Programs Abroad

View of Morocco with buildings in the foreground and mountains in the background.
CASNR Faculty Contact:
Wes Peterson, Professor of Agricultural Economics,

Second Five-Week Summer Session, 2021Virtual Study Tour of Africa from Morocco to Madagascar

Locations: Virtual
Program Highlights:

A virtual introduction to Africa. Learn about the rich history of Timbuktu, the arts and music of Mali and Senegal, traditional Beninese religion, churches of Lalibela, Ethiopia and much more. The purpose of this course is to introduce students to Africa, its people, cultures, history, economics, politics, religions, foods, and music. The Economisthas dubbed this the African Century pointing to tremendous prospects for the growth and development of its 54 fascinating countries. While the best way to get to know Africa would be to visit it in person, this virtual tour aims to take advantage of the wealth of recorded information About Africa available in the forms of videos podcasts written material and other images of the continent and its people. In addition, knowledgeable individuals from Africa and the US will share their thoughts about the countries they know.

Learn about:

  • The rich history of Timbuktu and its ancient Islamic libraries
  • Art and music in Mali and Senegal
  • The traditional Beninese religion of Vodun, from which New-World Voodoo is derived
  • The amazing churches of Lalibela in Ethiopia
  • The lives of nomadic livestock herders in Tanzania
  • The ancient medina of Fes in Morocco
  • Food and agriculture in West Africa

And much more.

Puerto Rican Vista
CASNR Faculty Contact:
Dennis Ferraro, Conservation Biologist/Herpetologist and Professor of Practice, School of Natural Resources,

Spring 2022 - On Hold Due to COVID-19Puerto Rico: Tropical Ecosystems

Locations: Puerto Rico
Fields of Study: Tropical Ecology
Program Highlights:

Observe components of tropical ecosystems, investigate major ecosystems of an island system, and understand the influence of tropical island geology and precipitation on biodiversity structure and sustainable systems.

A student with a cheetah
CASNR Faculty Contact:
Dr. Larkin Powell, Professor, Conservation Biology and Animal Ecology, School of Natural Resources,

Summer 2022Namibia: Wildlife Conservation

Locations: Various sites across Namibia
Fields of Study: Biological Sciences, Ecology, Environmental Studies, History, Natural Resources
Program Highlights:

Observe the varied approaches to conservation and gain first-hand experience in a country that has taken up the challenge to save wildlife species of serious concern.

Rwanda peopleCASNR Faculty Contact:
Dr. Nathan Conner, Associate Professor of Agricultural Leadership, Education & Communication

Summer 2022Rwanda: Land, People & Change

Locations: Rwanda - East Africa
Fields of Study: Agricultural Leadership, Environmental Studies, Entrepreneurship, Agribusiness
Program Highlights:

Learn about the history, culture, agricultural and environmental practices, and current state of Rwanda.  Explore and understand how arts-based digital storytelling techniques can be used for engaging public audiences in positive change movements.  Visit national parks,  genocide memorials, historic cultural villages, and many local businesses and organizations.

Scotland landscape
CASNR Faculty Contact:
Brad Goetsch, PGA Golf Management Instruction Coordinator

Summer 2022United Kingdom: PGA Golf Management

Locations: Scotland
Field of Study:  Golf Management 
Program Highlights:
Develop a deeper understanding of the golf industry through the increasingly important international/cultural lens while conducting informal qualitative research in the game's birthplace. Explore various golf facilities and interact with international staff and management. Become familiar with the golf industry from both a course management and an agricultural perspective.  

Spanish Vineyard
CASNR Faculty Contact:
Rosalee Swartz, Director/Program & Recruitment, Department of Agricultural Economics,

Summer 2022Spain & France: European Culture and Food Production

Locations: Barcelona, Spain and Paris, France
Fields of Study: Agribusiness, Agronomy and Horticulture, Food Science
Program Highlights:

Explore the French and Spanish countryside, walk the streets of Barcelona and Paris and experience the agricultural foundation of the iconic cuisines of these two regions by touring vineyards, visiting olive oil facilities, and learning first-hand from experts throughout the region about European food production.

CASNR Faculty Contact:
Dr. Kathy Anderson, Professor of Animal Science,

Summer 2022Ireland: The Horse Industry and Extension

Locations: Ireland
Fields of Study: Animal Science
Program Highlights:

This program offers an in-depth study of the horse industry, culture, and history of Ireland. Visit major breeding, training, racing, and schooling farms while interacting with equine professionals in the Irish horse industry.

South Africa
CASNR Faculty Contact:
Dr. John Carroll, Director of the School of Natural Resources,

Summer 2022South Africa: Conservation in Southern Africa

Locations: South Africa
Fields of Study: Fisheries and Wildlife Management, Environmental Studies, Natural Resources
Program Highlights:

This program is centered on a nature reserve in South Africa, Africa. Students will learn fundamentals of natural history, field techniques in conservation, bush survival and animal behavior.

Students on a safari in Botswana..
CASNR Faculty Contact:
Dr. John Carroll,

Fall 2022Field Guiding in Southern Africa

Course Type: Web conference
Enrollment: NRES 492 (3 credits)

Get a live online introduction to conservation and ecotourism guiding in southern Africa.

Kanagoo crossing picture
CASNR Faculty Contact:
Dr. Paul Read, Professor of Agronomy and Horticulture,

Winter 2022-2023Australia: Ag Down Under

Locations: Australia
Fields of Study: Agribusiness, Agronomy, Animal Science, Entrepreneurship, Horticulture, Natural Resources
Program Highlights:

Learn about the unique biodiversity of the continent, the amazing wildlife and innovative agriculture industry, including  hop, poppy and fruit production; modern dairies; and some of the best wineries in the world

New Zealand

Winter 2022-2023New Zealand: Land of the Long White Cloud

Location: Christchurch, New Zealand
Fields of Study: Agribusiness, Agronomy, Animal Science, Environmental Studies, Food Science & Technology, Forestry, Natural Resources
Program Highlights:

Enjoy summer in January in the Land of the Long White Cloud (New Zealand) while learning about a country diverse in both agriculture and natural resources. See how this small country has become a major player in the agricultural export market including dairy, sheep, deer, cattle and wine. Partake in the Polynesian culture and the adrenaline-pumping activities that make tourism the second leading industry in New Zealand.

Map of Australia
CASNR Faculty Contact:
Mark Burbach, Geoscientist, School of Natural Resources,

Winter 2022-2023Australia: Managing Diverse Ecosystems

Location: Australia
Fields of Study: Natural Resources
Program Highlights:

Australia is one of the most biologically diverse countries on the planet. This program explores the complex environmental and social issues associated with managing Australia’s diverse ecosystems.

chocolate bar
CASNR Faculty Contact:
Dr. Yalem Teshome,

TBDTraveling with Chocolate from Mesoamerica to West Africa

Course Type: Web conference & in-person
Enrollment: AGRI 310 (3 credits)

Learn about the historical, cultural, and economic dimensions of cocoa growing and chocolate producation.