Dean’s Office Team

Outside Agricultural Hall

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CASNR Office

103 Agricultural Hall
Lincoln, NE 68583-0702

Sylvana Airan Profile Photo

Sylvana Airan

Rwandan Scholar Program
202 Agricultural Hall
Erin Blankenship Profile Photo

Erin Blankenship

Associate Dean
Academic Programming & Assessment
103 Agricultural Hall
Molly Brandt Profile Photo

Molly Brandt

CASNR Academic Advisor
103 Agricultural Hall
Thomas Burkey Profile Photo

Thomas Burkey

Associate Dean for Graduate Education
103 Agricultural Hall
Dan Cotton Profile Photo

Dan Cotton

Extended Education
211 Agricultural Hall
Karen Francis Profile Photo

Karen Francis

Assistant Director
East Campus Visitor's Center
UNL Dairy Store
Tiffany Heng-Moss Profile Photo

Tiffany Heng-Moss

103 Agricultural Hall
no profile picture

Rachel Ibach

Recruitment Associate
103J Agricultural Hall
Karen Jackson Profile Photo

Karen Jackson

Advising & Academic Program Enhancement
103 Agricultural Hall
Jon Kerrigan Profile Photo

Jon Kerrigan

Global Education
202 Agricultural Hall
Deepak Keshwani Profile Photo

Deepak Keshwani

Faculty Fellow
Second-Year Retention Programming
212 Chase Hall
Meg Kester's Profile Photo

Meg Klosterman Kester

Strategic Initiatives & Alumni Engagement
103 Agricultural Hall
Ramona Miller Profile Photo

Ramona Miller

Office Associate
103 Agricultural Hall
Julie Obermeyer Profile Photo

Julie Obermeyer

Career Development & Corporate Relations
221Q East Campus Union
Sue Ellen Pegg Profile Photo

Sue Ellen Pegg

College Relations Director
103 Agricultural Hall
Larkin Powell Profile Photo

Larkin Powell

Interim Associate Dean for Experiential Learning
103 Agricultural Hall
Melissa Sailors Profile Photo

Melissa Sailors

Scholarship & Data Specialist
103 Agricultural Hall
Megan Rothenberger Profile Photo

Megan Rothenberger

Student Development Coordinator
103 Agricultural Hall
Kaitlyn Waller Profile Photo

Kaitlyn Waller

CUSP Student Success Navigator
103 Agricultural Hall