Deans List L-R

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The College recognizes students for academic achievement during the fall and spring semesters by placement on the College Dean’s List. This list is alphabetical by last name.

This is not a complete list. Students with restrictions on their records regarding sharing their information outside the university will not appear. Hometown, major, and class standing are available with the UNL News Release.

We are no longer indicating a 4.0 grade point average (GPA).

Students must complete 12 credit hours of course work (courses must be started and completed in one semester) by the census date of the grade reports and attain a minimum semester GPA of 3.700.

The following do not qualify as part of the 12 credit hours:

  • pass/no pass credit
  • transfer hours
  • removals of incompletes
  • grade changes submitted after the census grade reports
Last Name First Name Department  City State
LaBrie Lindsey Fisheries and Wildlife Hastings NE
Lacy Susan Fisheries and Wildlife Sugar Land TX
Lagerstrom Ian Biochemistry Lincoln NE
Lamberson Rebekah Animal Science Prague NE
Lammers Chad Plant Biology Hartington NE
Lange Elizabeth Veterinary Science Elkhorn NE
Lange Sidney Pre-Veterinary Medicine\Fisheries and Wildlife Thedford NE
Langemeier Ryan Agronomy\Plant Biology Scribner NE
Larsen Seth Agronomy\Plant Biology Kearney NE
Latshaw Max Agronomy DeWitt NE
Le Thanh Food Science and Technology Lincoln NE
Lechnowsky Stefan Fisheries and Wildlife\Agricultural Economics Omaha NE
Lee Giho Hospitality, Restaurant and Tourism Management Sungnam -
Leners Kyle Agricultural Economics Filley NE
Li Chunjiang Biochemistry Ypsilanti MI
Lichtenfeld Emma Pre-Veterinary Medicine\Fisheries and Wildlife Lincoln NE
Likens Katlyn Agricultural Education Swanton NE
Line Jason Agribusiness Miller NE
Lockman Devon Animal Science Norfolk NE
Lofdahl Taylor Agricultural Education Omaha NE
Lorenzen Brock Fisheries and Wildlife Kansas City MO
Loseke Elisabeth Animal Science Columbus NE
Lowery Justin Microbiology Saginaw TX
Lundberg Benjamin Biochemistry Lincoln NE
Lundvall Alexandria Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Communication Wallace NE
Luong Tran Kim Ngan Horticulture Ho Chi Minh -
Luteran Petra Food Science and Technology Szarliget -
Lutz Abbey Forensic Science Summerset SD
MacBride Sean Biochemistry Omaha NE
Malene Jana Fisheries and Wildlife Omaha NE
Manchester Jacqueline Food Science and Technology Northfield IL
Mangers Ty Agronomy Juniata NE
Manning Ryen Forensic Science Huntley IL
Mannino Kathleen Biochemistry Maryland Heights MO
Marotz Tyler Agricultural Economics Wahoo NE
Mashino Kelli Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Communication Spencer NE
Mausbach Jasmine Environmental Restoration Science\Environmental Studies Omaha NE
Mazimpaka Ian Integrated Science Kigali -
Mbarushimana Jean Claude Integrated Science Kigali -
McFayden Connor Environmental Studies Papillion NE
McGuire Brittni Fisheries and Wildlife Omaha NE
McIntosh Maya Veterinary Science Lincoln NE
Medina Alex Agribusiness Fairbury NE
Mercurio Angela Biochemistry Brucefield ON
Merz Brandon Environmental Studies Kearney NE
Meyer Callie Agronomy Brule NE
Micek Megan Forensic Science Papillion NE
Milhouse Maria Pre-Veterinary Medicine Lincoln NE
Miller Brent Agribusiness Lyons NE
Miller Heidi Animal Science Lyons NE
Miller Marcus Fisheries and Wildlife Lincoln NE
Miller Michael Plant Biology Overland Park KS
Miller Shalyn Pre-Veterinary Medicine Norfolk NE
Misfeldt Madeline Animal Science Blair NE
Monette Alexander Horticulture Lincoln NE
Moore Rebecca Food Science and Technology Shorewood MN
Morley Zachery PGA Golf Management Lincoln NE
Mortensen Adam Environmental Studies\Fisheries and Wildlife Cedarburg WI
Mosel Cassie Agronomy North Platte NE
Most Micah Animal Science Ogallala NE
Mott Brooke Fisheries and Wildlife Omaha NE
Mpinganzima Roxanne Integrated Science Kigali -
Muhikira Ntwali Gislain Integrated Science Kigali 01
Mundorf Katherine Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Communication La Vista NE
Munezero Sarah Integrated Science Kigali -
Munyaneza David Integrated Science Kigali -
Murphy Patrick Horticulture Lincoln NE
