Jud Hoffschneider

Jud Hoffschneider

Sporting events stick out in my mind right away when I think of my memorable experiences here at UNL. The Men’s basketball game when Nebraska beat Wisconsin to seal our trip to the first NCAA tournament since 1998, that was an awesome experience to witness. The football game when Nebraska beat Ohio State to pull of the biggest comeback in school history. It was also the first Big Ten game at Memorial Stadium.

I chose CASNR because of the opportunities that the Ag Econ department offered me. It is evident the strong connections with business in Nebraska, and these connections have helped me to get both of my internships. The professors here have taught many business leaders throughout the state and we can see the level of expertise that they bring to the table. Those connections to alumni also bring a real life aspect to our classes as many come and share their experiences.

The best part of CASNR is that we have many opportunities with classes, internships, and alumni while still having a close nit community on East Campus. It feels like a small town when you can walk across campus and usually run into someone you know. The professors take the time to get to know you and to take an interest in your success as a student.

I have had many who I have gotten to know on a personal basis and they have helped me to learn and grow throughout college. Many professors on campus have encouraged me to get involved and make the most of my college experience.

Career services and my classes have helped me to learn the expertise that I will need once I graduate. The internships that I had have helped me to make the connection from the knowledge that I am learning in class to the real world application of the knowledge. I feel that my ag finance class and many others in the department have prepared me to enter the workforce when I graduate next year. 

I feel some kids at UNL are sometimes apprehensive to step out and to get involved in organizations right off the bat. I feel that was one of the best steps that I took was to get involved in clubs on campus and organizations off campus to develop the essential job skills outside the classroom.

I participated in the Ag Econ/Agribusiness Club, Husker Food Connection and agricultural advocacy event on campus, and Nebraska Agricultural Youth Council where we help promote agriculture and host a summer conference. Agriculture Future of America is a conference where I have developed professional and leadership skills that will help me years after I graduate. As a College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources-Ambassador, we help give tours and promote CASNR, and Ag Econ Ambassador where we have helped to promote the Ag Econ Department. 

I feel CASNR offers the best experiences that a student can ask for. CASNR is leading cutting edge innovation within agriculture and is one of the only land grant schools that actually is growing in facility size and planning for improvement in the future. With innovation campus, renovations around campus, and business partnerships; if you want to be at the cutting edge of your profession CASNR is where you need to be. This state is invested in their University while in other states you may see a separate state university, here at UNL we are focusing in on one school. 

I have enjoyed getting to know people from all around the state who are passionate for agriculture, and will be the future leaders in this industry. As I have said earlier, CASNR is a close nit community where we all look out for each other and that is a comforting feeling coming into college.

Major:  Agribusiness
Year:  Graduated
Current Employer:  Cargill Animal Nutrition
Notable Activities:
  • President of Ag Econ/Agribusiness Club
  • CASNR Ambassador
  • Farm Credit Services of America Credit Underwriting Intern