Sydney Gehl

Sydney and her roommates

My most vivid memories as a student are meeting all my new instructors and developing a relationship with them. I like the close friendly people and instructors, really made me feel at home and comfortable! I have truly enjoyed each and every professor I have had. I felt like I fit in well and got along with everyone, did not have many problems with instructors or other fellow students. 

I transferred from Butler Community College in El Dorado, KS. I chose to transfer to CASNR because of the Grazing Livestock Systems major and to be closer to home.

In December of my sophomore year at Butler I came up for a visit and learned more about my majors and met with some of the instructors, then after Christmas made my decision to attend UNL.  In April I attended New Student Enrollment for transfer students and got signed up for classes.  Once I got here last Fall I kept in close contact with my advisor and my one roommate and they gave me lots of great advice!

CASNR is a place that people just need to experience!  There are endless opportunities and so many people willing to help you succeed and reach your goals! It has gave me the experience and knowledge that is need to be successful in my field.

I truly enjoyed the small town feel and all the wonderful, helpful people.  Really you can do anything if you have the right people backing you up and I feel that CASNR gives you all the tools needed for success!

Major:  Animal Science & Grazing Livestock Systems
Year:  Senior
Current Employer:  Office Intern at Herd Co. Feedlot (Bartlett, Neb.)
Notable Activities:
  • Livestock Judging Team
  • Meat Animal Evaluation Team

Sydney Gehl Judging Team