Scholarships & Financial Aid

Scholarships & Financial Aid

Paying for College

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CASNR provides more than $1 million in scholarships each year. There are several options for financing an education including scholarships and financial aid. Nearly 40% of students in the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources received either college or department scholarships.

For more information, please contact Sue Ellen Pegg at 402-472-0615 or via email.

CASNR provides over $1 million
in scholarships each year.
Nearly 40% of students
received scholarships

Husker Hub

Husker Hub is Nebraska’s “one stop” offering students integrated services from the offices of Scholarships and Financial Aid, University Registrar, Student Accounts and Bursar. At Husker Hub you can get assistance with class registration, transcripts, enrollment verification, student bills, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), scholarships, grants, student/parent loans, and work-study as you plan your path toward graduation.

Husker Hub
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CASNR Change Maker Competition

The CASNR Change Maker Competition is for prospective and current students who dare to dream big and do the extraordinary to address worldwide issues. Students are asked to submit a two-minute video explaining an original, innovative way to address global issues such as food security, sustainability and water to compete for funding and an opportunity to make their big idea a reality.

Change Maker Competition
World Food Prize participants.

World Food Prize

Participating students are eligible to apply for the $2,000 Maunder-Borlaug Food Security Scholarship toward tuition in the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (CASNR) at UNL.

World Food Prize

Estimated Tuition and Costs

The cost of tuition and fees can be found on the University of Nebraska–Lincoln admissions website.

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CASNR-wide Scholarships

Making college a reality for interested students is a priority for CASNR. We try to make funding available to incoming Freshmen, Transfer Students and Continuing Students. Freshmen and Transfer Students apply for scholarships simply by applying to the college. Upperclass Continuing Students can apply by completing the Upper Class Scholarship Application. To apply, log into MyRED and select the Scholarship Application for Current Undergraduate Students.

Application opens and closes based on the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid's schedule.

Departmental Scholarships

Some departments within the College have additional scholarships available to students within the individual unit. The criteria, qualifications and application process varies according to the scholarship.

Departmental Scholarships

Paying for Graduate Study

Continuing your education in any field requires an investment. In CASNR, we help you minimize your financial investment through fellowships and assistantships.


Over 1,700 assistantship appointments are made by departments during an academic year. Most assistantships include tuition remission during the semester of appointment and may include tuition remission for the summer. Assistantships for summer may also be available.

The assistantships are competitively awarded and typically require 13 to 20 hours of service per week. Graduate assistants are required to register during the fall and spring semesters if employed during that time, but not in the summer.



Graduate students newly admitted to UNL degree programs are eligible for several fellowships through academic departments. It is important that your Application for Admission be completed as early as possible; many departments begin reviewing applications by January 15.

Contact your admitting department for further information regarding fellowships that might be available to you.

University-Wide Fellowships

A number of fellowships are available through the CASNR office. These fellowships augment assistantships and admission fellowships for academic accomplishments and for travel to professional meetings.

CASNR Fellowships