Grant Uehling

Grant Uehling

I decided to attend the University of Nebraska-Lincoln because I knew I was going to be coming back to the great state of Nebraska to live out my life and what better way to assist that life than by building a network of aspiring individuals who will, in some way, have connections to my home area. I knew that UNL had a great agricultural program and I wanted to learn from the best teachers, researchers, and daily operators.

I love that CASNR offers a small-town feel in a college environment. If I walk around campus the people I pass aren't just faces in a crowd, they're my friends. I've made them through class, clubs, and other organizations on campus. I was worried about going from a graduating class of 50 students to a University of 25,000 students, but East Campus makes me feel like I have a home away from home.

Farming requires a broad range of skills to be a successful operator. I felt that applied science offered a great selection of courses that allowed me to enter studies in agricultural business/economics, plant sciences, and mechanized systems management.

I am very active outside of the academic environment at UNL. I am a member of FarmHouse Fraternity, the University Marching Band, The Big Red Express, the Nebraska Agricultural Youth Council, Navigators Greekside Worship Band, Navigators Bible Study, multiple intramural teams, CASNR Ambassador, I hold an ASUN Senate seat for CASNR, and I went on an education abroad trip with the Agricultural Economics Department to France and Spain to study their agricultural and cultural differences. This summer I interned with The Scoular Company in Andres, IL.

Major:  Applied Science
Year:  Anticipated Graduation-May 2018
Current Employer:  -
Notable Activities:
  • FarmHouse Fraternity
  • University Marching Band
  • Nebraska Agricultural Youth Council
  • Navigators Creekside Worship Band
  • Navigators Bible Study
  • Intramurals
  • CASNR Ambassador
  • ASUN Senate
  • Education Abroad in France & Spain