John Radil

John Radil

I decided to come to UNL because of their well-known agriculture program. I knew that I wanted to expand my knowledge in agriculture and by talking with friends that were already attending UNL, I decided it was the place for me. I wanted to go where I would be challenged but also have the opportunities to meet many more incredible people.

My favorite thing about CASNR is walking across campus and seeing the friendly faces and waving to people I know. Throughout my first year I have made many great friends and I believe CASNR was one of the biggest contributors. They are more than willing to help you and make east campus a close knit community. My favorite thing about Ag Economics is how you are able to build your classes around your specific areas of interest. I am able to gain tons of knowledge on the economics side and also get the chance to take animal science classes to help build my knowledge in that area.

Outside of school I am very involved with FarmHouse Fraternity and all of the community service that we do as a group. I recently got asked to serve on the CASNR Coffee Club Leadership Team and I am excited to work with this group of leaders on campus. I also spend a lot of time hanging out with my friends and networking.

I plan on returning to my family’s ranch and eventually take over for my parents and expanding our cattle herd and incorporating artificial insemination in our heifers.

Major:  Agricultural Economics, Farm & Ranch Management
Year:  Anticipated Graduation-May 2019
Current Employer:  -
Notable Activities:
  • FarmHouse Fraternity
  • CASNR Coffee Club Leadership Team