CASNR Honors Students

There are currently over 180 CASNR students engaged in the University of Nebraska–Lincoln Honors Program.

Tressa Reiner Photo

"I am almost halfway through my first year of vet school in UNL and Iowa State's Professional Program for Veterinary Medicine and loving it. Additionally, I have officially caught the research bug and am 99% sure I'm going to do a PhD in molecular genetics as well as a veterinary residency when I'm done with the DVM. In fact, I am getting to work in Dr. Ciobanu's molecular genetics lab here in Animal Science this coming summer to gain some more research experience! This all stems from working with the great faculty at UNL. My most memorable undergraduate experience in CASNR was definitely the research project with Dr. Petersen as an honors contract for ASCI 330 Animal Breeding and Genetics. It was so fun, and an amazing learning experience. I really loved contracting classes in general because It allowed me to truly tailor the honors experience to fit my major/interests and it gave me an avenue to engage with professors in awesome projects such as the genetics research I got to do with Dr. Petersen."

Tressa Reiner