The CASNR Honors Experience

Check back here to see our efforts to build community among our CASNR students who are participating in the Honors Program.

Jennifer Barrett Photo

"I am a junior Forensic Science major with a minor in Anthropology. I am the President of our Forensic Science Club, a member of Recruitment Staff for Dance Marathon, and a Genetics Lab TA for the School of Biological Sciences. Not only are these groups a lot of fun to be a part of, but it allows me to connect with other students who are passionate about the same things as myself!"

Jennifer Barritt
Cherokee, Iowa

Honors Courses in CASNR

A number of CASNR specific course are available for Honors students. In these courses students will earn the H credit for extra depth in a subject area.

  • ENVR 189H: From Zika to Flint, Michigan, Case studies Exploring  Global Public Health and Envrionmental Justice.  In this class, you will have an opportunity to expand your knowledge of environmental issues and the discipline of environmental studies, specifically environmental justice. This course will provide opportunities for you to start making connections between a variety of disciplines and concepts, which will provide a frame of reference for understanding the complexity of public health and other topics related to environmental justice. It is critical that you understand the dependence of all people on the environment and the potential consequences human activities have on local and global processes. This class will employ a systems approach to understanding the environment recognizing everything is connected to everything else. This approach allows us to deal more responsibly and rationally with local, regional and global issues. 
  • BIOC 433H: Inquiry Based Biochemisty Laboratory. A course-based research experience. Hypothesis-driven design of experiments. Data collection and analysis employing techniques used in spectroscopy, bioinformatics, mutagenesis, recombinant DNA, chromatography, enzyme analysis
  • SCIL 101H: Science in Decision Making.  This is a CASNR core, required course. Honors students may register for the H section to gain a bit greater depth related specifically to their unique majors and career paths.
  • AGRI 299H: Honors Thesis Seminar.  This course is available to students in all years. It is an asynchronous, online course divided into modules to allow students to identify the information and exercises that are most useful to them depending on where they are in the 'thinking about a thesis' part of their education. Early starters in Freshman and Sophomore years will benefit greatly from the guidance even without the need to develop a thesis topic until the end of their Junior year. 

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Courtney Nelson Photo

"My teammates and I turned the Nebraska Agricultural Youth Institute with 48 years of tradition into a successful 49th virtual event. We led this team of individuals below and I gained more skills than the job description initially provided (like video editing!). What a roller coaster of a task."

Courtney Nelson
Monroe, Nebraska

"I got to start working at the UNL Veterinary Diagnostic Center this year! I work in Sample Receiving/Necropsy, and it is so cool to be learning about the veterinary profession through hands-on experience. My favorite part of my job is getting to see what I have learned in my physiology class put into practice during a necropsy. Working there has helped shape my plans for the future, as I now know that I want to work in some sort of laboratory or pathology specialty!"

Sydney Meyer
Aurora, Nebraska

"This summer I was a wetlands intern at the Lower Platte South NRD and got to see beautiful local grasslands in spring and summer. Our interns were all women so this was a cool part of the experience as well. I learned how to use a chainsaw, spray for invasive species, drive a riding lawnmower and an ATV."

Nora Lucas
Shawnee, Kansas

"I am going into my sixth semester at UNL and will be applying for funding from UCARE to do research for my Honors thesis. Next fall I will begin taking graduate courses as I finish my undergraduate degree in a 4+1 program. My graduate studies will be in agricultural economics with an emphasis on the economics of renewable energy.

A memory I have from CASNR is relatively recent. I went into the Dean's office to ask for help with my scheduling, and Dean Heng-Moss was glad to help me. I felt like she was personally invested at my success, which I would not have expected at a University as big as UNL."

Drew Havens
Omaha, Nebraska
Mikayla Gross Photo
Girls in front of a sorority house wearing face masks

"I have enjoyed being a part of the Honors Program as a freshman this semester because I have learned more about the field of law and law school. Connecting with such high achieving individuals has also inspired me to become more involved on campus through activities such as the Honors Program Student Advisory Board, Newman Center, and Greek life."

