Parents Association Awards

UNL Parents Association Awards

The UNL Parents Association Award has been in place for twenty-seven years. The Parents Association solicits nominations through an annual mailing, asking parents to nominate a faculty or staff employee who has made a significant difference in their student’s life. Nominations include a short explanation of why the person was nominated. The awards provide positive feedback to campus faculty and staff about the work they do with students.

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Past Award Winners

RecipientDepartmentYears Awarded
Stacy AdamsAgronomy and Horticulture1
John AllenAgricultural Economics3
Kathleen AndersonAnimal Science2
Marvin AndersonBiological Systems Engineering1
Azzeddine AzzamAgricultural Economics1
Stephen BaenzigerAgronomy and Horticulture1
Cheryl BaileyBiochemistry2
Greg BashfordBiological Systems Engineering2
Leonard BashfordBiological Systems Engineering1
Thomas BeardsleeBiochemistry1
Mary BeckAnimal Science1
Donald BeckerBiochemistry1
Lloyd BellAgricultural Leadership Education and Communication4
Paul BlackBiochemistry1
Patricia BoehnerNatural Resources1
Amy BorenAgricultural Leadership Education and Communication2
Rhonda BrandBiological Systems Engineering1
Dennis BrinkAnimal Science7
Bill BrownAgricultural Leadership Education and Communication1
Mark BurbachAgricultural Leadership Education and Communication1
Mike BurrBiological Systems Engineering1
Chuck ButterfieldAgronomy and Horticulture2
Chris CalkinsAnimal Science2
Cindy CammackDean's Office1
William CampbellBiological Systems Engineering1
Michael CarlsonVeterinary and Biomedical Sciences1
David CarterEntomology2
Ronald CaseNatural Resources9
Henry CernyVeterinary and Biomedical Sciences1
Ed ClemensAnimal Science9
Steve ComfortNatural Resources1
Dennis ConleyAgricultural Economics2
Aaron CooperAnimal Science1
Susan CuppettFood Science and Technology12
Richard DamBiochemistry1
Stephen DanielsonEntomology2
Gregory DavisAgronomy and Horticulture1
Ted DoaneAnimal Science4
Rhae DrijberAgronomy and Horticulture1
Donald EdwardsDean's Office1
Dean EisenhauerBiological Systems Engineering5
Earl EllingtonAnimal Science2
Marion EllisEntomology1
Patricia FairchildAgricultural Leadership Education and Communication2
Dennis FerraroNatural Resources1
Karol FikeAnimal Science1
Jay FitzgeraldAgronomy and Horticulture8
Richard FlemingAgricultural Leadership Education and Communication2
John FosterEntomology1
Dennis FrancisAgronomy and Horticulture1
Patricia FreemanNatural Resources1
Susan FritzAgricultural Leadership Education and Communication5
Dana GalushaAgronomy and Horticulture1
Loren GieslerPlant Pathology1
Osmund GilbertsonAgricultural Leadership Education and Communication1
John GilleyBiological Systems Engineering1
Keith GilsterAnimal Science10
Juan GonzalesDean's Office1
James GoseyAnimal Science2
Robert GrissoBiological Systems Engineering1
William GustafsonVeterinary and Biomedical Sciences1
Ronald HansonAgricultural Economics17
Ed HarveyNatural Resources1
Jonathan HeitholdBiological Systems Engineering1
Tiffany Heng-MossEntomology6
Leon HigleyEntomology3
Kyle HoaglandNatural Resources1
Gerald HorstAgronomy and Horticulture4
Roger HoyBiological Systems Engineering1
Dann HusmannAgricultural Leadership Education and Communication2
Robert HutkinsFood Science and Technology2
Bruce JohnsonAgricultural Economics1
Rodger JohnsonAnimal Science2
Acklund JonesEntomology1
David JonesBiological Systems Engineering7
Steven JonesAnimal Science3
Janet KauffmanAgricultural Leadership Education and Communication9
