Online Agriculture and Natural Resources Graduate Degrees and Certificates

Online Agriculture and Natural Resources Graduate Degrees and Certificates

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Learn about the online graduate programs available through the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (CASNR). In CASNR we place the needs of our students at the center of all that we do by...

  • Supporting working professionals while earning a degree and/or certificate that addresses personal educational goals
  • Working with faculty advisors who will help design a program that meets the needs of each individual student
  • Ensuring high quality science-based educational programs which are the same programs earned by on-campus students

Online Master's Degree Programs

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Master of Science in Agronomy

Agronomy is the application of plant and soil science to crop production and includes the study of plant genetics, breeding, biotechnology, molecular biology, physiology, biochemistry, weed control, and crop management. The online Master of Science in Agronomy program curriculum focuses on industry applications and research.

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Master of Applied Science

The online Master of Applied Science program is designed for students who are looking to pursue a professional degree in agriculture, food, community development and natural resources at the masters level.

M.A.S. in Applied Science specializations
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Master of Science in Entomology

Entomology is the study of insects and encompasses the biological, agricultural, and environmental sciences related to insects and their interaction with humans and other organisms. The online Master of Science in Entomology is designed for science professionals who are interested in broadening their skill sets and education in Entomology.

Online Certificates

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Horticulture Certificates

The online Advanced Horticulture Graduate Certificate is designed for horticulture, landscape and turf management professionals.

Ag*IDEA Program
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Rural Economic and Community Vitality

The online Rural Economic and Community Vitality graduate certificate conveys economic and social concepts relevant to understanding rural communities, the public decision-making process and the value of a multicultural and diverse citizenship.

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Food Safety and Defense

The online Food Safety and Defense, Graduate Certificate program serves the needs of industry and agencies that must protect the human food supply from accidental or deliberate contamination with pathogenic microbes and/or toxicants.

Ag*IDEA Program

Grassland Management

The online Grasslands Management, Graduate Certificate is designed to provide students with knowledge about the conservation, utilization and sustainability of managed grassland systems.

Ag*IDEA Program

GP IDEA Program Great Plains IDEA is a national consortium of universities that offer programs and courses in agriculture disciplines.

Ag*IDEA Program Ag*IDEA is an affiliate of the Great Plains IDEA. The Ag*IDEA's membership of top accredited universities offer master's degrees and graduate certificates fully online from top faculty.

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