CASNR Policy on Academic Dishonesty

All students and faculty should be familiar with the UNL Policy regarding Academic Dishonesty that may be found in the Student Code of Conduct.

When a student is notified by an instructor of an alleged act of Academic Dishonesty, they should discuss the matter with the instructor to determine if redress is possible. If the instructor decides to move forward with the allegation of Academic Dishonesty and the result is a lower grade, the instructor shall make a report in writing of the facts of the case and the academic sanction imposed against the student to the instructor’s Academic Unit Chair, Head or Director and to the UNL Judicial Officer. Both the instructor and academic unit should maintain copies of the relevant documents on file for at least two years.

If the student feels that the allegations of the instructor regarding Academic Dishonesty, or the proposed penalty to be imposed, are unjust or not warranted, the student should contact their academic advisor and the Unit/Program Chair/Head/Director to discuss the matter. This process must be initiated within one month of the class grade assignment. The Unit/Program should then initiate a review of the matter consistent with its written policy. If the Unit/Program agrees with the Instructor that the evidence indicates that the student has violated the Academic Dishonesty policy, they should forward the documentation and paperwork to the CASNR Dean's Office for review by the College. If the Unit/Program determines that there is not sufficient evidence of Academic Dishonesty to warrant action against the student, the paperwork should be forwarded to the CASNR Dean with the student’s name deleted so that there is a record of the incident, but no potential future bias toward the student.

Once received by the CASNR Dean's Office, the file alleging student Academic Dishonesty should be considered by the CASNR Leadership Team. If the Team decides that there is sufficient evidence to support the allegation of Academic Dishonesty made by the instructor, the student will be notified. If the student desires to appeal this decision, the file will be forwarded to the CASNR Dean for transfer to the UNL Judicial Officer.