CASNR Alumni Association Awards

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Achievement Award

Recognizes exemplary service to CASNR, CASNR Alumni Association or to Nebraska agriculture and natural resources in general.

  • Honoree must have completed a degree at CASNR.
  • Call for nominations due by November 1.
  • Presented spring semester at CASNR Week banquet.
Past Recipients
2018 Tom Hoegemeyer
2017 Dennis Boesiger
2016 Ben Steffen
2015 Rob Robinson
2014 Daryl Cisney
2013 Jon Pederson
2012 Dr. William Tomek
Spring 2011 Jim Kube
Fall 2010 Mike Jacobson
Spring 2010 Steve Kilpatrick
2009 Dr. Jim Pillen
2008 Keith and Doris Olsen
2007 Keith Heuermann
2006 Gerald Schuman
2006 Kelly Lechtenburg
2005 Barton D. Ruth
2003/2004 Raymond C. Ward
2002 Eugene Glock
2000 Elver Hodges
1999 Richard Goodding
1998 Dr. Wayne F. Keim
1997 Charles Stuber
1996 Charles O. Gardner
1995 Christain J. Johansen
1994 Robert O. Gingery
1993 Byron D. Sadle
1992 Robert D. Osler
1991 Henry M. Beachell
1990 Robert D. Webe
1990 Leonard Fleischer
1989 David Hutchinson
1989 Harold Stevens
1988 Gerald Beattie
1988 Gary Garey
1988 Ralph Knobel
1987 Robert Raun
1987 Weston Furrer
1986 Willard H. Waldo

Alumni Service Award

Recognizes outstanding service to CASNR and CASNRAA.

  • Recipient need not be an alumnus of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
  • Call for nominations due by November 1.
  • Presented spring semester at CASNR Week banquet.
Past Recipients
2018 Lee Harlan
2017 Barbara Cooksley
2016 Ann Bruntz
2015 Jack Schinstock
2014 Ernie Weyeneth
2013 Paul Horton
2013 Billie Lefholtz
2012 Stan Garbacz
2011 John Miller
2010 Lee Harlan
2009 Martin Massengale
2008 Greg Ibach
2007 John Owens
2006 Elizabeth Walter-Shea
2005 Darrel W. Nelson
2004/2003 Roger Wehrbein

Henry Beachell Distinguished Alumni Award

Presented to a candidate for humanitarian contributions to the community, state, nation and the world, and has demonstrated exemplary commitment, leadership and participation bringing distinction to themselves, their profession, the College and the University of Nebraska.

  • The recipient is a CASNR graduate and has displayed outstanding career accomplishment in his or her chosen field.
  • Call for nominations due by November 1.
  • Presented fall semester at CASNR Alumni Football Reunion. The College partners with the University of Nebraska Foundation on this award.
Past Recipients
2018 Keith Olsen
2017 Roger Wehrbein
2016 Rayond C. Ward
2015 Alan J. Svajgr
2014 Frank Sibert
2013 Keith Heuermann
2012 Clayton Yeutter
2011 Richard McConnell
2010 Leroy Thom
2009 Paul Engler
2008 Warren "Buck" Gabelman
2007 A. Bruce Maunder
2006 Tom Hoegemeyer
2005 Norbert Tiemann

Legacy Award

Given to recognize personal or professional excellence advancing the legacy of CASNR and making a lasting impact on the College.

  • The recipient need not be a CASNR alumnus.
  • Call for nominations due by November 1.
  • Presented spring semester at CASNR Week banquet.
Past Recipients
2018 Steve & Jessie Waller
2017 Alan Moeller
2016 Martin Massengale
2015 Roger Mandigo
2014 Ron Hanson
2013 Earl F. Ellington
Spring 2011 Ted & Alice Doane
Fall 2010 Allen Blezek
Spring 2010 Tom Slocum
2009 Eric Brown
2007 Dick Fleming
2006 Joel Geyer

Honorary Life Membership Award

May be conferred for outstanding service to CASNR, the CASNRAA or to Nebraska's agriculture or natural resources in general.

  • The recipient is not an alumnus of the University of Nebraska.
  • Call for nominations: due by November 1.
  • Presented spring semester at CASNR Week banquet.
Past Recipients
2014 Gerry Van Ackern
2014 Sue & Gary Voss
2002 Irvin Omtvedt
1997 Earl F. Ellington
1993 Jack Maddux
1992 Merlyn Carlson
1991 John Klosterman
1990 M. Rosalind Morris
1988 Evan Rush
1987 Ted Hartung

Engagement of Emerti Faculty Award

Past Recipients
2018 Department of Animal Science
2017 CASNR Alumni Association Board of Directors
2016 Agronomy Club
2015 Department of Animal Science
2014 Department of Ag Leadership, Education, Communication
2013 Linda Arnold, IANR VC Office
2013 Mildred "Murd" Holland, IANR VC Office
2012 Department of Agronomy & Horticulture
2011 Biological Systems Engineering
2010 School of Natural Resources
2009 Department of Animal Science

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