Graduate Students

Food Science student working in lab
Graduate Study in CASNR

Graduate Study in CASNR.

Extend your education by working side-by-side with faculty recognized worldwide for their innovation and creativity.

CASNR at UNL provides you the opportunity to further investigate the world through the lens of science. It is at the very core of what we do and it is at the core of our 14 Ph.D. programs and 15 Masters programs.

Paying for Graduate Study

Continuing your education in any field requires an investment. In CASNR, we help you minimize your financial investment through fellowships and assistantships.


Over 1,700 assistantship appointments are made by departments during an academic year. Most assistantships include tuition remission during the semester of appointment and may include tuition remission for the summer. Assistantships for summer may also be available.

The assistantships are competitively awarded and typically require 13 to 20 hours of service per week. Graduate assistants are required to register during the fall and spring semesters if employed during that time, but not in the summer.



Graduate students newly admitted to UNL degree programs are eligible for several fellowships. All of these fellowships are awarded by or through the academic departments, with no separate fellowship application forms for new students to complete. Because departments make nominations for some of the fellowships by mid-February, and many departments begin reviewing applications by January 15, it is important that your Application for Admission be completed as early as possible.

Contact your admitting department for further information regarding fellowships that might be available to you.