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Teaching & Learning Improvement Council
Curriculum Committee
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Graduate Committee for Master of Applied Science Program
CASNR Scholarship Committee

CASNR Faculty Advisory Council
Brad Lubben Ag Economics 2018-2020
Lindsay Hastings ALEC 2017-2019
Leah Sandall Agronomy & Horticulture 2017-2019
Lena Luck Animal Science 2018-2020
Jiri Adamec Biochemistry 2017-2019
David Mabie Biological Systems Engineering 2017-2019
Lance Meinke Entomology 2017-2019
Andreia Bianchini Huebner, Chair Food Science & Technology 2018-2020
Rich Wilson Plant Pathology 2017-2019
Mike Hayes School of Natural Resources 2018-2020
John Kammermann School of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences 2017-2019
Reka Howard Statistics 2017-2019
CASNR Teaching and Learning Improvement Council
Kate Brooks Agricultural Economics 2019-2022
Tom Burkey VMBS/ASCI 2019-2022
Mike Hayes SNR 2019-2022
Jennifer Melander Keshwani, Chair Biological Systems Engineering 2015-2019
Karin van Dijk Biochemistry 2015-2019
Gina Matkin, Vice Chair ALEC 2017-2020
Santosh Pitla Biological Systems Engineering 2017-2020
Eric Knoll ALEC 2017-2020
Brian Waters Agronomy and Horticulture 2017-2020
Erin Blankenship and Betty Walter-Shea Ex-Officio Members

CASNR Curriculum Committee
Name Unit Term
Drew Tyre (Chair) School of Natural Resources 2017-2019
Fabio Mattos (Vice Chair) Agricultural Economics 2017-2019
Kathleen Anderson Animal Science 2018-2020
Troy Anderson Entomology 2018-2020
Erin Blankenship CASNR Dean's Office Representative N/A
Bruce Brodersen School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences 2018-2020
Jennifer Clarke Graduate Council Representative 2016-2020
Christian Elowsky Agronomy and Horticulture 2018-2020
Sydney Everhart Plant Pathology 2017-2020
Edward Harris Biochemistry 2018-2020
Dann Husmann Center for Grassland Studies 2017-2019
Karen Jackson CASNR Dean's Office Representative N/A
Kaustav Majumder Food Science and Technology 2019-2021
L.J. McElravy Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communication 2017-2019
Brent Miller Student Representative 2018-2019
Agustin Olivo Student Representative 2019-2020
Rick  Stowell Biological Systems Engineering 2017-2019

Curriculum Actions

Graduate Committee for Master of Applied Science Degree Program
Betty Walter-Shea CASNR Dean's Office/MAS Graduate Chair
Dan Cotton MAS Graduate Chair January 2014
Stephen Danielson Entomology
Robert Hutkins Food Science
Brett White Animal Science
Kim Todd Agronomy
Lloyd Bell ALEC
Connie Reimer-Hild Agricultural Economics
Daniella Mattos Community Development (semi-separate component)
Dave Gosselin Science for Educators (semi-separate component)
Cory Forbes Science for Educators (semi-separate component)

CASNR Scholarship Committee

Members include:
CASNR Associate Deans
Chair of the Faculty Advisory Committee