Deans List A-E

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The College recognizes students for academic achievement during the fall and spring semesters by placement on the College Dean’s List. This list is alphabetical by last name.

This is not a complete list. Students with restrictions on their records regarding sharing their information outside the university will not appear. Hometown, major, and class standing are available with the UNL News Release.

We are no longer indicating a 4.0 grade point average (GPA).

Students must complete 12 graded credit hours of course work (courses must be started and completed in one semester) by the census date of the grade reports and attain a minimum semester GPA of 3.75.

The following do not qualify as part of the 12 credit hours:

  • pass/no pass credit
  • transfer hours
  • removals of incompletes
  • grade changes submitted after the census grade reports
CASNR Dean's List for Spring Semester 2018
Last Name First Name Degree Program City State
Ahern Daniel Animal Science Longmont CO
Akaliza Natacha Integrated Science Kigali -
Akamazina Fathia Integrated Science Kigali -
Akers Alice Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Communication Lincoln NE
Albers-O'Brien Brittany Pre-Veterinary Medicine Lincoln NE
Albers-O'Brien Brittany Animal Science Lincoln NE
Allen Savannah Fisheries and Wildlife Omaha NE
Allen Rachelle Agricultural Education Bradshaw NE
Amendola Nicholas Biochemistry Naperville IL
Andersen Abbie Environmental Studies Lincoln NE
Anderson Ashley Pre-Veterinary Medicine Lincoln NE
Anderson Rebecca Biochemistry Gothenburg NE
Anderson Michael Agribusiness Firth NE
Antonika Claudia Microbiology Kediri JTI
Atwood Jacob Agricultural Economics Albion NE
Aufdenkamp Eleanor Agricultural Education North Platte NE
Avila Garcia Miguel Fisheries and Wildlife Bellevue NE
Bagniewski Kathryn Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Communication Rochester MN
Bai Tong Agricultural Economics Wuhan 42
Baillie Sophia Hospitality, Restaurant and Tourism Management Lincoln NE
Baker Amelia Fisheries and Wildlife Lincoln NE
Baker Ashlynn Fisheries and Wildlife Petersburg NE
Baraka Eugene Integrated Science Kigali -
Barber Bryana Environmental Studies Lincoln NE
Barelman Benjamin Mechanized Systems Management Coleridge NE
Batten Meredith Veterinary Science Fremont NE
Baum Brodie Environmental Studies Mullen NE
Bayimenye Ruth Fiona Integrated Science Kigali -
Beard Allyson Fisheries and Wildlife Gretna NE
Belew Wayne Mechanized Systems Management Bee NE
Bellamy Sara Animal Science Elwood NE
Berwa Lisa Integrated Science Kigali -
Bignell Kelsey Food Science and Technology Columbus NE
Bird Shannyn Biochemistry Fairbanks AK
Bonifas Maranda Hospitality, Restaurant and Tourism Management Roseland NE
Boswell Mary Fisheries and Wildlife Lincoln NE
Bothern Jordan Mechanized Systems Management Lincoln NE
Box Laura Biochemistry Nebraska City NE
Bredemeier Logan Agribusiness Stella NE
Bresnahan Kaitlynn Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Communication Benedict NE
Bresser Emma Forensic Science Lansing KS
Brewer Sydney Fisheries and Wildlife Falls City NE
Brooks Rebecca Biochemistry Lincoln NE
Brott Cora Agribusiness Paxton NE
Brott Tristan Agribusiness Paxton NE
Bruns Paige Hospitality, Restaurant and Tourism Management Springview NE
Bruns Kara Agricultural Education Springview NE
Buckendahl Mason Agribusiness Pierce NE
Bullington Grace Fisheries and Wildlife Kansas City MO
Burkinshaw Amelia Veterinary Science Lincoln NE
Burnside Kensie Agricultural Education Stapleton NE
Burr Jacob Applied Science Dunbar NE
Butera Blanche Integrated Science Kigali -
Calamari Brock Forensic Science Barrington IL
Cammack Shelby Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Communication DeWitt NE
Campbell Allison Animal Science Curtis NE
Carlberg Taylor Hospitality, Restaurant and Tourism Management Johnson Lake NE
Catlett Desarae Applied Science Thedford NE
Chen Qiyue Food Science and Technology Lincoln NE
Choat Nathaniel Agricultural Economics Plainview NE
Christensen Bryce Fisheries and Wildlife Lincoln NE
Christensen Chloe Food Science and Technology Lincoln NE
Christenson Clay Plant Biology Leawood KS
Circo Cheryl Fisheries and Wildlife Elkhorn NE
Clanton Connor Biochemistry Lincoln NE
Compton Katheryn Agricultural Education Kilgore NE
Cronk Hanna Agricultural Education Page NE
Cumblidge Kelsey Fisheries and Wildlife Lincoln NE
Cumming Alex Agricultural Education St. Edward NE
Cunningham Michaela Agronomy Fullerton NE
Curtis Cassidy Animal Science Royal NE
Cyuzuzo Robert Integrated Science Kigali -
Damke Alyssa Microbiology Lincoln NE
Darling Michael Environmental Restoration Science Hastings NE
Daubendiek Jocelyn Biochemistry Elkhorn NE
Davis Alexa Environmental Restoration Science Omaha NE
Davis Alexa Water Science Omaha NE
Debele Madeleine Pre-Veterinary Medicine Wayzata MN
Dethlefs Connor Animal Science Rockville NE
Dethlefs Callie Agribusiness Rockville NE
Dibbern Logan Animal Science Riverdale NE
Diedrichsen Austin Agribusiness Creighton NE
Dinan Sophie Animal Science Omaha NE
Dorn Riley Agribusiness Filley NE
Dorn Ryan Mechanized Systems Management Adams NE
Dotto Joshua Integrated Science Kigali -
Downes Liam Natural Resource and Environmental Economics Lincoln NE
Dresser Avery Environmental Studies Lincoln NE
Drey Elizabeth Food Science and Technology Omaha NE
Duffy Nathan Horticulture Bellevue NE
Dukuzeyesu Gloria Integrated Science Kigali -
Duman Emma Pre-Veterinary Medicine Bellevue NE
Duman Emma Animal Science Bellevue NE
Dunn Autumn Grassland Ecology and Management Elkhorn NE
Dunn Autumn Environmental Restoration Science Elkhorn NE
Dunn Autumn Fisheries and Wildlife Elkhorn NE
Durheim Abigail Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Communication Sunbury OH
Earnest Miranda Horticulture Phillips NE
Eckel Caleb Agronomy Pleasanton NE
Ediger Allison Microbiology Lincoln NE
Eggert Hannah Pre-Veterinary Medicine Woodbury MN
Eickhoff Megan Pre-Veterinary Medicine Falls City NE
Einfalt Mallory Forensic Science West Point NE
Eischen Madeline Biochemistry Rochester MN
Eksi Andrew Biochemistry Overland Park KS
Elliott Elizabeth Animal Science Grand Island NE
Emory Samantha Forensic Science Lincoln NE
Emory Samantha Insect Science Lincoln NE
Enholm Joshua PGA Golf Management Omaha NE
Erickson Micah Mechanized Systems Management Sterling NE
Esch Hannah Animal Science Unadilla NE