Science Literacy Goals

Mission and Goals

The goal of the Science Literacy Initiative is to foster a scientifically-literate society capable of making effective decisions grounded in STEM-informed analyses of complex, real-world challenges associated with food, fuel, water, landscape, and people issues. These efforts are being pursued through an integrated suite of programs grounded in a multidisciplinary body of theory and research and spanning campus, local, state, national, and international boundaries. The initiative contributes to the Chancellor’s 2020 and the Innovating Agriculture and Natural Resources to 2025 goals which emphasize reaching tens of thousands of students and members of the public each year, increasing undergraduate and graduate enrollment, increasing levels of external funding, and increasing the number of young people seeking higher education opportunities and careers in STEM, thus expanding the pipeline of new individuals with the requisite expertise in different STEM disciplines to fill employer needs.

Consistent with our organizational framework, the initiative is driven by four goals, one in each of our primary domains of work:

  • Improving science literacy among all University of Nebraska -- Lincoln undergraduate and graduate students
  • Effectively preparing PK-12 students for successful careers and a lifetime of informed decisions
  • Informing and engaging partners and stakeholders about current programs and contemporary research
  • Supporting the public to interpret, reason, and make decisions about challenging issues