Johnny Ference

Johnny Ference

I choose this great campus because of the tradition of advancing agriculture. Dr. George Beadle for a quick example.  I wanted to be part of a campus that is accepting the challenge to help feed the 9 billion that will be on earth in a few decades. So CASNR was a very easy choice for me.

I love how CASNR is a small town within the big city of Lincoln. When you are walking to class, you can see many people talking to each other. Then next thing you know you see someone walking you know, and you stop a chat for a few minutes. Also I love if I wave at some that doesn't know me, I can still guarantee a wave back.

The professors are always looking for the best in their students. If that is from educating in the classroom, but also providing opportunities to grow into the leaders of the Agricultural industry. The professors are there to serve the students, and they are always willing to help!

CASNR is still helping grow as a future leader. The area that has helped me the most is the networking being done through different career fairs, clubs, and speakers the university brings in to the college.

If a student is looking for a college experience where you have the support of not only from the friends you make, but also the professors and everyone you meet this is a place for you. If you want to be developed into a future leader of agriculture if that is going back to the family farm, teaching in a high school, to being the CEO of a great agriculture company The College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln will be a perfect fit for you.

The main difference between my experience for college and other throughout the University is I am not afraid to get out of my comfort zone. This is advice to every student that is coming to college. College is what you make it, so whenever you get a opportunity to grow professionally, intellectually, or socially take the chance. I have never once said dang I wish I never joined that organization or I should of never went to that football game because I had too much fun. Step outside of your comfort zone and take a chance!!

My favorite memory is when I was helping with an activity located on campus and I was interviewing the Vice Chancellor of IANR and Dean of CASNR. Then at the end of the interview I had us three playing air guitar on stage to Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams.

CASNR has been I place I can call home. The friends I have made, the internships I have had, to the professional develop I have developed from professors,  CASNR is a college that is trying it's best to better the students. When ever I have had a problem or need help there is a list of people I can ask  and know that there is one that will. This feeling has been with me since I came to the College in 2012.  That alone is one of the many great experience I have had throughout my college career.

Major:  Agricultural Education
Year:  Senior
Current Employer:  Monsanto
Notable Activities:
  • AgriGold Seed Sales Intern
  • Monsanto Sales Intern
  • State FFA Officer
  • CASNR Ambassador
  • Farmhouse Fraternity, Secretary
  • Engler Entrepreneurship Program
  • Ag Education Club
  • Nebraska Agricultural Youth Council

Johnny Ference
Johnny Ference
Johnny Ference