Murray Isabelle Fisheries and Wildlife North Bend OH
Mutabazi Alain Integrated Science Kigali -
Mwiseneza Gloria Integrated Science Kigali -
Mwunguzi Herve Integrated Science Kigali -
Myers Jennifer Plant Biology Lincoln NE
Ncamihigo Shimwa Clement Integrated Science Kigali -
Ndahiro Arcene Integrated Science Kigali -
Ndahiro Iribagiza Shemsa Integrated Science Kigali -
Nelson Brenna Microbiology Bennington NE
Nelson Rose Microbiology Sidney NE
Nelson Sierra Agribusiness Hickman NE
Ness KateLynn Agricultural Education Fremont NE
Neujahr Ashley Agricultural Education Lincoln NE
Nguyen Troy Environmental Studies Lincoln NE
Nichols Brandon Agricultural Economics Bridgeport NE
Nichols Connor Environmental Studies Bellevue NE
Nichols Riley Agribusiness Elm Creek NE
Niwenshuti Jean Damascene Integrated Science Kigali -
Niyonteze Edison Integrated Science Kigali -
Niyorukundo Jonathan Integrated Science Kigali -
Noble Alyssa Fisheries and Wildlife Chadron NE
Nordell Nicole Veterinary Science Gretna NE
Nsengiyumva Mpore Victor Integrated Science Kigali -
Ntambara Zacharie Integrated Science Kigali -
Nyabami Precious Valentine Integrated Science Kigali -
Nyacyesa Rumuri Salem Integrated Science Kigali -
Nziza Sylvie Integrated Science Kigali -
Oathout Camden Fisheries and Wildlife Omaha NE
Oborny Krystin Agricultural Education Garland NE
O'Brien John Agribusiness Tilden NE
O'Donnell Holly Agribusiness Omaha NE
Olson Jayde Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Communication Lincoln NE
Ortmeier Matthew Applied Science North Bend NE
Osbon Katherine Hospitality, Restaurant and Tourism Management Newport NE
Osborn Sarah Biochemistry Omaha NE
Ott Krista Agribusiness Wisner NE
Owusu-Ansah Frank Biochemistry Lincoln NE
Pair Lauren Hospitality, Restaurant and Tourism Management Keller TX
Paliwal Nakul PGA Golf Management Delhi -
Pandorf Felicia Animal Science Shelby NE
Panguripan Irwin Food Science and Technology Jakarta JK
Patzel Lauren Animal Science Humboldt NE
Pelster Corin Agribusiness Bartlett NE
Perkins Jeremiah Agribusiness Beaver City NE
Pester Echo Fisheries and Wildlife Palmyra NE
Petersen Bryan Applied Climate Science Herman NE
Petersen Emily Biochemistry Pierre SD
Peterson Bailey Biochemistry Denton NE
Peterson Griffin Pre-Veterinary Medicine Omaha NE
Petsch Megan Environmental Studies Pleasant Dale NE
Pfeifer Ryan Fisheries and Wildlife Lindsay NE
Piccolo Tucker Pre-Veterinary Medicine Papillion NE
Podliska Holly Agricultural Education Madison NE
Polk Samuel Plant Biology Omaha NE
Pollock Elizabeth Animal Science Pleasant Dale NE
Preissler Nicholas Agronomy Giltner NE
Radil John Agricultural Economics Comstock NE
Rambo Taylor Forensic Science\Biochemistry Fishers IN
Ramsey Halle Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Communication Ord NE
Rawlinson Kate Veterinary Science Lincoln NE
Reagan Christopher Agronomy Lincoln NE
Reed Jessica Hospitality, Restaurant and Tourism Management Elm Creek NE
Reicks Rebecca Animal Science Petersburg NE
Reif Emily Environmental Studies Deadwood SD
Reiner Tressa Animal Science Burwell NE
Rhiley Billy PGA Golf Management Lincoln NE
Rice Samuel PGA Golf Management Pleasant Hill IA
Richters Garrett Agricultural Economics Beaver Crossing NE
Riddle Alison Pre-Veterinary Medicine\Veterinary Science Lincoln NE
Riecken Montana Agricultural Economics Lyons NE
Rienks Alexis Food Science and Technology Lincoln NE
Ries Jason Horticulture Malcolm NE
Riggs Shelby Agricultural Economics Mitchell SD
Ristine Blake Agricultural Economics Gothenburg NE
Robbins Derek Veterinary Science Flint TX
Rolland Ruby Fisheries and Wildlife Blair NE
Roth Jamie Forensic Science Milford NE
Rudolph Jessica Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Communication Gothenburg NE
Rule Kristen Veterinary Science LaVista NE
Rupprecht Kailee Pre-Veterinary Medicine Odell NE
Ruskamp Edward Agronomy North Bend NE
Rutledge James Fisheries and Wildlife Dallas TX
Rwakineza Muhamadi Integrated Science Kigali -
Sarik Robin Biochemistry Lincoln NE
Satterly Joshua Fisheries and Wildlife Burlington CO
Sayers Jessilyn Animal Science Clarkson NE
Schafer Savannah Agricultural Education Nehawka NE
Schenk Karl Agribusiness Jefferson SD
Schildberg Emily Animal Science Greenfield IA
