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Through the Global Learning Hub, in-person and online learners can explore global learning opportunities in Nebraska and beyond. The Hub is a learning platform with both physical and virtual components that highlights the expanse of international programming, activities and engagement within the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources (IANR). Students, faculty and staff can further expand their global network by utilizing it as a resource that will work to facilitate international teaching and learning, connections with scholars from around the globe, and campus/community engagement and programming to enhance the global mindset of the next generation of leaders. The Hub will also facilitate an increased sense of belonging and wellness for both domestic and international students as well as a platform for our global community of learners to interact with and learn from each other.


  • Inspire global curiosity
  • Connect students, faculty, and staff to global opportunities
  • Support international students
  • Promote and advise students on global learning opportunities
  • Build international community
  • Provide global learning programming and resources
Sylvana Airan
Sylvana Airan
202 Ag Hall
Shannon Smith
Shannon Smith
202 Ag Hall
Shabani Muller
Shabani Muller
202 Ag Hall
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CASNR Global Learning Hub Spring 2023 Events

Session 1: Global Careers with the Foreign Agricultural Service– February 16; location TBA 

Session 2: SDG Action and Awareness Week events–March 6-10; more information TBA 

Session 3: Global Café: Spanish–April 17; CASNR Global Learning Hub in 202 Ag Hall, East Campus (Part of CASNR Week!)

Session 4: Global Internship Explore Session–April 21; location TBA (Part of CASNR Week!)

Session 5: Graduate Students & Global Opportunities with CGIAR: date & location TBD 

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