Jazmin Costillo

jazmin costillo

My most vivid memory as a student is studying abroad in Botswana this summer. I can’t stress enough how life changing going abroad truly is. It helps you realize who you are as an individual and gives you a first-hand experience on what it takes to be in the career you are studying. I was able to help with lion tracking as well as camera trapping. I learned so much in the time frame I was there and it has opened doors to new experiences to come!

The thing I love best about CASNR is that we have our very own campus that makes the school feel a bit smaller than the actual size of the University.

I love my professors in my college. I have yet to take more classes in my major. In the classes I have taken so far you could tell that the professors love their jobs and it is also interesting to hear about their experiences as well as research projects they are currently doing.

I first chose CASNR because I knew I wanted to work with animals all of my life. I came in thinking I wanted to be a wildlife veterinarian and ended up switching to wildlife research and conservation thanks to my professors.

CASNR has given me so many opportunities to do what I love while making my resume stronger. My advisor is always eager to help me better my college experience as well as my professors.

I feel as if students in CASNR get a better one on one experience with the faculty because they have the opportunity to talk with professors who have the same interests as the students. I feel the professors in CASNR try to go the extra mile on getting to know you and finding out what sparks a passion in each of their students.

I feel many people do not think they belong in CASNR. I on the other hand disagree. CASNR has so many majors and from those major branch out different options. There is an endless possibility on what you can choose. East campus may seem smaller than city campus but that does not mean you don’t get the same opportunities. 

The thing I most enjoy about CASNR is the small size community feeling you get in every classroom and the amount of passion professors have for teaching. I can truly say I am excited to take more classes for my major.

Major:  Fisheries & Wildlife
Year:  Sophomore
Current Employer:  University Dining Services
Notable Activities:
  • Scarlet Guard Board of Directors
  • Women's Rugby Club Team