Toni Rasmussen

UNL was the perfect distance from my hometown - close enough to go home, but far enough I could gain a different experience. Additionally, I was impressed with the people. They truly invested in me as a visitor in high school and have continued to do so as I have progressed through my college career. The dean's office, the ALEC Department, the Engler Agribusiness Entrepreneurship staff and numerous others all make each of their students feel as if they are an integral part of CASNR, this university and the agricultural community.

The diversity, the variety and the opportunity each student is given when he or she decides to become a Husker. From religious organizations, to agriculture-based programs, to gaining a new hobby, one can literally do anything at UNL. With that, the support a student is given with whatever he or she decide to pursue is far greater than anyone could have ever imagined. I cannot tell you the number of times someone has offered their help and expertise to me as they encouraged me to challenge myself. As we challenge ourselves as students, we grow into positive leaders and contributors.

While in college, I was very active in the Nebraska Agricultural Youth Council and the Engler Agribusiness Experience Program. The connections made, skills gained, and memories made while participating in these two organizations have been immensely helpful as I start in my new endeavor. I currently teach agriculture at Wayne Community Schools, where 2017-2018 will be the very first year they offer agriculture education and FFA. Thank you UNL and CASNR for all your hard work, encouragement, and great memories!

Major:  Agricultural Education
Year:  2017 Alum
Current Employer:  Wayne Public Schools
Notable Activities:
  • Engler Agribusiness Entrepreneurship
  • Healthy Husker peer educator
  • Nebraska Agricultural Youth Council