Discovery Corps Application

Application Instructions:

  1. Fill out the application on-line: Discovery Corps On-Line Application or by printing a copy: Discovery Corps Printable Application.
  2. Provide a description of intended research activities with learning objectives and outcomes prepared to faculty member/mentor.
  3. Applications and awards will be done through the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources Dean’s office.
  4. Funding will be awarded to the faculty mentor and may be used to support teaching activities of choice.
  5. Amount of funding ($300 - $500) will depend on number of successful applicants. Faculty may use these funds support their teaching activities (e.g. travel, supplies, books, software, student clubs, etc.)
  6. With a positive experience, the successful completion of this experience should position the student/mentor to pursue UCARE funding as a sophomore.
Must be a 2nd Semester CASNR Freshman in the Honors Program
Learning Objectives