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Dear Parents, Families and Friends:

The greatest challenges and opportunities that face our world are squarely positioned in the areas in which CASNR excels.

Congratulations! You and your student have made a great choice by selecting the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (CASNR) at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln (UNL).

In a recent survey of some 500 CASNR students, a large majority rated their experience at CASNR very highly—especially noting the inclusiveness of the campus community; the close relationships with advisors, faculty and staff; and our strengths in academics.

We are excited to have your student and you be a part of CASNR. Please be assured that our commitment to our students and their success are our #1 priority.

At CASNR, we are focused on student success at every level—and it shows. Here are some highlights:

CASNR strengths are in the areas the world needs most. Food production, water quality and availability, energy, environmental stewardship, the viability of communities. If your student wants to be part of solving great challenges, making a lasting contribution and truly making a difference, there is simply no better place than CASNR to prepare and define one's role in the world.

The leaders are here. CASNR faculty are recognized nationally and worldwide—and CASNR alumni are in positions of leadership across the globe. CASNR prepares students with the knowledge and skills to take their place among high-performing colleagues in their career of choice. CASNR programs are recognized worldwide for innovation, quality and leadership.

Science with a purpose. Science is at the very core of CASNR. It's about groundbreaking research and discovery that are put to use in practical and important ways to solve great challenges and improve the human condition worldwide. At CASNR, students participate in that discovery. They can transform their passion and talent for science into solutions that the world is seeking.

An engaging, energizing educational experience. CASNR offers a wide range of unique opportunities for undergraduate research, entrepreneurship development, global experiences and collaborative relationships with faculty and fellow students. It all adds up to a robust and engaging educational experience that energizes and inspires our students.

Students tend to stay—and succeed—at CASNR. With 86% of students returning for their sophomore year after their first year on campus, CASNR exceeds the average national retention rate. (According to ACT, the average retention rate at a 4-year institution is under 70%!)

A job offer within six months of graduation. Guaranteed. That's our promise when your student completes the requirements of our unique Ensuring Your Future program. But it's a two-way street. We do our part to prepare students for employment in their degree area—and students are responsible for holding up their end of the bargain. See page 4.

Your student may or may not be far from home. At CASNR, they will always be far from alone. Even though CASNR is a relatively small college within the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, it can sometimes be tough to navigate the wide variety of university student services available—or to connect with someone who can help with an academic or personal situation. Our CASNR CARES program provides a single point of contact for parents, students, faculty and staff. If you ever have a question or concern about what's happening with your student, start with CASNR CARES. See page 7.

COVID-19: Our Response. The University and the College take the health and safety of our campus community very seriously. As the United States and global health officials continue to address the spread of novel coronavirus and COVID-19 infection, health and emergency preparedness officials at UNL are monitoring the situation in collaboration with our university and governmental partners. Official updates regarding UNL's response are found on this site:

Worship centers and spiritual organizations. Your student is welcome to attend any of the 20 worship centers and spiritual organizations located within a mile of East Campus.

Scholarships and loans are widely available. Some 40% of CASNR students have college and/or departmental scholarships. There is also a loan program that accrues no interest while qualified students are in school. Contact the CASNR Dean's office for more information.

"If you want to be engaged, if you want to be out there and you want to be one of the innovators finding the solutions to the big challenges of the future, here is your place to be. We will prepare students for that."

CASNR Faculty Member

We're pleased that your student and you have joined us—and we very much look forward to helping your inspired student make a mark on the world as they prepare for success in a world filled with opportunity.

Tiffany Heng-Moss
Dean of CASNR

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