Mikayla Gross
Aurora, Colorado

"Last summer, I had a manufacturing internship with CLAAS in Omaha. The facility in Omaha is the only combine production facility CLAAS has in North America. I worked on the assembly line over the summer, and I had the opportunity to learn a lot about the manufacturing process agricultural equipment goes through."

Samuel Wilkins
Ainsworth, Nebraska
Samuel Wilkins Photo

"My 2020 experience has been shaped with a lot of things. First was the class UHON 298H Nebraska 151 by Professor Max Muller. It was amazing class which taught about the History of Nebraska and how it impacted the whole world. The second is my Honors Civic Leaders tracks which is showing the students how local organizations help the community in Lincoln."

Gabin Kundwa
Kigali, Rwanda

In the Fall 2020 Semester, I joined a Unicameral Action Team called Our Climate. Thus far, I have spent time researching previous policies and will meet with state senators to discuss climate policies starting this December.

Allyson Barry
Lincoln, Nebraska
Madison Whitney Photo

"I am currently a junior with majors in Environmental Studies and Global Studies. I’ve completed my French minor and am currently working on my Asian Studies and Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs minors. After I graduate from UNL, I plan on getting my masters degree in forest policy and go to law school for environmental law.

During my freshman and sophomore year I was able to be part of the planning committee for the CASNR Honors Fall Banquet with Dr. Madhavan. I was humbly surprised with the amount of care and attention put into the planning process and the night of the banquet from both the faculty and students."

Madison Whitney
Lincoln, Nebraska

"As a CASNR Peer Career Coach, we help students develop and revise their resumes and cover letters, as well as conduct mock interviews, to prepare for the job application process. I initially applied for this position because I wanted to be able to help people out in any way that I can and even though this may not seem important to some people, your resume and interview can determine whether you get the position you want or not."

Tori Huffman
Grosse Pointe Park, MI
Tori Huffman Photo
Kathlyn Hauxwell Photo

"I am an Animal Science major with the Food Animal Production and Management option and am minoring in the Nebraska Beef Industry Scholars. I have found great experiences on and off campus. My amazing internship this past summer was at the USDA Meat Animal Research Center in Clay Center, Nebraska as an Biological Systems Aid and Student Researcher. I was able to develop my own research project under the guidance of my boss, Dr. Gary Rohrer, that was built into his swine genetics research. Additionally, I have worked on three other research experiences with Dr. Benny Mote, Dr. Tami Brown-Brandl, and Dr. James MacDonald. I am also a member of both the Horse and Livestock Judging Teams, the president of the Sigma Alpha-Alpha Delta Sorority, an Animal Science Ambassador, a member of the Alpha Zeta Honor Fraternity, and the treasurer for Block and Bridle. In 2019, I also had the honor of being awarded the Palomino Horse Breeders Association 14-18 Youth High-Point All Around in the Nation. I love being involved on and off campus and shedding a bright light on UNL, CASNR, Animal Science, and the Honors Program!"

Kathlyn Hauxwell
McCook, NE
Lauren Ahlers Photo
Lauren Ahlers Photo

"My internship at Hillcrest Animal Clinic has grown my passion for veterinary medicine. I have been able to gain valuable skills and knowledge about canine and equine medicine, specifically. In collaboration with Dr. Kelly Stich, I will use what I have learned to write my Honors Thesis about the breeding practices of canines at the clinic.

I contracted AECN 225 (Agribusiness Entrepreneurship in Food Products Marketing) for honors credit with Dr. Kathleen Brooks. Dr. Brooks and I spent the spring 2020 semester discussing The Food Police: A Well-Fed Manifesto About the Politics of Your Plate written by Jayson Lusk and how topics mentioned in the book tied to the course lectures. I enjoyed getting to know Dr. Brooks and gained a greater appreciation for agricultural economics."

Lauren Ahlers
Rosalie, Nebraska