Master of Applied Science (MAS) Degree Program

Admission Requirements

The College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (CASNR) guidelines for admittance to the Master of Applied science program are as follows:

  • Undergraduate degree in life sciences or an undergraduate degree (or higher) in related area, such as biological or physical science, and experience in one of the areas of study.
  • Undergrade coursework in basic sciences (biology and chemistry) and in agricultural appropriate to the area of concentration.
  • Sufficient evidence of academic ability, typically a 3.0 grade point average on a 4.0 scale.
  • Approval of the Master of Applied Science Graduate Committee and the Graduate College.

Provisional admission into the degree may be accorded by the Master of Applied Science Graduate Committee to accomodate diverse student backgrounds and needs; however, provisional admissions must include a detailed timetable for the student to move from provisional admission to full standing or to leave the degree. All admissions will follow Graduate College procedures, with admission contingent on acceptance by the Master of Applied Science Graduate Committee and the Dean of Graduate Studies.


  1. Complete the Office of Graduate Studies On-line Application (Degree Seeking):
  2. Submit the application fee to the Office of Graduate Studies
  3. Send official copy of transcripts from every institution you have previously attended to:

Office of Graduate Studies
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
1100 Seaton Hall
P.O. Box 880619
Lincoln, NE 68588-0619

Admissions Phone: 402-472-2878
Fax: 402-472-0589
Graduate Admissions Toll-Free: (800) 742-8800 ext. 2878
Graduate Admissions Email

4.  Three Letters of Recommendation upload to GAMES.

5.  A Letter of Intent including the following:

a. Explain why you want to pursue a Master of Applied Science degree.
b. Elucidate how obtaining this degree will help your personal, career, and/or professional goals.
c. What are you doing now that relates to this degree?
d.  What is your level of commitment to successful completion of the degree.
e.  Upload to Games

Degree Requirements

  • 36 credit hours of graduate course work (with 12 credit hours open exclusively to graduate credit);
  • at least 18 credit hours in an area of concentration (may be interdisciplinary), including a Degree Project; at least 9 credit hours must be completed in a secondary area of emphasis for breadth; to maximize flexibility, there are no core courses required;
  • a 3 to 6 credit hour Degree Project is required;
  • a comprehensive examination, either written and/or oral; the successful completion of the Degree Project, including examination by the Examining and Advisory Committee, may serve in lieu of a written comprehensive examination;
  • the final examination over the Degree Project and program of study is oral;
  • where appropriate, a professional competency or certification exam may be required as part of the final examination; and
  • not less than 50% of the course work, excluding Degree Project, of the minimum number of graduate credits required must be University of Nebraska-Lincoln credit.