Schmidt Jessica Veterinary Science\Microbiology Gothenburg NE
Schroeder Hunter Animal Science West Point NE
Schulte Mathias Biochemistry Kearney NE
Schwenka Madison Forensic Science Hastings NE
Settje Hannah Animal Science Raymond NE
Settje Zachary Agribusiness Raymond NE
Sherman Joseph PGA Golf Management St Charles IL
Sieck Renae Animal Science Martell NE
Simbi Mvuyekure Rene Francis Integrated Science Kigali -
Sindelar London Hospitality, Restaurant and Tourism Management Pierce NE
Sliter Breeanna Animal Science La Vista NE
Sloup Jacob Agronomy Seward NE
Smith Chandler Biochemistry Bellevue NE
Smith Nicole Environmental Studies Omaha NE
Sonnenfeld Anna Environmental Studies Ord NE
Sousek Jeremy Mechanized Systems Management Lincoln NE
Spencer Jacy Agricultural Economics Brewster NE
Spoden Courtney Pre-Veterinary Medicine Sartell MN
Steffen Abby Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Communication Crofton NE
Steinle Paige Applied Science Bayard NE
Stewart Isabelle Agricultural Education Columbus NE
Stoltz Rylee Agribusiness Pierce NE
Strand Nicole Fisheries and Wildlife Wauneta NE
Stratman Taylor Microbiology\Veterinary Science\Pre-Veterinary Medicine Stromsburg NE
Stroh Jennifer Pre-Veterinary Medicine Cedar Park TX
Suarez Chloe Animal Science Bentonville AR
Sutton Kylee Forensic Science Lincoln NE
Swann Madison Biochemistry Lincoln NE
Tank Nicole Veterinary Science North Canton OH
Tarrell Kelsey Horticulture Omaha NE
Taylor Kaitlin Agricultural Education\Horticulture Holdrege NE
Taylor Lauren Hospitality, Restaurant and Tourism Management Mead NE
tenBensel Caleb Agricultural Education Cambridge NE
Thomas Ryley Environmental Studies Lincoln NE
Tietmeyer William Agricultural Education York NE
Tran Justin Food Science and Technology Papillion NE
Tranmer Morgan Agricultural Education Wilber NE
Trinh Huong Biochemistry Lincoln NE
True Michael Fisheries and Wildlife Lincoln NE
Turabawe Genereuse Integrated Science Kigali -
Tuyishimire Esdras Integrated Science Kigali -
Tuyizere Olivier Integrated Science Kigali -
Tveit Caitlyn Forensic Science Andover MN
Twizeyimana Leonard Integrated Science Kigali -
Uehling Grant Applied Science Oakland NE
Uhlig Lauren Fisheries and Wildlife\Environmental Studies Omaha NE
Uhlman Jacob Agribusiness Clatonia NE
Uwase Elizabeth Integrated Science Kigali -
Valasek Kara Animal Science Palmer NE
Vales Emilye Agricultural Education De Witt NE
VandeBrug Brodrick Agribusiness Pender NE
Vencil Jacob Fisheries and Wildlife Yutan NE
Vetick Brock Plant Biology Lyons NE
Vinton Bethany Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Communication Mullen NE
Vinton Lydia Plant Biology Whitman NE
Vogt Dillon Water Science Grand Island NE
Von Seggern Morgan Horticulture Wisner NE
Wach Andrea Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Communication Wauneta NE
Wacker Paige Agronomy Wayne NE
Waldo Thomas Agricultural Economics Lincoln NE
Wallin Parker Mechanized Systems Management Newman Grove NE
Walmsley Hailey Agricultural Education Norfolk NE
Walrath Joeli Animal Science Ashton NE
Watkins Francine Veterinary Science Omaha NE
Weeder Jessica Agribusiness Genoa NE
Wehrbein Caleb Plant Biology Plattsmouth NE
Weisser Alec Water Science Lincoln NE
Welchans Brighid Environmental Studies\Fisheries and Wildlife Omaha NE
Wells Emily Agribusiness Cairo NE
White Holly Environmental Studies\Fisheries and Wildlife Blair NE
Wickham Victoria Water Science Lincoln NE
Widdowson Maverick Agribusiness Kearney NE
Wiese Evan Agribusiness Grand Island NE
Wilhelm Kevin Veterinary Science Omaha NE
Wilkinson Colby Mechanized Systems Management Tilden NE
Williams Sage Agricultural Education Eddyville NE
Wilton Clare Fisheries and Wildlife Gresham NE
Winters Emma Animal Science Omaha NE
Wissig Courtney Fisheries and Wildlife Bellevue NE
Wittler JNan Animal Science Fairbury NE
Woolridge Ashleigh Animal Science Bellevue NE
Young Jake Agribusiness Oneill NE
Zabel Haley Agricultural Education Firth NE
Zaleski Gabrielle Forensic Science Lincoln NE
Zhou Jing Agribusiness Nanning -
Ziegler Bailey Animal Science Wolbach NE
Zimmerman Kara Agribusiness Unadilla NE
Zobel Mitchell Mechanized Systems Management Bancroft NE
Zoucha Justin Agronomy Schuyler NE
Zwiener Mackenzie Fisheries and Wildlife Lincoln NE