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It is definitely an exciting time for CASNR! We kicked off the 2018-2019 academic year by welcoming our largest incoming class of first-time freshmen and transfer students. The combined enrollment for the College’s undergraduate, graduate and professional programs increased again this year with a total enrollment of 3,199, which is a 3.4% increase from the previous academic year and the largest enrollment in the history of the College.

2018 Census Highlights

  • Total undergraduate enrollment increased 3.8% from last year with 445 incoming first-time freshmen and 187 transfer students for a total of 2,422.
  • Of the 2,422 undergraduate students, 1,837 (75.8%) are Nebraska residents and 585 (24.2%) are non-resident. Enrollment for non-resident students increased 19.9% compared to Fall 2017.
  • Over 90% of Spring 2018 eligible undergraduate students enrolled for the fall semester, which reaffirms the success and importance of our retention programming.
  • CASNR welcomed 101 international undergraduate students. As part of our incoming class, 50 students from Rwanda joined the CUSP program and 50 transfer students from Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University started their fourth year of the 3+1 dual degree program in Food Science and Technology.
  • 711 (+1.6%) CASNR graduate students and 13 (+8.3%) Doctor of Plant Health professional students working side-by-side with faculty recognized worldwide for innovation and creativity.
  • 53 (+8.2%) professional students enrolled in the joint University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Iowa State University Professional Program in Veterinary Medicine.

Celebrating our CASNR Community

Diversity is the one true thing we all have in common...Celebrate it every day. Sir Winston Churchill

As a College, we are committed to inclusive excellence and being an engaged community that creates a welcoming learning environment that leverages the diversity of our students, staff and faculty to enhance the learning experience for all. Each member of our community has unique talents and strengths that contribute to our students’ success. To celebrate the CASNR community and thank each of our members for all that they do, the College hosted a community celebration on August 23rd. Over 500 students, staff and faculty gathered on the East Campus Loop to celebrate the start of a new academic year, welcome our students and enjoy time together. This event launched the College’s yearlong programming on diversity and inclusion in partnership with the CASNR Student Advisory Board. If you have an interest in helping with our ongoing efforts and “CASNR Conversations on Diversity and Inclusion”, please contact Nicole Smith,

Our theme for this academic year is Exceed Expectations. We want to instill in our students that this is their chance of a lifetime and how their CASNR Experience can be leveraged to achieve their goals and define their purpose. Student success programming is planned throughout the academic year and will include a CASNR Book Community. The book we will be featuring is 40 Chances. We hope that you will consider being a part of our CASNR Book Community as we challenge each other to exceed expectations. Please let Nicole Smith ( know if you are interested in being a part of the CASNR Book Community.

Encouraging Open Dialogue

Monthly dialogue sessions have been scheduled for IANR graduate chairs and CASNR undergraduate teaching coordinators to share best practices and updates among our academic programs.

The CASNR Student Advisory Board will hold open forum sessions at the start of their meetings for students wanting to bring agenda items forward to the board. Meeting notices will be posted on the CASNR Advisory Board Facebook page.

CASNR Brown Bag Conversations around online and distance education will be held the first Friday of each month from 12:00 – 1:00 PM in the Nebraska East Union. These discussions are intended as an opportunity for those leading or contributing to the development and/or supporting such programs to learn from one another about how programs are developed, supported, etc., and to ideate around how to strengthen programming now and into the future.

Strategic Discussions

A major initiative this past academic year was to develop a vision for IANR graduate education and align a framework that would position the Institute to push the boundaries of a traditional academic education by providing our students with an educational experience that prepares graduates for diverse careers whose leadership, discovery and innovation shape society.

The process for developing the framework and vision was comprehensive and inclusive. Phase I of this process is complete! A special thank you to the IANR Graduate Chairs, CASNR Faculty Advisory Council, the IANR Graduate Student Assembly and Stephen Baenziger for their leadership during this phase.

This academic year we will focus on:

  • Developing program-level strategic plans that align with the strategic framework
  • Identifying leading and lagging indicators for measuring success
  • Implementing strategies to support the goals and objectives of the framework

Another area of focus is to develop a smart enrollment growth framework that articulates enrollment, retention, matriculation success and placement goals for our academic programs and the College.

As we begin the new academic year and reflect upon our collective accomplishments, I want to personally thank each of you for your commitment and dedication to our students and the College!

Tiffany Heng-MossCASNR Dean

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