Alexander Gade

Alexander Gade

I first chose CASNR because of the PGA golf management program. Over the past few years, I have been shown why CASNR is such great place and network to be a part of. 

I had the most fun being a part of CASNR for the sole reason of everything I learned while I was here. It may sound a bit nerdy, but I’m not even talking about classroom work. The opportunities that are available to you while being a part of CASNR are endless. You get to go on field trips and see people’s career being affected by the material you are learning about in everyday classes. It makes learning much more fun and enjoyable while going out and touring and seeing everyday application of your current material. 

The PGA Golf Management program has most directly prepared me for my future career with various classes and internships, but CASNR has helped me with the range of classes they offer that cater and relate to my major in different ways. The turfgrass classes are a great example of those different classes that directly and indirectly prepared me for my future career. 

CASNR is a special place. It is a tight knit group of individuals where everyone knows everyone. You don’t get that with other colleges around UNL. It is a great place and fun environment to be a part of. The internships and possibilities are endless with the network of people roaming through CASNR every day. I would say that is one of my favorite parts of CASNR: the close network of people. Even in my short time here, over the past 3 ½ years, I have come to know many professors in CASNR and every one of them are helpful and get to know each student on a personal level. That makes communicating so much easier and learning that much more enjoyable and fun. 

My professors in my college, to say the least, are very knowledgeable and approachable. Being able to go in and ask any question, even when I am not still enrolled in their class is an awesome feeling. I can go to past teachers and still get information because they look out for the best interest of my career and future. 

I have been very involved outside of the classroom. Various things going on in the union is always a great place to find involvement, but also the PGM does a ton of work outside the classroom. We have certain committees inside the program that plan out events to go volunteer or socialize with other students. 

I would say the difference between my experience here and other students is that I am very heavily involved and have been since I stepped on campus. I have always been involved with our program with volunteering for various events, holding office for our student club, and being invested and fully bought-into what we do here at UNL PGM. I have had my door open to all underclassmen and even upperclassmen have come to me in recent years on where to take their next step based on my wide range of experiences. 

One of the most vivid and exciting moments in my time as a Husker this far was our comeback win in football against Wisconsin 2 years ago. Just a great atmosphere inside Memorial Stadium and one of the best games I’ve watched. Also, the winning pass against Northwestern was a really awesome and vivid moment I had while being a Husker from RKIII to Westerkamp.

Major:  PGA Golf Management
Year:  Graduated
Current Employer:  -
Notable Activities:
  • PGA Jr. Series Championship Official (Palm Beach Gardens, Fl.)
  • U.S. Senior Open Championship Assistant (Omaha, Neb.)
  • Fox Run Golf Course Management Intern (Yankton, S.Dak.)

Alexander Gade
Alexander Gade
Alexander Gade