Megan Pre-Veterinary Medicine Omaha NE
Schmidt Jessica Veterinary Science Gothenburg NE
Schmit Ashley Animal Science Randolph NE
Scholting Mirissa Agricultural Education Louisville NE
Schulte Brenna Biochemistry Auburn NE
Schumacher Seth Mechanized Systems Management Petersburg NE
Schweiss Jenna Fisheries and Wildlife Pierre SD
Schwenka Madison Forensic Science Hastings NE
Schwinghammer Madeleine Environmental Studies Cologne MN
Settje Hannah Animal Science Raymond NE
Settje Zachary Agribusiness Raymond NE
Sheets Logan Agricultural Economics Gothenburg NE
Sheja Kabanda Herve Integrated Science Kigali Rwanda
Shi Zhongzhou Food Science and Technology Lincoln NE
Shipman Justin Applied Science Guide Rock NE
Sieck Renae Agricultural Education Martell NE
Simbi Mvuyekure Rene Francis Integrated Science Kigali Rwanda
Sindelar Christina Animal Science Wisner NE
Sindelar London Hospitality, Restaurant and Tourism Management Pierce NE
Smith Scott Agribusiness Marquette NE
Smith Chandler Biochemistry Bellevue NE
Sorensen Rachel Animal Science Plainview NE
Sousek Kara Horticulture Prague NE
Spencer Jacy Agricultural Economics Brewster NE
Stansbury Sydney Forensic Science Evergreen CO
Stejskal Alexander Natural Resource and Environmental Economics Lincoln NE
Stephens Trey Agronomy Greeley CO
Stevenson Elizabeth Agricultural Education Omaha NE
Strand Nicole Fisheries and Wildlife Wauneta NE
Suarez Chloe Animal Science Bentonville AR
Suddarth Grant Agricultural Economics York NE
Sullivan Mitchell Biochemistry Hickman NE
Svoboda Cade Food Science and Technology Ord NE
Svoboda Melissa Veterinary Science Rising City NE
Tank Nicole Veterinary Science North Canton OH
Taylor Kaitlin Agricultural Education Holdrege NE
Taylor Lauren Hospitality, Restaurant and Tourism Management Mead NE
Teten Samantha Agronomy Johnson NE
Thielen Timothy Forensic Science Fremont NE
Thomas Ryley Environmental Studies Lincoln NE
Tobin Alexandra Food Science and Technology Chicago IL
Truax Shaylee Agricultural Education Davey NE
TRUE Michael Fisheries and Wildlife Lincoln NE
Turatsinze Ferdinand Integrated Science Kigali Rwanda
Tuyishime Maurice Integrated Science Kigali Rwanda
Tuyishimire Esdras Integrated Science Kigali Rwanda
Tuyizere Olivier Integrated Science Kigali Rwanda
Uehling Grant Applied Science Oakland NE
Uhlig Lauren Fisheries and Wildlife Omaha NE
Umuhoza Liliane Integrated Science Kigali Rwanda
Usanase Oscaline Integrated Science Kigali Rwanda
Uwase Joviale Integrated Science Kigali Rwanda
Uwineza Christian Integrated Science Rwamagana Rwanda
Uwonkunda Marie Ange Integrated Science Kigali Rwanda
Valasek Kara Animal Science Palmer NE
Vandenberg Curt Fisheries and Wildlife Valparaiso NE
Vercesi Bethlem Isadora Agricultural Economics Piracicaba Brazil
Vieth Kelby Pre-Veterinary Medicine Grand Island NE
Vinton Bethany Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Communication Mullen NE
Vlach Allison Biochemistry Topeka KS
Vogel Erich Biochemistry Hastings NE
Von Seggern Morgan Horticulture Wisner NE
Vorderstrasse Chance Grassland Ecology and Management Glenvil NE
Wach Andrea Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Communication Wauneta NE
Wacker Paige Agronomy Wayne NE
Wagar Rebekah Fisheries and Wildlife Fargo ND
Waldo Thomas Agricultural Economics Lincoln NE
Wallin Parker Mechanized Systems Management Newman Grove NE
Wallman Jeffrey Biochemistry Filley NE
Walrath Joeli Animal Science Ashton NE
Wasielewski Monica Agricultural Education Bushnell NE
Weber Lindsay Agribusiness Cook NE
Weber Cordell PGA Golf Management Welcome MN
Wehrbein Joshua Agronomy Lincoln NE
Weissend Madelaine Biochemistry Overland Park KS
Wellman Lexus Fisheries and Wildlife Blair NE
Wheeler Shawna Agricultural Education Wood Lake NE
Wiens Camryn Animal Science York NE
Wiese Evan Agribusiness Grand Island NE
Wietjes Bryan Agronomy Riverdale NE
Wildman Samuel Mechanized Systems Management Lincoln NE
Wilhelm Kevin Veterinary Science Omaha NE
Williams Jacob Agricultural Economics Potter NE
Williamson Nathan Biochemistry Lincoln NE
Winters Emma Animal Science Omaha NE
Wittler JNan Animal Science Fairbury NE
Woita Nicole Animal Science Valparaiso NE
Woita Brandi Agronomy Valparaiso NE
Wojtalewicz Kyla Pre-Veterinary Medicine St. Paul NE
Wollenburg Sarah Agricultural Education Beatrice NE
Woolridge Ashleigh Animal Science Bellevue NE
Xiao Wen Biochemistry Ganzhou China
Zach Samuel Agronomy Humphrey NE
Ziegler Bailey Animal Science Saint Paul NE
Zimmerman Kara Agribusiness Unadilla NE
Zoucha Justin Agronomy Schuyler NE
Zwiener Mackenzie Fisheries and Wildlife Lincoln NE