Danielle Elsom

Danielle Elsom

My most vivid memory of my time as a student is from my freshman year FORS 120 Introduction to Forensic Science class. In this class I was exposed to different crime scene investigation techniques such as bullet casing analysis, blood spatter analysis, photography, and evidence collection. As a freshman I expected to take general classes and finally get more into my major during my junior year of college. However, this was not the case for Forensic Science. I loved being exposed to my future career my freshman year because it helped me determine if that was the career I wanted to be in. I enjoyed every aspect of my FORS 120 course and being motivated to obtain an internship with a Crime Scene Unit between my freshman year and sophomore year of college. 

What I like best about CASNR is the community within the college. CASNR is a smaller college, which makes it easier to get to know people. Although it is an agricultural college there are many majors within the college that are also very scientific based such as Forensic Science and Veterinary Science.

The professors in my college are very friendly and helpful. They have been very good about being available outside of class to answer questions. They have been my mentors and have helped me prepare for my future career. I have received wonderful letters of recommendation from my professors, which have in turn led me to obtaining the internships I have been able to enjoy.

Originally I chose CASNR because it had my major but after being in CASNR I have learned that CASNR has many more opportunities such as different social events, for example the homecoming concert, and clubs such as Block and Bridle. 

CASNR has helped me prepare for my future career by giving me smaller class sizes enabling me to be able to connect with my professors. My experiences have helped me build relationships with my professors who been able to write letters of recommendation for me. These letters of recommendation have led to me obtaining internships which have helped me prepare for my future career. 

What has made my experience different from that of others I have met is the internships I have been able to obtain because of my CASNR major. My major has required me to take classes that give me a competitive edge on other students. I was exposed to classes directly related to my major my freshman year which helped me solidify what I wanted to do with my life. Once I was able to solidify my major I was able to start looking for experiences that would help me advance in my career such as internships. 

A student should choose CASNR because of the many opportunities it offers. CASNR is a smaller college which makes it a great way to meet people and gain experience in your field of study. All of this combines for a great networking experience that can benefit you for post graduation options. 

What I have enjoyed most about my experience at UNL is all of the great people I have been able to meet. I have been able to make friends from many different backgrounds by having a wide range of classes. I have also been able to attend a wide range of events on campus such as concerts, diversity enhancement events and multicultural events.

Major:  Forensic Science
Year:  Junior
Current Employer:  UNL Housing
Notable Activities:
  • CSI Intern at Kansas City, Kans., police 
  • Hall Government
  • Cultural Ambassadors

Danielle Elsom
Danielle Elsom