CASNR: Your College

Food. Water. Energy. Landscape Systems. People.

These are the greatest challenges and opportunities facing our planet. At the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (CASNR)* at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, you can become someone who makes a difference in changing the future. A talented, highly trained professional who helps create solutions, develop innovations and make discoveries that can change the world's future — and yours.

CASNR is where your story starts.

CASNR is where your legacy begins

* We pronounce it "KAZ-ner. So can you!

Science with a Purpose

We prepare students for careers in everything from animals to plants, soil to climate, golf to business, mechanization to leadership, and food to forensic science. Students are prepared for successful careers and a lifetime of informed decisions through the development of food, fuel,water, and landscape systems as models for formal and informal science education.

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Grow Eat Learn

Science LiteracyGROW. EAT. LEARN.

This focus on science literacy begins with our Grow Eat Learn program in Preschool and continues throughout elementary, high school and on to college and beyond. We help students of all ages begin to build an understanding of the role of science in their everyday lives. This multidisciplinary program engages Pre-K thru College students and the public in building the basic blocks for understanding science and its role in solving the world's biggest questions.

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