Teaching at CASNR

Mission Statement

We support and empower our diverse community of learners to innovate, create, discover, and inspire.

Vision Statement

CASNR is a community where everyone challenges themselves and each other to be the best we can be.

We are curious and ask bold questions.

We innovate, create, and discover.

We inspire and are optimistic about the future.

Through our collective work, we positively transform the lives of our learners, Nebraskans, and the world.

Strategic Priorities

Dedicated to providing an experiential education that propels the college to the forefront of cultivating the next generation of change-makers poised to tackle local and global challenges.

  • Be THE place for diverse educational pathways at the nexus of food, energy, water, health, and society.
  • Focus relentlessly on learner access and success.
  • Prepare a talented and diverse workforce poised to support the economic growth and vitality for Nebraska and beyond.

Attributes of a CASNR Graduate

CASNR Graduates shape our shared future. The CASNR community cultivates resilient and adaptive change-makers poised to tackle the local and global challenges spanning food, energy, water, health, and society by providing a holistic educational experience integrating curricular, co-curricular, and experiential learning.

Conversation Bubbles

Engage diverse perspectives for personal and professional success.

Group of people brainstorming

Solve problems with validated evidence, systems-thinking, and responsible stewardship.


Impact communities and the world through service, civic engagement, entrepreneurship, and leadership.