Lawrence K. Crowe Undergraduate Advisor Award

Lawrence K. Crowe Undergraduate Advisor Award
Outstanding Contributions in Undergraduate Advising

Nomination Instructions

The nomination packet for the Lawrence K. Crowe Undergraduate Advisor Award must include all the following items to be considered.

  1. Nominator's Letter

    A letter of nomination from the nominator stating the advising contributions and the student impact resulting from the undergraduate advising program carried out by the nominee (not to exceed two pages doubled-spaced).

  2. Nominee's Philosophy and Approach

    A statement from the nominee explaining their advising philosophy and approach to undergraduate student advising (not to exceed two pages doubled-spaced).

  3. Narrative Items

    A description of the nominee's involvement in student activities, undergraduate research, and/or internships as well as in any leadership roles (e.g., CASNR Week, CASNR Open House, faculty leader for student study tours, judging team coaching, faculty mentor, New Student Enrollment, and student organization activities with community service or fund raising).

    A statement of the nominee's self-development efforts and creative activities relating to their student advising program. This should also include any efforts by the nominee to assess and/or evaluate the effectiveness of their undergraduate advising program.

    A brief history of nominee's advising activities (e.g., number of undergraduate student advisees; involvement as an advisor to student organizations/clubs, fraternities, sororities, honoraries; committee service relating to academic advising; curriculum development; and, student retention).

    Letters of recommendation and support. A maximum of nine letters total (e.g., three letters from each group) can be included in the nomination packet. Letters may be from: faculty, staff and/or administration or current or former student advisees/alumni.

  4. Submission deadline is 5:00 p.m. on Friday, March 29, 2024.

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The Selection Committee

As of 2007, the past three year faculty winners of the Lawrence K. Crowe Outstanding Undergraduate Advisor Award comprises the College Student Advising Improvement Committee. This committee will review the applications for the Lawrence K. Crowe Outstanding Undergraduate Advisor Award each year and submit a recommendation for the faculty award winner to the Dean of the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources.

Past Awardees

2023 Anne Streich Agronomy and Horticulture
2022 Dann Husmann Agricultural Leadership, Education & Communication, Director PGA Golf Management
2021 Randy Wehling Food Science and Technology
2019 Deepak Keshwani Biological Systems Engineering
2019 Brandi Sigmon Plant Pathology
2018 Mark Pegg School of Natural Resources
2017 Erin Sayer Biochemistry
2016 Dr. Michael Carlson School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
2015 Sara Winn School of Natural Resources
2014 Rosalee Swartz Agricultural Economics
2013 Bryan Reiling Animal Science
2012 Britta Osborne Biochemistry
2011 Walter Schacht Agronomy and Horticulture
2010 Steven J. Jones Animal Science
2009 Garald Horst Agronomy and Horticulture
2008 Darrell R. Mark Agricultural Economics
2007 Joan Krush Biochemistry
2006 Susan Cuppett Food Science and Technology
2005 Phillip Miller Animal Science
2004 Lloyd Bell Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication
2003 Dennis Brink Animal Science
2002 Dennis McCallister Agronomy
2001 Richard Waldren Agronomy
2000 Steve Mason Agronomy
1999 Don Lee Agronomy
1998 Lowell Moser Agronomy
1997 Osmund Gilbertson Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication
1996 George Pfeiffer Agricultural Economics
1995 Larry Larson Animal Science
1994 Keith Gilster Animal Science
1993 Jack Schinstock Biological Systems Engineering
1992 Norman Schneider Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences
1991 Ronald Case Forestry, Fisheries and Wildlife
1990 Earl Dickinson Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences
1989 Dave McGill Agronomy
1988 Ted Doane Animal Science
1987 Ronald Hanson Agricultural Economics
1986 Jay Fitzgerald Horticulture
1985 Ernie Peo, Jr. Animal Science
1984 Charles Adam Animal Science
1983 Howard Wiegers Forestry, Fisheries and Wildlife