Jeffrey Wallman

Jeff Wallman

During my first weekend at UNL, all of the incoming freshmen were gathered in Memorial Stadium for a massive welcome and convocation. This was probably the very first time I truly realized that I was exactly where I needed to be in regards to my collegiate education. With so many students gathered in one place, I could feel the flow of energy and excitement for not only the upcoming academic year but the future of my life. 

To me, CASNR provides a small-town feel in a big city. Whenever I step foot on East Campus, I see a familiar face wherever I go. CASNR has a sense of community that I think no other college at UNL can compare to. Between the administration, professors, and fellow students, CASNR truly makes you feel as if you've got a home away from home. 

The professors in CASNR, and throughout the rest of UNL, do a very effective job of making you feel like you aren't a number. Many students who are seeking a college see UNL as the type of big school where you become just a face in the crowd; that is definitely not the case. I think it's because the professors take the time to get to know students and truly care about our educational experience. For example, my Life Sciences 121 class had around 180 students in it, but when I went into my professor's office on East Campus, she knew my name right when I walked in the door. It's those types of little things that put the University's professors a rank above those at comparable colleges, especially in CASNR.

I come from a deeply-rooted farm background, and I have been involved in the 4-H and FFA programs for many years. Through those programs, I have always had a strong link to CASNR. My experiences through 4-H and FFA showed me that CASNR would be a solid choice: it would provide me with a unique collegiate experience and allow me to get the most out of UNL. 

My CASNR Academic Advisor, Ben Heinisch, has been a great resource for preparing me for my future beyond college. I have always been able to rely on him to give me direction at UNL, whether that means helping me to juggle classes or manage my extra-curricular activities. I have put a lot of trust in him, and I feel that his direction in my CASNR experience has and will continue to greatly prepare me for my future. 

Unlike many other CASNR students, I live and study over on City Campus rather than East. Because my major is in both CASNR and the College of Arts and Sciences, many of my classes are held on City Campus. Even though I don't get over to East Campus very often, I still feel that I am strongly a part of it. The character and community of CASNR is strong enough to reach me (and many other City Campus CASNR students) and make me feel included in the college itself. 

At CASNR, you are sure to find your passions in no time at all. I – along with thousands of other students – love what I am studying at UNL, and I must give some credit for that to the guidance and community I have at CASNR. Along with falling into your academic niche, you quickly find an abundance of friends and activities at CASNR. The college has a community that blends your classmates, your friends, and your interests into a very unique and satisfying collegiate experience. Through CASNR's extracurricular activities, you have the opportunity to spend time and work with your peers, whether they are your best friends or the students you sit next to in the lecture hall. No matter what you're looking to get out of college, you'll find it at CASNR.

At UNL, I am a trumpet player in the Big Red Express pep band, which performs at all of the home Volleyball and Men's/Women's Basketball games. I am also an Honors Ambassador for the University Honors Program, which promotes the Honors program among both current and potential students. In the Honors Program, I am also a Peer Mentor, where I orientate freshmen to college life during the first few weeks of the fall semester. I am a member and the 2014-2015 Vice President of the Campus Red Cross, which hosts multiple blood drives and other community service events on campus. I am also a member of Husker Food Connection and intramural sports teams.

One thing I really enjoy about CASNR is the effective communication that the college utilizes. Every week, I am notified not only of campus events (both educational and social) but I am also informed about research, job, and scholarship opportunities that become available throughout the year. CASNR is an awesome place in UNL because it reaches out to each and every one of its students and provides them with the most and the best opportunities on campus, in Lincoln, and in Nebraska.

Major:  Biochemistry
Year:  Junior
Current Employer:  Gold Crest Retirement Center
Notable Activities:
  • Medication Aide
  • Graphic Designer
  • Farm Manager
  • Big Red Express pep band
  • Honors Ambassador
  • Campus Red Cross, Vice President
  • Husker Food Connection
  • Intramural Sports