Colton Knckman

Colton Knckman

I was fortunate enough to have a wonderful experience at college. I believe that choosing CASNR was a large part of that. I was involved in a couple of clubs specifically on East Campus and enjoyed every moment being involved with them. They helped me sharpen and refine my leadership skills and also to work with others. Classes were the same way – a lot of them include team based learning so each student gets the chance to work with a group to achieve a goal whether it is just a homework assignment or a larger semester long project. CASNR literally helped me to get to where I am today. (As cliché as that sounds, it is true.)

The college specifically offers an 8-week seminar class on how to attain a job or internship. What the class does is mingle you with people from companies in the students desired industry as well as make sure that the student’s resume is in tip-top shape. As it so happens, the resume and mock interviews are done and ready to go right before CASNR’s fall career fair. The career fair is a VERY beneficial event to all of CASNR’s students, whether they are looking for full-time employment, an internship, or you are just a freshman and only curious. The faculty and staff of CASNR are all very helpful and always willing to lend a hand. A huge asset that CASNR promotes is the one-on-one advising. With one-on-one advising, each student is assigned an advisor that oversees him or her through his or her entire career at CASNR. My advisor was wonderful to me and to all the advisees that he had. An example for myself would be I finished my degree with a minor in 4 years easily.

The moment I was accepted into UNL and more specifically CASNR I have never looked back once. The same goes to say for my major. Because of my passion for what I do and being more of a hands on person I never once thought of switching majors.

It was very easy to get involved on campus and I am so glad I did. Between a couple of clubs, intramurals and being an ambassador for CASNR I had plenty on my plate. I loved meeting new people in all of these events and even made connections that I still have today post college. I could ramble on and on about how great CASNR is and that to me means that I made without a doubt 110% the right choice on what college I attended.

I most enjoyed the small college feeling with the resources and prestige of a University. By small college I mean knowing a large majority of people you walk by on campus and each of them very courteous, always smiling and giving a greeting.

Professors are very knowledgeable. More than professors to the students, the instructors are always more than happy to help out any individual above and beyond with anything.

For me, CASNR was very close to home and had a great agricultural program. It didn’t mean much to me then but through the years I was very happy I had the privilege to attend a Land Grant University. CASNR on East campus just seemed ‘home-y’ and very relaxed in the middle of Lincoln.

I recommend students to check out any school they want to attend or are even curious about. I completely believe that a personal tour of East Campus with an academic visit with a professor from your interest field will more than answer any lingering questions about college. They make you feel welcome and help prepare you for the future.

Major:  Mechanized Systems Management
Year:  Graduated
Current Employer:  Cargill
Notable Activities:
  • Dow AgroSciences Internship