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Where can you go? Study abroad helps you spread your wings further than you might have imagined possible. The impact of an international experience is positive and long-lasting. Your growth will be in many areas of your life: self-understanding, independence, communication, adaptabililty, and appreciation of your world and the situation of others.

In addition to personal growth, international engagement prepares you for your future career by giving you experience and knowledge above and beyond your major. Your workplace or future academic path is sure to be diverse, and international education experiences prepare to engage more capably and confidently in our increasingly interconnected world. 

Your time in CASNR courses is enhanced by exposure to expanding horizons. In addition to the easy process of earning credit through our faculty-led courses, you also may earn transfer credits for your participation in programs administered through our partner and affiliate insitutions. 

Funding your explorations

You have a number of options for paying for your education abroad. CASNR and the UNL Office of Global Experiences offer scholarships and financial aid. Scholarships through CASNR can be applied for below and are accepted on a rolling basis at any point before your program departs, and can be accessed here. Begin with applying for the university-wide scholarships, which have an earlier deadline (Feb 1, 2022 for this year’s summer travel), and then apply for the CASNR-specific ones below, which you are only eligible for if you do not receive one from the former source.

Professional opportunities around the world

In addition to classroom or field learning experiences, internships are available on nearly every continent. Contact Brianne Wolf for more information 402-858-8113 or

Gain global experience through extra-curriculars

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Scholars Program: grow your professional network, showcase your committment and passion for global solutions, and even earn a digital credential. The SDGs are recognized worldwide and activities like this look great on a resume, CV and your LinkedIn profile. What's the program like? First you'll choose the goal that is most meaningful for you, complete the three components (local and global expert learning/networking sessions, online learning through the SDG Academy, peer ideation session), then you'll weave your existing and new knowledge into a cumulative and original end product: either a public communication piece or an action plan. Be part of this co-curricular group taking part in whatever ways you're most interested in, or earn the full badge in one of five SDGs. Contact Brianne to get started.

The Global Agriculture Club - IAAS is a CASNR student focused organization which allows for UNL students to meet and discuss international issues and opportunities within Nebraska, the United States and abroad. It is an internationally affiliated organization that allows for students interested in agriculture to meet with others from around the United States and overseas through its annual National Summit and World Conference. The Global Agriculture Club also provides students the opportunity to raise money for IAAS sponsored conferences, internationally focused events, and education abroad. (This group is on hiatus but contact Brianne to chat about restarting it!) 

Shannon Smith
Patricia "Trish" Manga
Global Experiences Coordinator                    Nebraska East Union 247 & Ruth Leverton Hall 202E      402-472-6197 & 402-472-1816
Brianne Wolf
Brianne Wolf
Global Learning & Engagement Strategies Coordinator

Follow and engage with IAAS

Steps for Studying Abroad

Upcoming CASNR Faculty-Led Programs

Study Abroad Program Map

Summer 2024

  • Spain & France
  • Namibia
  • Ireland
  • Scotland
  • South Africa

Spring Break 2024 

  • Puerto Rico

Winter Break 2024-2o25

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Costa Rica (January)
  • Bahamas (January)

Summer 2025

  • Botswana 
  • Iceland (in combination with the College of Arts & Sciences)
  • Ireland 
  • Scotland

Winter Break 2025-2026

  • Australia
  • New Zealand

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