CASNR Fellowships

A number of fellowships are available through the CASNR office. These fellowships augment assistantships and admission fellowships for academic accomplishments and for travel to professional meetings.

Cooper Sharpless Fellowship

Awarded to graduate students who have been accepted into either an M.S. or Ph.D. program, and have been offered a graduate assistantship. Nominations must be submitted before the start of the student’s first semester. Applications will be accepted throughout the calendar year.

Cooper Sharpless Fellowship Nomination Form

Cooper Sharpless Fellowship Guidelines

Farmers National Fellowship

Awarded to full-time M.S or PhD graduate students for students pursuing majors or specializations in Master of Business Administration with specialization in Agribusiness, Agricultural Economics in the Department of Agricultural Economics, Agronomy with specializations in Agricultural Meteorology, Crop Physiology and Production, Environmental Studies, Great Plains Studies, Plant Breeding and Genetics, Plant Pathology, Range and Forage Sciences, Soil and water Sciences or Water Resources Planning and Management, Weed Science. Preference shall be given to students who have expressed a desire to pursue a career in the area of farm management following graduation. Applications accepted following announcement in late summer.

Farmers National Fellowship Nomination Form

Farmers National Fellowship Guidelines

Milton Mohr Fellowship

Awarded to full-time M.S or PhD graduate students for teaching in Agricultural and Biological Systems Engineering, Agronomy & Horticulture, Animal Science, Food Science and Technology, and Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences. Applications accepted following announcement in later summer.

Milton Mohr Fellowship Nomination Form

Milton Mohr Fellowship Guidelines

Irvin & Agnes Fellowship

shall be used for travel expenses in attending a professional meeting for the purpose of presenting research results or otherwise developing professionally for graduate students involved in a research project(s) closely related to natural resource conservation, including, but not limited to soil, water and wildlife (especially birds). Applications accepted twice a year, typically, mid-August and mid-December.

Irvin & Agnes Fellowship Nomination Form

Irvin &Agnes Fellowship Guidelines

Lohry Fellowship

The Lohry Fellowship is available to a graduate student currently enrolled as full-time student in a CASNR online graduate program. Applications accepted after completion of the 2nd week of classes.

Lohry Fellowship Nomination Form

Lohry Fellowship Guidelines