Katie Bidne

Katie Bidne

Because UNL is a large school, but CASNR offers more of a small-college feel. It is the best of both worlds.

Professors care. From my experience, CASNR professors will know your name, are willing to work with you, and their doors are always open for questions. I chose CASNR because I knew I wanted to be an Animal Science major, and that was in CASNR. Would I make that decision again? Absolutely, because I have loved my major and my college. My professors not only know my name, they are my advisors, both official and unofficial. They are willing to help me figure out my life as a student here at UNL and beyond.

The friends that I made. While I have made many amazing friends in all types of majors, my CASNR friends understand when I am excited about getting to see an animal procedure and are great to study with.

CASNR offered a wide variety of classes that aren’t found other places to give me a broad knowledge base and to help me further refine what I wanted to do when I graduated.

Major:  Animal Science
Year:  Senior
Current Employer:  UCARE student in the Reproductive Physiology Lab
Notable Activities:
  • CASNR Ambassador
  • Summer Fellow in the Reproductive Physiology Lab at the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research (Summer 2014)
  • Unit Leader and Natural Science Assistant at the National Youth Science Camp (Summer 2013)
  • Food Coordinator for Lutheran Center on Campus
  • Treasurer for SEECA (Students for Education of Exotic & Companion Animals)