Global Opportunities

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We are a global community of learners with students, staff and faculty from all over the world, we offer education pathways to extend learning beyond Nebraska, and have a global network of over 20,000 living alumni that are doing amazing things.  

CASNR students at the Great Wall of China

CASNR students on a study abroad program in China.

Education Abroad

Sharing CASNR Students with the World

Where can you go? Study Abroad helps you spread your wings further than you might have imagined possible. The impact of an international experience is great, positive, and long-lasting. The impact can be felt on your personal growth in self-understanding, independence, communication, and appreciation of your world and the situation of others. CASNR has sponsored trips to a variety of locations around the world including New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Botswana, Italy, Rwanda, Scotland, Spain, and France.

Education Abroad

CASNR students sharing pictures on thier phones

CASNR students sharing their global experiences.

Global Learning Hub

Inspiring Global Curiosity

Through the Global Learning Hub, in-person and online learners can explore global learning opportunities in Nebraska and beyond. Students, faculty and staff can further expand their global network by utilizing it as a resource that will work to facilitate international teaching and learning, connections with scholars from around the globe, and campus/community engagement and programming to enhance the global mindset of the next generation of leaders.

Global Learning Hub

CUSP student, Rodrigue, speaking in class

CUSP alumnus Rodrigue, speaking in class.

CUSP Program

Developing the Next Generation of Rwandan Agricultural Leaders

Since 2015, nearly 200 students from Rwanda have been selected to participate in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resource’s Undergraduate Scholars Program (CUSP). Students selected to participate in the CASNR Undergraduate Scholarship Program (CUSP) pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Integrated Science that is focused on conservation agriculture, entrepreneurship, and leadership. The academic program is aligned with the areas of need as identified by the Rwandan Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources.

CUSP Program

NWAFU Class with Dr. Curtis Weller

Dr. Curtis Weller leading a class discussion at Northwest A&F University in China.

3+1 Food Science

Sharing CASNR Students with the World

The new 3+1 dual degree program with NWAFU is the first of its kind in the world and provides an excellent opportunity for students to learn and engage with world leaders in Food Science from both institutions.  The 3+ l dual degree program is an international collaboration between the Department of Food Science and Technology and Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University (NWAFU) in Yangling, China. For the first two years, students are taught by NWAFU faculty in China . In the third year, UNL faculty teach in person in China, and in the fourth, students come to UNL.

3+1 Program