Distinguished Teaching Award

Distinguished Teaching Award

Nomination Information

Every year fifteen faculty members will be given distinguished teaching awards at Honors Convocation in the Spring. The College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources may nominate one full-time faculty member. The winner receives a $1000 cash award. Previous recipients are not eligible. The nomination must include:

  1. Letter of nomination.
  2. Biographical Information/Curriculum Vitae (maximum two pages).
  3. Letters of Support (Maximum of nine). Supporting letters may be from colleagues/administrators/current students/alumni.
  4. Undergraduate Teaching Program.
  5. Summary list of previous five years by course number, name, semester taught, responsibility percentage, credit hours, enrollment, and the total and instructor CIEQ course evaluation score the instructor received for each course. (Do not include complete CIEQ evaluation report).
  6. Narrative (ten page maximum). The nominator should address in narrative form the reasons he/she believes the nominee is qualified for this honor. A non-inclusive list of the topics the review panel considers:
    • Teaching philosophy
    • Creative activities
    • List of books and bulletins published pertinent to teaching (do not include copies of publications or original materials developed).
    • Self-development activities related to teaching, evaluation, assessment
    • Interdisciplinary involvement
    • International instructional activities
    • Academic advising
    • Student organization advising and other student involvement
    • Peer recognition of teaching activities
    • Professional memberships in teaching-related organizations
    • Educational leadership activities
    • Evidence of effective teaching and impact on students
    • Other facts related to the nominee's qualifications for the award
  7. The Selection Committee will consist of the College Teaching Awards Committee, the Dean, and Student Advisory Board representatives.
  8. The nomination and supporting materials are due each year in January.

Past Distinguished Teaching Awardees

2017 Betty Walter-Shea School of Natural Resources
2016 Erin Blankenship Statistics
2015 Dennis Conley Agricultural Economics
2014 Bryan Reiling Animal Science
2013 Lloyd Bell Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication
2012 Charles Francis Agronomy and Horticulture
2011 Susan Cuppett Food Science and Technology
2010 Martha Mamo Agronomy and Horticulture
2009 Jim Brandle School of Natural Resources
2008 Walter Schacht Agronomy and Horticulture
2007 James Partridge Plant Pathology
2006 Leon Higley Entomology
2005 Mary Beck Animal Science
2004 Daniel Walters Agronomy and Horticulture
2003 Dean Eisenhauer Biological Systems Engineering
2002 Steve Jones Animal Science
2001 Bruce Johnson Agricultural Economics
2000 Susan Fritz Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication
1999 Don Lee Agronomy
1998 Dennis McCallister Agronomy
1997 George Pfeiffer Agricultural Economics
1996 Steve Mason Agronomy
1995 Joyce Povlacs-Lunde Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication
1994 James Stubbendieck Agronomy
1993 Ed Peters Forestry, Fisheries & Wildlife Management
1992 Terry Klopfenstein Animal Science
1991 Edd Clemens Animal Science
1991 Galen Dodge Agricultural Education
1990 Virginia Book Agricultural Communication
1989 Steven Waller Agronomy
1988 Fred Wagner Biochemistry
1987 Ernest Peo Animal Science
1987 Rick Foster Agriculture
1986 Leverne Barrett Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication
1986 Dennis Brink Animal Science
1985 John Rupnow Food Science and Technology
1985 Jack Schinstock Agricultural Engineering
1984 Richard B. Warren Animal Science
1983 Dean Linsenmeyer Agricultural Economics
1983 Rick Waldren Agronomy
1982 Ted Doane Animal Science
1981 Allen Blezek Agricultural Education
1981 Dave Lewis Horticulture
1980 Keith Gilster Animal Science
1980 Robert Olson Agronomy
1979 Lowell Satterlee Food Science and Technology
1979 Dwane Zimmerman Animal Science
1978 Ronald Hanson Agricultural Economics
1978 Robert Sorensen Agronomy
1977 Roy Arnold Food Science and Technology
1977 Bobby Moser Animal Science
1976 A. Dale Flowerday Agronomy
1975 P.J. Cunningham Animal Science
1974 Lowell Moser Agronomy
1973 Gary Peterson Agronomy
1972 Earnest Peo Animal Science
1971 Charles Adams Animal Science
1971 V.E. Wendorff Agricultural Engineering
1970 Donald Edwards Agricultural Engineering
1969 James Kendrick Agricultural Economics
1966 William Colville Agronomy
1960 D.P. McGill Agronomy
1958 L.K. Crowe Dairy Technology & Biochemistry
1955 John Goodding Agronomy