Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning

Hands On Experience

Student working in field

Become a part of a community of active learners, building a portfolio of experiences to support your goals.

You can benefit from experiences beyond the classroom by applying knowledge and skills in the real world and reflecting on these experiences. In CASNR, you can discover a vast array of experiences that provide new knowledge, skills, and ideas. Imagine yourself in one of these opportunities!



Student organizations provide the perfect chance to interact with your peers and find your niche. Challenge yourself with a leadership role!



Find that first job opportunity with one of our professional partners to practice skills related to your field of study through a supervised work experience!


Field Studies

If you like hands-on courses and being outside, these opportunities will allow you to gain new skills while going beyond the traditional classroom!


Study Abroad

Go global! Interact with a culture that is distinct from your own. Opportunities include faculty-led programs or semesters abroad!


Mentored Research

Get one-on-one training with our faculty!



Identify a community need and work with your peers and community partners to be the solution!


Creative and Entrepreneurial Experiences

Feeling creative? Join an educational program that provides opportunities to develop and market your ideas!