Jess Chekal

Jessica Chekal

As an incoming freshman, I would have never guessed that I could have accomplished what I have as an undergraduate student. Due to the personal attention from the staff, academic advisors, and professors in CASNR I have found a major and minors that I am truly passionate about. The professors in CASNR have continuously challenged me to find my personal interests in each subject area, to pursue those interests, to ask questions, and to dig to discover how those interests and new knowledge set can be applied to my major as a whole and my future career. As a CASNR student, from my class selection, academic projects, research experiences, to extracurricular activity involvement, my college experience has been personalized specifically for me.

During the sophomore year of my undergraduate career, I started to participate in research in the biochemistry department. My research experiences have given me the opportunity to play a role in putting together a small piece of the remarkably complex science puzzle. Being able to apply what you learn in the classroom to a research question is exhilarating. And through continuous guidance from my mentor I have developed improved critical thinking skills, received funding and scholarships to continue my research, and been able to travel and present my research at multiple conferences and symposiums including the Nebraska Research Symposium, and the annual Experimental Biology Meeting.

But my college career has been defined by much more than just academics and research. I am involved on campus as an Ambassador for the Honors Program, a member of the Black Masque Chapter of Mortar Board, actively involved in the Certificate of Civic Engagement Program, which has gotten me involved in volunteer experiences across the Lincoln community, intramural sports, and the Honors Program.

Choosing CASNR has completely defined my undergraduate years, and I have had a unique and invaluable set of experiences that I believe will allow me to succeed in my future endeavors. 

Major:  Biochemistry
Year:  Graduate Dec. 2015
Current Employer:  Undergraduate Research Assistant in Biochemistry
Notable Activities:
  • Honors Program Ambassador
  • Mortar Board, Black Masque Chapter
  • Civic Engagement Program
  • Intramural Sports
  • Honors Program

Jessica Chekal
Jessica Chekal
Jessica Chekal
Jessica Chekal