Nicole D'Angelo

Nicole D'Angelo

Being a native of California, I choose to become a CASNR student because of their established and successful agricultural majors. Despite not having a background in agriculture, I was welcomed into the college even during my initial interest and contact with my academic advisors. Before I stepped onto campus, I felt that I had mentors in the faculty. The wide assortment of classes to take, both in my major and in CASNR itself, stood out as I could explore numerous career options and interests. 

Being a CASNR student enabled me to become a part of a learning community that expanded far past just my academic major. Taking classes in CASNR allowed me to create connections with faculty and students of all areas of study. This led me to find new interests throughout campus and create an environment that became my second home.

My experience as a CASNR student made me excited about my college experience. When discussing my undergraduate career with students from other universities, I am excited about the classes that I have taken, the programs that are offered and the extra curricular activities that are what makes up CASNR. 

CASNR professors are one of a kind. I can recall each professor that I had, regardless of subject matter, being willing to help me in any way that they can. Whether it was a question about course content, advising or career guidance, my CASNR professors were there to support and guide me towards success. 

My most vivid memory of my time as a student includes being a part of the UNL Equestrian Team, specifically going to Zones, or semi-nationals, representing the Hunt Seat team. Throughout my four years as a CASNR student, I was very active in the UNL Equestrian Team. I was hunt seat captain for the latter two years of my undergraduate. Having the opportunity to represent CASNR and UNL at the national level was a memorable moment in my undergraduate career as I represented a college that I was truly proud to be a part of. I was also a part of the Pre-Veterinary Club. I spent my senior year working in the 4-H Extension office planning summer camps for high school students. Through this experience, I was able to participate in volunteer efforts at the Nebraska State Fair and Nebraska Equine 4-H. 

CASNR prepared me for my career by offering multiple resources throughout my undergraduate career. The CASNR Career Fair was great practice as I was able to meet and talk to employers from various companies across the United States. Career Services was one of the primary reasons I was able to obtain my internship with the Budweiser Clydesdales. Julie Obermeyer took the time to teach me how to write a successful resume, as well spent time performing mock interviews to prepare me for the actual interview in St. Louis. I am currently teaching Agricultural Education at Seward High School and pursing a doctorate in STEM Education.

I enjoyed almost all aspects of CASNR. From the homecoming concerts to the academic guidance and overall learning that I had as a CASNR undergrad, I feel that all aspects of my experience were memorable. A student should choose CASNR because of the countless opportunities that CASNR provides to their students. While you might be interested in your major, opportunities for internships, on campus jobs and activities are continually presented to students in all areas of the college. There is always a faculty member who is willing to guide you throughout your undergraduate career, whether it is academics or for extracurricular activities. CASNR is a college that will make you feel as if you are a part of family that is much bigger than just your major.

Major:  Ag Leadership, Education & Communications
Year:  2013 Alum
Current Employer:  CASNR Dean's Office
Notable Activities:
  • West Coast Hitch of the Budweiser Clydesdales Intern
  • UNL Equestrian Team
  • Pre-Vet Club
  • 4-H Extension Office Summer Camp intern

Nicole D'Angelo