Honors Faculty Fellows

Without the support of our CASNR faculty and staff, our students would not have the opportunities for further challenge and greater depth in their fields; the opportunities to produce published research while still undergraduates; the opportunity to build relationships and network with esteemed professionals who can offer their years of experience and advice.

For this we are grateful! The CASNR Honors Fellows is our effort to annually highlight one of our colleagues who goes above and beyond in their work with our CASNR Honors students.

Dr. Lisa Karr Photo

Dr. Lisa Karr

Learn more about our 2020 Inductee, Dr. Lisa Karr with the Animal Science Department.

Dr. Martha Mamo Photo

Dr. Martha Mamo

Department Head
John E. Weaver Professor of Agronomy and Horticulture
Robert B. Daugherty Global Water for Food Fellow
African Scientific Institute Fellow

Sara R. Winn Photo

Sara R. Winn

Advising Coordinator
School of Natural Resources

Wes Peterson Photo

Prof. Wes Peterson

Agricultural Economics

Larkin Powell Photo

Prof. Larkin Powell

Conservation Biologist/Animal Ecologist
School of Natural Resources

Steven Waller Photo

Distinguished Fellow, Prof. Steven Waller

Director, Grassland Studies Center
Emeritus Dean, College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources

Patrice Berger Photo

Emeritus Prof. Patrice Berger

Former Director, University Honors Program
Department of History

Angela K. Pannier Photo

Prof. Angela K. Pannier

Biomedical Engineer
William E. Brooks Engineering Leadership Fellow
Department of Biological Systems Engineering

John Markwell Photo

Emeritus Prof. John Markwell

Department of Biochemistry
Former Associate Dean, CASNR

Laura Damuth Photo

Dr. Laura Damuth

National and International Fellowships

Merlyn Nielsen Photo

Emeritus Prof. Merlyn Nielsen

Department of Animal Science

Rita Kean Photo

Emeritus Prof. Rita Kean

Textiles, Merchandising & Fashion Design
College of Education and Human Sciences
Dean of Undergraduate Studies, 2003-2011

Stephen Baenziger Photo

Prof. Stephen Baenziger

Professor and Wheat Growers,
Presidential Chair
Department of Agronomy and Horticulture

James L. Van Etten Photo

Prof. James L. Van Etten

William Allington Distinguished Professor
Department of Plant Pathology