Trent Mastny

Trent Mastny
What is your most vivid memory of your time as a student?

My most vivid memory of CASNR would be every day walking to class I run into someone that I know. It could be someone from one of my organizations, a close friend, or a professor, but everyone will stop and say hi. The people of CASNR are amazing. The people of CASNR make it one of the best colleges in the country.

What did you like best about CASNR?

No matter if I'm walking to class or sitting in the Union studying, I will see someone I know. I graduated from a class of 17 people so coming into college, I was intimidated. The people of CASNR has made this my new home. I also love the opportunities that the college gives me. The professors are in the top of their field, and they help me become the best I can with their resources. 

What would you say about the professors in your college?

My professors are more than just teachers, they are mentors. I can go to professors in CASNR and ask for help on homework, ask about future internships or jobs, or just get advice on life experiences. They treat me like I am a colleague not just a student. It is easy to learn from the professors when I can ask any question and they know who I am. Many students think they will just be a number in a University system but at CASNR you are more than a number. Professors want to learn more about their students and as long as you put in the effort to know the professor, they will get to know you. 

Why did you first choose CASNR?

I chose CASNR because of my love for agriculture. I grew up on my family farm four miles south of Howells and have loved agriculture ever since I was little. During the spring, summer, and fall, I was out with my brothers and dad  riding in the planter, riding in the truck hauling corn, or harvesting in the combine. During the winter, I would set up my toy tractors in the house and play farm. So it is in my blood. When I enrolled at CASNR, I did not know what I wanted for a career, but I knew CASNR would give me the chance to experience many different career opportunities. 

How did CASNR prepare you for your career?

Going into college I had no idea what I wanted for a career. I knew it would involve agriculture but that was the extent. As I am a Junior, I am still unsure of what I want to do when I graduate, but CASNR has given me a vast range of experience in areas such as Agriculture Leadership, Plant Science, Agribusiness, Soil Science, and Animal Science. CASNR has helped me get internships that help me experience potential future job experiences. I have been able to narrow down the list of jobs that I want to pursue after graduation. CASNR has helped me make a decision for my future. 

What made your experience different from that of others you have met?

My experience at CASNR has been special because I have found myself. As the saying goes, "College is where you create and find yourself", that holds true to me. With all of the opportunities CASNR offers, I was able to join different organizations and see if that was the right fit. As I enter my junior year, I have been able to find what I am truly passionate about. Those opportunities make CASNR like no other college. 

Why should a student choose CASNR?

Students should choose CASNR because they will be getting a great education while finding their passion and making new friends in a friendly tight knit community. When I think of CASNR, I think of family. The college allows students to become experts in their field while growing as a person. It has the whole package any student is looking for. 

What did you most enjoy about your experience at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, specifically in CASNR?

I have made life long friends through CASNR and that is the greatest thing I could have ever asked for. Coming into college, it is always scary not knowing if you will find a group that you fit in to, but CASNR has allowed me to make great life-long friends.

Major:  Agricultural Education
Year:  Senior
Current Employer:  Nebraska Ethanol Board
Notable Activities:
  • Intern at Dupont Pioneer
  • Nebraska Agriculture Youth Council
  • Agriculture Sack Lunch of Nebraska
  • CASNR Ambassador
  • CASNR Week Program Council
  • TeamMates Mentor Program
  • Chancellor's Leadership Class Facilitator
  • Agricultural Education Club