Lydia Molnar

I have many vivid memories at UNL. I spent most of my time on East Campus. I lived in Burr Hall for two years and was either in the Food Science Building or the Animal Science Building. I enjoyed working with the food science staff and faculty. I enjoyed being an ambassador for two years and helping with FFA. I had no idea what FFA was until I saw all of the students during the FFA competition hosted on East Campus.

The Food Science Department helped me network with Nestle Purina. CASNR allows students to have hands on experience in their fields and introduces them to the industry. The first time I had toured Nestle Purina was my freshman year. I had been working with a food microbiology lab with thanks to my advisor. Then after touring the facility, a year later, I came back to the Crete Purina facility and they remembered who I was because of my food microbiology job freshman year and my scholarship with Nestle Purina.

The professors are very helpful and kind. They are patient and truly listen to the students. The advisors know all of the students by name and personally take the time to meet with the students to help them succeed. The advisors help with classes so students can graduate on time. The professors are also very approachable. I was never been afraid to give them feedback or let them know that I am struggling..

I chose CASNR because an ambassador once said “chose a college that has an atmosphere that feels like home.” Lincoln, Neb., felt more like home than Ames, Iowa. I also wanted to choose a major that was economy-proof. People eat food three times a day and people care about what they feed their pets. I also wanted to make a difference in the food industry after I had a dog pass away my sophomore year of high school after eating a bad raw hide bone. I wanted to help improve pet food so other people would not lose their pets.

I enjoyed making friends and making connections with my professors. I enjoyed my food science and animal science classes. I loved the East Campus dining hall food. It was always delicious. CASNR always hosted many fun activities. There are too many things I enjoyed about CASNR. I guess to sum it up; I was not a number. I was a name and CASNR overall made me feel like I was at home even though I did not attend college in my home state (Iowa).

I really enjoyed the IFT (Institute of Food Technologist) trip to Wisconsin Madison with the food science students. I learned about their food science department and networked with other universities.

I also enjoyed theatre class my freshman year and met one of my best friends to this day. I randomly asked to sit by her. We talked every theater class and then discovered we had Chem 109 together and have been friends ever since.

I like that CASNR has a small town feeling. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. East Campus and Lincoln feel like home. I really liked the dining hall staff on East Campus. They got to know me as a person and have helped me out and taken any suggestions.

CASNR gave me the networking skills and opportunities to see the industry, the food science department gave me hands-on experience that separates me from other students. They provided me with classes to write resumes and to learn how to dress for an interview and even how to answer interview questions. CASNR has a resource center that can give mock interviews and people that will take time to look at resumes and give suggestions. There are weekly emails sent out letting students know about job internships and open positions. The professors have also helped with their network and providing students with contacts for companies..

I am currently working on a six month internship in Warrenton, OR working for a fish meal production facility called BioOregon Protein. I just finished my M.S. in Grain Science and Industry (Pet Food Processing) at Kansas State University. I will be working on my PhD hopefully after my internship and then go back into the pet food industry.

CASNR has a small town feel where everyone is a name rather than a number. The professors take the time to get to know students and the professors care about the students succeeding. There are many resources for CASNR students to network and get help with anything. If I ever had problems, I could also go to my advisor or RA (resident assistant). I made friends easily and most importantly, I got the chance to participate in activities and enjoy being a student at UNL.

Major:  Food Science & Technology
Year:  2014 Alum
Current Employer:  BioOregon Protein
Notable Activities:
  • Lab Technician, Nestle Purina
  • Women’s’ Ultimate Frisbee Club Team (UNL Cuddle Raptors)
  • Food Science Ambassador
  • Food Science Club
  • Navigators Bible Study 
  • SEECA’s dog training classes
  • Spring Bowling League

Lydia Molnar
Lydia Molnar
Lydia Molnar
Lydia Molnar
Lydia Molnar
Lydia Molnar
Lydia Molnar