Graduate Student Advising

Graduate Student Advising Award

The Graduate Student Advising Award acknowledges excellence and lasting impact relating to successful graduate research mentoring, individualized advising, distinguished scholarly/creative activity, and innovative pedagogy.

  • Excellent scientist
  • Successful graduate student mentoring
  • Provided encouragement and incentives for graduate teaching
  • Emphasized the importance of graduate education for our state
  • Distinguished scholarly and creative activity
  • Helpful in providing career guidance
  • Assisted in successful placement for graduate students.

A plaque will accompany this award. The recipient will be recognized at the Distinguished Fellowship Award Luncheon held in the Fall.


  1. Nominees must be on the Graduate Faculty in the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources.
  2. Evaluations will be made on the basis of demonstrated excellence and lasting impact in the following areas:
    • Successful graduate research mentoring, as evidenced by a pattern of research collaboration and co-authored publications with graduate students;
    • Distinguished scholarly/creative activity
    • Successful instructional performance
    • Innovative pedagogy
    • Special advising or mentoring efforts, including but not limited to, assistance with the development of career goals and successful job placement


Nominations will be accepted from students, faculty, administrators, staff, parents, alumni and friends. Eligible faculty members may nominate themselves. Submission deadline is 5:00 pm, Friday, March 29, 2024. Each nomination must include:

  1. One completed nomination form
  2. A letter of nomination no more than three pages
  3. Three letters of endorsement written by graduates of the nominee or active graduate students
  4. One letter from a peer graduate faculty member (if nomination is prepared by a faculty peer, this item can be omitted)
  5. Candidate's resume or curriculum vita - limited to 10, one-sided pages. No videos, binders, or other materials will be accepted
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Past Distinguished Teaching Awardees
2023 Amanda Ramer-Tait Food Science & Technology
2022 Ozan Ciftci Food Science & Technology
2021 Richard Perrin Agricultural Economics
2019 Drew Tyre School of Natural Resources
2018 Ron Lewis Animal Science
2017 Lilyan Fulginiti Agricultural Economics
2016 Angela Pannier Biological Systems Engineering
2015 Galen Erickson Animal Science
2014 Chris Calkins Animal Science
2013 Robert Hutkins Animal Science
2012 Paul E. Read Agronomy and Horticulture
2011 Sheila Purdum Animal Science
2010 Stephen P. Baenziger Agronomy and Horticulture
2009 John E. Barbuto Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communication
2008 Milford Hanna Biological Systems Engineering
2007 John Foster Entomology
2006 Steve Mason Agronomy and Horticulture
2005 Rodger Johnson Animal Science