Your Success Matters

Your Success Matters

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Academic Advising

The College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (CASNR) has a rich heritage of individualized undergraduate student advising by faculty. While CASNR’s traditional advising model has evolved to include very talented professional advisors, the commitment to personalized advising (academic as well as non-academic, personal as well as professional) remains a hallmark of the College.

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CASNR CARES is the first point of contact for students, faculty, staff and parents when there are questions, concerns or situations that affect a student's educational experience at CASNR. CASNR CARES is dedicated to helping students personally and individually. Each student's situation and personality are different—and so are the solutions. All referrals are held in confidence.

(Parents: Remember that privacy guidelines and confidentiality standards may prevent us from sharing some of your student's information—even with you!)

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