David KeithEntomology2
Clayton KellingVeterinary and Biomedical Sciences1
Jim KendrickAgricultural Economics5
Sheila KeplerAgricultural Leadership Education and Communication4
Jim KinderAnimal Science3
Jim KingAgricultural Leadership Education and Communication2
Terry KlopfensteinAnimal Science1
Herman KnockeBiochemistry1
Michael KocherBiological Systems Engineering1
Kay KottasAgronomy and Horticulture2
Rick KruegerBiochemistry1
Joan KrushBiochemistry4
Robert KuzelkaNatural Resources1
David LambeAgronomy and Horticulture4
Don LeeAgronomy and Horticulture17
Anita LeiningerAgricultural Leadership Education and Communication1
David LewisAgronomy and Horticulture6
Adam LiskaAgronomy and Horticulture1
Marjorie LouVeterinary and Biomedical Sciences2
Libby LugarAnimal Science1
Gary LynneAgricultural Economics1
Darrell MarkAgricultural Economics5
John MarkwellBiochemistry2
Steve MasonAgronomy and Horticulture2
Gina MatkinAgricultural Leadership Education and Communication1
ZB MayoEntomology1
Dennis McCallisterAgronomy and Horticulture3
Michael MeagherFood Science and Technology1
Steven MerrittBiological Systems Engineering1
George MeyerBiological Systems Engineering3
Steven MeyerEntomology1
Phillip MillerAnimal Science3
Linda MoodyAgricultural Leadership Education and Communication3
Lowell MoserAgronomy and Horticulture2
Clyde NaberAnimal Science3
Merlyn NielsenAnimal Science3
Donnette NobleAgricultural Leadership Education and Communication2
Ellen PaparozziAgronomy and Horticulture1
Gerald ParsonsAgricultural Leadership Education and Communication3
James PartridgePlant Pathology7
Ed PetersNatural Resources2
Wes PeersonAgricultural Economics1
George PfeifferAgricultural Economics7
Joyce Povlacs-LundeAgricultural Leadership Education and Communication1
Larkin PowellNatural Resources2
James RandallAgricultural Leadership Education and Communication1
Rick RasbyAnimal Science1
Duane ReeseAnimal Science3
Bryan ReilingAnimal Science5
Terrance RiordanAgronomy and Horticulture2
Steve RodieAgronomy and Horticulture2
John RupnowFood Science and Technology5
Jan SammetDean's Office1
Sandra Sattler WeberAgricultural Leadership Education and Communication1
Julie SavidgeNatural Resources1
Jack SchinstockBiological Systems Engineering13
Norman SchneiderVeterinary and Biomedical Sciences10
Dennis SchulteBiological Systems Engineering11
Tom SillettoBiological Systems Engineering1
Douglas SimonAgricultural Economics1
Meghan SittlerNatural Resources1
Robert SorensenAgronomy and Horticulture6
Madhavan SoundararajanBiochemistry1
Matthew SpilkerAgricultural Economics2
David SteffenVeterinary and Biomedical Sciences2
Walt StroupStatistics1
James StubbendiekAgronomy and Horticulture10
Jeyamkondan SubbiahBiological Systems Engineering1
Tom SullivanAnimal Science1
Richard SuttonAgronomy and Horticulture2
Larry SwainAgricultural Economics1
Rosalee SwartzDean's Office and Agricultural Economics11
Kim ToddAgronomy and Horticulture7
Michael TurnerAgricultural Economics6
James Van EttenPlant Pathology2
Ken Von BargenBiological Systems Engineering3
Susan Voss Dean's Office7
Fred WagnerBiochemistry1
Richard WaldrenAgronomy and Horticulture8
Steven WallerDean's Office5
Dan WaltersAgronomy and Horticulture1
David WedinNatural Resources3
Donald WeeksBiochemistry2
Randy WehlingFood Science and Technology1
Curt WellerBiological Systems Engineering and Food Science and Technology2
Myra WilhiteAgricultural Leadership Education and Communication1
Sara YendraNatural Resources1
Diann YoungBiological Systems Engineering1
Michael ZeeceFood Science and Technology1
Dwane ZimmermanAnimal Science2