Elisabeth Loseke

Elisabeth Loseke

An in-state university that recognized the importance of agriculture to our local and national economies was appealing to me. Even as a high schooler, it was obvious to me that UNL was futuristic in their mission by preparing students to contribute to a rapidly evolving society. Every time I visited campus, I felt welcomed and valued by students and staff. Alumni and other organizations are dedicated to the success of students and provide great amounts of financial support in the form of scholarships.

The community was my favorite part of CASNR and Animal Science. People here genuinely care about the things that matter to you. People were quick to pick up conversations with each other whether they are lifetime friends or have never met before. Faculty and staff care about each individual student and make themselves as available as possible. Sometimes I would visit my advisor just to talk about life. He gave me advice about how to be efficient with my class schedule, gain opportunities that will help me be successful, and balance school and my personal life. I am thankful for such a caring community who is focused on the future leaders of agriculture.

As the sixth generation on my family's farm, I spend a lot of time at home helping my parents at the feedyard, or assisting them on vet calls. I enjoy riding pens and helping with field work while expanding my ownership of feedlot cattle. I love to volunteer in the nursery at church and lead Bible studies. Most Saturdays in the fall find me in Memorial Stadium cheering on the Huskers or packing high moisture corn while listening to an away game on the radio. I also enjoy watching my three younger siblings participate in sports and 4-H and FFA events. In my free time, I am starting to enjoy running and also love to be involved in agriculture advocacy-especially beef promotion.  I also served as a National Beef Advocate.

I am currently in vet school and plan to return to rural Nebraska as a food animal veterinarian.

Major:  Animal Science Pre-Vet Option
Year:  2017 Alum
Current Employer:  Veterinary School
Notable Activities: